Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 6 – Sweet Dreams

•September 25, 2016 • 4 Comments

We’ve come to the end of our day.  My dolls and I hope you have enjoyed joining in our celebration of Izannah Walker’s birthday.  They’ve had a very active day with all of their friends.  Now all the dolls are getting sleepy and ready for bed…  Isabeau wasn’t quite sure where everyone was going to sleep tonight.  Since Cloe was such a big help this morning, she offered to rearrange the beds, so that there was a place for all of the dolls.

Even after Cloe moved all of the beds around, Isabeau still wasn’t sure that there was room for everyone…  “maybe we should have gone up to the attic to get Izzybelle’s little old bed” she fretted.


The Annas overheard her and offered to sleep in the kitchen on a pallet… I think I heard them whispering something about a midnight snack…


and now as the sun goes down it is time to kiss all the dolls good night, tell them to sleep tight and dream of tomorrow…


Even More Izannahs…

Just a sneak peek for Marti of her own little Anna.  I’ll post more photos of her in the next day or two and then she will be off to her new home…


Upcoming Events

If you live in the Kansas City area, or will be traveling there in the near future The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures will be having an exhibition of Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes from the collection of Nick Vaccaro opening on October 8th, 2016 and  running through March 26th, 2017.  Two of the highlights will be a Daguerreotype of a baby holding an Izannah Walker doll and an Ambrotype of a young girl and an Izannah Walker doll.  The images will be displayed alongside the museum’s exquisite antique Izannah Walker doll “Miss Mary”.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  The dolls and I had such a good time preparing for Izannah’s birthday that we have decided to do a little something special for Halloween too.  Please visit us here on www.izannahwalker.com on October 22nd when the dolls will be trick or treating!

Did you miss parts 1 – 5 of today’s birthday posts?  Simply scroll down the page to see what you missed.  Remember: You still have until midnight Eastern time to enter for a chance to win one of 18 party favors that I am giving away.  See part 2 for details.






Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker! – Part 5 -One Reproduction Doll Available

•September 25, 2016 • 2 Comments

Welcome back to my celebration of Izannah Walker’s 199th birthday! I have three of my reproduction Izannah Walker dolls who are looking for homes of their own.  Two of the dolls are twins and are only being sold as a pair, because they can not bear to be parted from one another.❤

Annabelle & Annalee SOLD Thank You so much for looking!!!!img_7616

Annabelle and Annalee are twins made from my mold of the original antique Izannah Walker doll Anna.  The sisters are approximately 16.5 inches tall. Their painted boots have laces and red trim around the tops.  The girls have matching underwear and will have matching “double pink” dresses with fitted bodices and sleeves.  Although I’m sure that Annalee is hoping that you won’t notice, one of the sleeves on her dress has had to be remade in similar, but not exactly matching fabric.  Annabelle scolded her quite severely when she tore it!  You can tell that Annalee is the more adventurous twin, she is ever so slightly more worn than her more virtuous sister.  Annalee is the twin who climbs up the apple tree to pick the apples, while Annabelle stays on the ground and catches them in he skirt of her apron.  I’ll be finishing the girl’s petticoats and dresses this coming week.  As I am sure you can tell from today’s previous posts, sweet Cloe has been here with us quite a bit lately, which means that grandma’s doll making schedule has had a few revisions…  The twins come with matching antique pins, coral bead necklaces and their own trunk, which can hold all of their belongings.  The twins can be yours for $ 2765.00 are SOLD.  Add an extra every day dress for each of them for $400.00, or matching party dresses for $500.00. Matching pinafore aprons like the one Hannah was wearing earlier today for an extra $300.00, or purchase my Izannah Walker doll clothes pattern and sew a wardrobe for the twins.  The clothing pattern is $29.00 and is sized to fit 18 inch Izannahs so you’ll need to reduce it to 91% of full size to fit the Annas.


I have one sweet little 14.5 inch,  barefoot Izzybelle for sale.  She is $1300.00 and comes with a full set of underwear and a dress. You will be able to choose her clothing style and fabrics.  Add handmade leather shoes and socks for $75.00, or an extra dress for $200.00 – $250.00.  You can use my Izannah Walker doll clothes pattern to sew for Izzybelle if you reduce it to 82% of full size.

You’ve heard of having 2 left feet, as you can see I got quite the surprise when I started to put Izzybelle together today!  I had four left arms!!! That probably tells you how my week has gone…  Especially since I worked on those arms for over a week and didn’t notice!!! They are such NICE arms too…  Never fear Izzybelle will be getting a right arm.  I’m starting on it in the morning.🙂

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Thank you for coming to meet Izzybelle, Annabelle & Annalee!  They are pleased to make you acquaintance.

Additional Information

If you are interested in purchasing either the twins or Izzybelle, please email me at paula@asweetremembrance.com.  The dolls will be sold on a first come basis, so the email with the earliest time will have priority.  You may pay for the dolls by credit card, paypal, personal check, money order, or lay-away.  Free shipping to any US address.  Exact shipping to other countries.

