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A Very Soggy Garden Party!~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah ~ Part 3


Will the rain stay away long enough for the party? …  After the cake was baked the ever hopeful Hannah and Charlcie ventured out to set the table for their birthday tea party…


“Oh goodness!” “Here comes the rain!” ” Hannah you take the teapot and I’ll bring the cake!” “I hope we get back to the house before the scones are soaked…”


Fortunately Eliza Jane had thought ahead to just such an eventuality! She had the parlor clean and a fire burning in the stove to help ward off the chill rainy weather.

just as nice
“I think this looks just as nice as a garden party.” “It’s so cozy in the parlor and it will be nice to sit together and have a tea party right here.”
gather the family
“Now all we have to do is to gather the rest of the family and our guests together for the party”
“The cake smells delicious Charlcie!” “Thank you, it’s one of my favorite receipts.”
what are you wearing
“Izzybelle whatever are you wearing?” “I found it in the attic. It’s going to be my Halloween costume.” “Well it’s not Halloween today. Today is our birthday tea party in honor of Izannah. It’s a very important day!” “All the more reason to dress up” reasoned Izzybelle “and I’m NOT changing clothes!”
“Miss Lamb, are you ready for the party yet?” “No, not quiet yet…”
“We are so happy that one of our dearest friends could be here for the party!”
“make a wish…”
Every year the dolls get a present in honor of Izannah’s birthday. This year they received a little wooden doll to add to their toy box ❤
Happy 201st Birthday!
“Happy 201st Birthday Izannah!” ❤


With love from…


and one of the doll’s very dearest friends ❤ ❤ ❤

dearest friend
❤ ❤ ❤ dearest friend ❤ ❤ ❤
Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Celebrations

Getting the Gardens Ready for the Party ~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah Part 2

The dolls have been very busy out in the gardens for the past few months. They are hoping that the rain will hold off long enough for them to enjoy one last garden party with all the remaining summer flowers & produce from the gardens….

Isabeau in the potting shed
Isabeau has been out in the doll’s potting shed… The seeds she started have grown into sturdy little plants that will soon be ready to go out into the garden… hollyhocks & thyme ❤
here is the lavender
“Isabeau here is the lavender you asked for.” “Thank you Isane. It smells wonderful!”

The dolls share their potting shed with the bees, who are happy to provide the little painted cloth girls all the honey they need to sweeten their tea, in return for the all the flowers that the dolls have planted around their skep.

more ?
“Do you think we should add more lavender to the honey?”


never too much
“you can never have too much lavender…”

Gardening is hard work for little dolls…






oh dear...
oh dear…

Would you like to take a garden tour while we wait for the party to start at 4:30 pm Eastern Time?











Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Celebrations

Good Morning! ~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah Part 1

Josephine come look!
“Josephine come look!”

“Josephine come look! Do you think it is going to keep raining?” cried Izzybelle. “What will we do if it doesn’t stop before the party?”

Wake up sleepy heads
“Wake up sleepy heads!” “Breakfast is ready!” “Isane baked cinnamon rolls and muffins…”
Izzybelle ...
“Izzybelle stop looking out the window and come eat before the rolls get cold.”


I’m so pleased that you’ve come by to join us today as my dolls and I celebrate doll maker Izannah Walker’s 201st birthday ❤  It is quite an occasion here in my studios and in the doll’s house.  We consider Izannah’s birthday to be an annual holiday, on par with the 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving! The dolls all look forward to it with great anticipation.

I started this blog in January of 2009, every September 25th since then the dolls and I have shared our annual birthday party here with you ❤ We sincerely hope you will enjoy this year’s festivities! You are most welcome to come back throughout the day as we peek in on the doll’s party preparations.  Watch them laugh and  play at their party in honor of the remarkable woman who has given countless children, and doll lovers, great happiness with her remarkable dolls ❤ ❤ ❤

If you’d like to look back at some of those previous birthday posts you may use the “search” box or “archives” search by month.  Here is a sampling of some of them… I’m not listing them ALL because there were often multiple posts for each birthday party. , .  There are 4 posts for 2014, this is one of them  .  Nine birthday posts in 2015!!! This is the last one for that year –  .  Seven birthday posts in 2016 –  🙂  . Last year, in 2017, there were also 7 birthday posts, many with videos – .  I hope you enjoy looking back at these and other posts here at my Izannah Walker Journal!