One more bedtime post to finish out our day at 10:00 Eastern time…



Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 4 – Blow Out the Candles!

•September 25, 2016 • 2 Comments

“Hannah, you and Ismay made a wonderful cake! It’s beautiful!” “Just in time, I hear all of our friends arriving.” “Eliza Jane, you and Ismay can go on up to the parlor. I’ll take off my apron and bring the cake up.”


“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Izannah…”


“Make a wish!”

You may enlarge the photos and see the entire image by clicking on individual photographs in the montage.


The recipe for this year’s cake came from American Cake by Anne Byrn.


Ismay, Zola and Hannah made an Appalachian Apple Stack Cake, with moist buttermilk layers and spiced apple filling. The story, which I am very fond of, goes like this; each family invited to a wedding would bring one layer of cake, all of the layers were stacked together to form the wedding cake. I’ve also heard this cake called a prairie wedding cake and have seen reference to each family bringing a different flavored cake layer.❤


At 7:00 p.m. I have a few new dolls who would like to make your acquaintance.  I hope you will be able to come back to meet them and then return one final time today at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time for our bedtime post.🙂

Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 3 – A Very Busy Afternoon

•September 25, 2016 • 2 Comments

The kitchen is buzzing with activity, as Eliza Jane, Ismay, Zola and Hannah try to finish all their last minute tasks. “Hurry, hurry our company will be coming soon!” “It’s almost time for the party to start!”


Eliza Jane has offered to iron all the doll’s party dresses. She is by far the best at ironing, she never scorches the fabric!


Hannah has just taken the last layer of cake out of the oven. It smells so good… The entire kitchen is filled with the aromas of cinnamon and spices❤


Zola is turning the cake layers out of the pans to cool. As soon as they aren’t so warm, Ismay is going to spread sweet, tangy apple butter between the layers, then dust the top of the cake with powdered sugar.


“Eliza Jane can you see the clock?” “What time is it?” Oh my, we have to hurry up!” “We need to get the cake finished and give Izzybelle her bath!” Eliza Jane, you keep ironing. Zola, you can take the cake out to the table in the yard, and Hannah and I will bathe Izzybelle.” (Ismay can get a bit bossy at times)



Being a doll maker’s doll is a lot like being a shoemakers child, you always come last…  You may remember how terribly bedraggled Izzybelle was when she arrived on my doorstep a couple of years ago.  I finally found just a handful of moments to start cleaning her and making her appropriate replacement arms and legs.  Once upon a time Izzybelle was a charming, small example of one of Izannah Walker’s dolls.  She was loved, played with and almost used up, then sent to the Martha Chase factory for repairs, so that she could be loved and played with some more.  I own several dolls, and have seen and restored a handful of others, that were refurbished by the doll makers working for Martha Chase.



I have made Izzybelle appropriate restoration arms and legs. I still need to color match them to her newly cleaned paint surface, then stuff and attach them.

I have made Izzybelle appropriate restoration arms and legs. I still need to color match them to her newly cleaned paint surface, then stuff and attach them.


"Izzybelle, your bath water is almost ready. Hannah is heating the last kettle full on the stove right now."

“Izzybelle, your bath water is almost ready. Hannah is heating the last kettle full on the stove right now.”

"Izzybelle, time to hop in the tub!"

“Izzybelle, time to hop in the tub!”


"Make sure you scrub behind your ears and between your toes."

“Make sure you scrub behind your ears and between your toes.”


"This bath feels so good! Why didn't you make me take one sooner???"

“This bath feels so good! Why didn’t you make me take one sooner???”


Even Splotches, the barn cat is curious to see what the dolls are doing today. If you are too, please come back around 4:00, 7:00 & 10:00 pm to see the rest of their adventures.

Even Splotches, the barn cat is curious to see what the dolls are doing today. If you are too, please come back around 4:00, 7:00 & 10:00 pm to see the rest of their adventures.





Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 2 PARTY FAVORS!

•September 25, 2016 • 3 Comments

Ismay will draw 18 winner’s email addresses out of the hat tomorrow 9/26/16.

Just like any birthday party, we have a few party favors for our guests, as a remembrance of the day!  If you would like a chance to win one of our tiny gifts, just email paula@asweetremembrance.com – today 9/25/16, & make sure the subject line of your email says “PARTY FAVOR”.  Tomorrow, after everyone has had a chance to enter, Ismay and I will place your email addresses into a hat and draw out the 18 winners!❤

If your name and address are drawn you will receive either a magnet with Eliza Jane’s photograph, or a set of two canning jars so that you and your own dolls can preserve a bit of autumn’s harvest.  The canning jars also make charming vases for tiny wild flowers and herbs.  I have 9 sets of canning jars and 9 magnets to give away!