The answers to such burning questions as ~ “will the rain stop in time for the garden party” ~ “will Izzybelle find her misplaced shoe and actually come to the party wearing it?” ~ and most importantly “what kind of cake will there be???” will all be revealed throughout the day today. For those of you wondering what new reproduction dolls I’ll be unveiling for sale, the answer to that will also be forthcoming 🙂

The schedule for today’s posts is:

Good Morning! Our party day greeting @ 8:30 am Eastern Time.

Getting the Gardens Ready for the Party ❤ A glimpse of how the dolls have been preparing for their garden birthday party and an informal garden tour @ 12:30 pm Eastern Time.

Party Time! Welcome to Our Garden Party! A look at last minute party preparations, meet all of the party guests and a sumptuous garden tea and delicious birthday cake @ 4:30 pm Eastern Time.

New Dolls Available for Sale ❤ An unveiling of my latest works, sold on a first come basis. Posted for sale @ 8:30 pm Eastern Time.

It's stopped raining...
“It’s stopped raining for now… maybe we’ll still be able to go out to the garden for the party!”



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You are invited to the Doll’s Garden Party in Celebration of Izannah Walker’s 201st Birthday!

IMG_5531 (2)
You are invited to the doll’s Garden Party in celebration of Izannah Walker’s 201st Birthday! September 25th, 2018 @
IMG_5540 (2)
The fun will start at 8:30 am Eastern Time & continue throughout the day With multiple blog posts to keep you updated on preparations and party celebrations. I will be unveiling new reproduction Izannah Walker dolls for sale. Dolls and accessories will be posted for sale at 8:30 pm Eastern time, which will give you the entire day to watch the dolls at play and become acquainted with them.
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Second Set of Special Edition Izannah Walker 200th Birthday Dolls

Special Edition 200th Birthday Dolls
These are my 2nd release of 200th Birthday dolls. Both Ismay (left) and Anna (right) are being offered undressed for all of you seamstresses who would like the pleasure of creating their wardrobes ❤

Welcome to Saturday night in my studio! This is the final installment in my Izannah Walker 200th Birthday celebration.  Tonight I’m offering two undressed dolls, an 18.5 inch tall black Ismay and a 16 inch tall Anna (yes I DID say 17 inches in the video, because they are usually 17 inches, but she looked a bit petite, so I measured and she is 16 inches tall).  For this milestone birthday observance, the dolls I introduced on Monday featured antique clothing. Since tonight’s dolls do not have any clothing, my birthday treat on these dolls is a $200.00 discount if they are purchase this weekend. This special birthday pricing expires at midnight (Eastern Time) tomorrow night, October 1st.

Dolls are sold on a first come basis. Dolls will be sold to the first person sending an email request to purchase each doll to . If for any reason the sale falls through, then the next person in line will be contacted. Payment by Paypal, credit card, personal check or lay-away.

Do you remember the instructions that I posted on Monday for making a classic mid-19th century dress for your Izannah Walker doll? I posted them, in part, because I knew that I would be offering these two dolls especially for all of the dress makers among you. ❤ Creating wardrobes for these dolls is such fun! Searching for just the right fabric, buttons and trims can become rather addictive.  Both dolls will come with a copy of my Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern.

This is also an excellent way to budget your doll expenses. You can bring one of these dolls home right now to enjoy, then slowly add a wardrobe for her. If you don’t wish to create a wardrobe for your doll, you can have fun shopping for her at my “Third Thursdays”, where I have both dolls and doll clothing for sale. ❤

IsmayIsmayIsmay – $1000.00 – Special Birthday Pricing! $800.00 – You have one custom option on this doll, I can paint a stripe of any color you request at the top edge of her boots.

7 curls

Anna – $1050 – Special Birthday Pricing! $850.00 – Your custom option on this doll is her hairline. I was going to just paint feathery wisps around her face, but I decided to wait and give anyone buying her this weekend the chance to choose between wisps around her face or curls in front of her ears. If you decide on curls you may also choose a wavy, straight or winged hairline.  At the moment she only has one coat of paint on her hair. Once the 2nd coat is added her hair will be darker and will not be transparent.

Thank you for coming to visit! Ismay and Anna are very pleased to have made your acquaintance. ❤