Enter for a chance to win a large 4×6 magnet of Eliza Jane❤

Super easy, and very fun!  Totally free :)  The only rules are:

  1. You must have a United States mailing address. So, so sorry, but international postage rates are really high and much more work! I’ll ask for your  mailing address when I contact you to say you’ve won.
  2. You must get your email in to me by midnight Eastern Time on 9/25/16 and you must email, replies to this post do not count.
  3. If you are not already on my email mailing list and you enter the contest, I will add you to my mailing list.  I don’t send out many emails and I NEVER share my mailing list. Naturally later on if you decide you don’t want to be on my mailing list you may ask me to remove you with no questions asked and no hassles or hard feelings.🙂
  4. Only one entry per person.

Good Luck!!! Ismay and I hope you win!

Cloe was very taken with Isabeau and Zanna’s canning jars. Enter the contest to have a chance at winning one of nine sets that I am giving away as  party favors!  Click on any photo to see it enlarged and read the caption.


Zola and Hannah canning tomatoes. The girl’s don’t often use the electric stove, but they make an exception for canning!

Hannah and Zola have been out picking the last of the tomatoes from the garden.  They are planning to make Oven Dried Tomatoes and Canned Roasted Tomatoes. Zola is my doll’s newest friend, a c. 1880-1890 “Beecher-type” cloth doll with a stockinette covered facemask.  Hannah & Zola are happy to share their canning recipes with you:

img_7353Oven Dried Tomatoes

Wash and slice cherry or small paste tomatoes in half lengthwise.  Place tomatoes on parchment paper-covered cookie sheets, skin side down.  Sprinkle with sea salt.  Bake in your oven on the lowest temperature setting available (150 – 200 degrees), until the tomatoes reach the consistency of raisins.  If you start them in the late afternoon or early evening, then they will usually be done first thing in the morning, however the amount of time will vary with the size of the tomatoes and your oven temperature.  I would suggest trying this the first time during the day, when you can check their progress every few hours.

After the tomatoes have dried, remove them from the cookie sheet and pack them in clean sterilized canning jars. Heat olive oil to just below boiling.  Pour the hot oil over the tomatoes, leaving ½ inch headspace at the top of the jar.  Place a clean sterilized canning lid and ring on the jar, tighten, then turn the jar upside down.  The heat from the oil should cause the jar to seal.  After you hear the lid make a popping noise – which means that it has sealed – you can turn the jars right side up. Once opened, store in the refrigerator.

–         These dried tomatoes make a wonderful addition to sandwiches, pastas, and pizza

–         Use the olive oil the dried tomatoes are canned in for cooking and salad dressings

–         Put dried tomatoes and a bit of the olive oil in a blender and blend until smooth, serve with baguette slices for a fantastic appetizer

–         Blend dried tomatoes with mayonnaise for a great treat on a BLT

img_7358Canned Roasted Tomatoes

After picking tomatoes of any size and variety, wash, cut off stem and blossom ends, as well as any blemishes and roughly chop.  Place tomatoes in the largest enamelware pot that will fit in your oven.  Fill the pot to the top with tomatoes.  Place the uncovered pot in your oven and bake at the lowest temperature setting (150 – 200 degrees) until the tomatoes are reduced by half.  Depending on the size of your pot, this can take up to 24 hours.  Stir the tomatoes once or twice as they roast.  You may add sea salt to taste if you so desire.  Once the tomatoes have cooked down, but are still hot, ladle them into clean sterilized canning jars, cap with lids and rings and process in a water bath canner for 15 minutes.


Clearly I should have said the the additional posting times for today were approximate! The dolls are all just as excited as Cloe was to be running around in my studio and working in their doll house! So much exuberance is hard to contain and it is very difficult for little dolls to stay still for photographs.🙂 So please come back and join us later today at approximately 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 10:00 pm Eastern time.❤

Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker Part 1

•September 25, 2016 • 7 Comments

Zanna and Isabeau have asked Cloe to help them get ready for today’s party.  They may have gotten a bit more “help” than they anticipated…

Click on any photo to see it enlarged and to read the caption.

Don’t worry! In spite of the sound effects, no dishes were harmed in the making of this video.  As Isabeau always says, “there is a reason that babies only get to use the everyday china”!🙂

Thank you for coming!!! I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into some of our party preparations. Here is the schedule for today’s celebration events, I will have additional posts at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 10:00 pm Eastern time. My 7:00 pm post will feature several dolls for sale, because what would an Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration be without at least a few new reproduction dolls for sale? 🙂  The dolls will only be posted here on my blog.  If one or more of them tugs at your heart strings and you’d like to purchase her, you may email me at paula@asweetremembrance.com. If more than one person is interested in buying the same doll, the email with the earliest time will get preference.

Just Three More Days Until Our Big Izannah Walker 199th Birthday Party!!!

•September 22, 2016 • 4 Comments

Don’t forget! Only 3 more days until it’s Izannah Walker’s 199th birthday. My dolls and I will be hosting an all day online celebration🙂 Please come join us! We’ll be sooooooo sad if you can’t come😦



At 10:00 a.m on Sunday September 25th stop whatever you are doing, run to your pc and come right over to http://www.izannahwalker.com for the beginning of our birthday fun!!!❤