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Hold On Tightly to Your Dreams… A Tale of Izannah Walker and Her Dolls

Here is the program that I did for the Beyond All Limits Virtual Doll Convention that is being held right now on facebook. All the dolls were very excited to have virtual visitors come for tea


I hope you will enjoy it!


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Happy 200th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 3 New Dolls Available! – ALL SOLD

SOLD I have four new dolls to introduce to you today.  All of them are based on some of Izannah’s earlier dolls.  I’m trying something new today! I want you to feel like you have actually come to the studio to visit and enjoy the doll’s birthday party for Izannah, so the descriptions and information about the dolls are on the following videos ❤ I may sound just a bit ditsy and scatterbrained, not to mention out of breath! Please excuse me…. I’ve been sick all week…. don’t worry though I will absolutely sanitize the dolls and their accessories before packing to ship. I’d hate for anyone else to catch my cold!

All dolls sold on a first come basis. Email me at if you are interested in buying one of these dolls. Free shipping within the U.S. exact postage to other countries. Payment via Paypal, credit card, personal check , plus as always lay-away is an option.

Doll 1SOLD 22.5 “Early Izannah” $2225.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, 2 antique petticoats, antique pantalettes, chemise, antique wool jacket + Birthday tote bag.IMG_7464

Doll 2SOLD 22.5 “Early Izannah” $1925.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, 1 antique dress, 2 antique petticoats, antique pantalettes, chemise + Birthday t-shirt.IMG_7471

Doll 3SOLD “Hannah” $1475.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, antique dress, 1 antique petticoat, antique pantaletts, chemise, pinafore apron + Birthday t-shirt.IMG_7473

Doll 4SOLD “Hannah” $1375.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, dress, 1 antique petticoat, pantaletts, chemise, + Birthday t-shirt.IMG_7475

Extra Birthday Goodies

Doll 1 comes with an Izannah Tote Bag and Dolls 2, 3, & 4 come with Izannah t-shirts ❤

Antique Doll Trunk for either Doll 1 or Doll 2 – $100.00.

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Remembering Sarah Alice Langworthy – Happy Birthday Izannah Walker Part 2

Sarah Alice Langworthy_ Paula Walton photo
Carte de visite of Sarah Alice Langworthy age 22 months, December, 1884. Sarah was born in February, 1883 in Westerly, RI. She died in January, 1887. This is an example of a child holding an Izannah Walker doll that is much older than the child. Sarah was born 10 years after Izannah Walker received her patent. Although it is a bit difficult to make out, the doll in the photograph is a pre-patent Izannah Walker doll. Collection of Paula Walton.

I am privileged to own one period photograph of a child holding an Izannah Walker doll. It is a carte de visite of Sarah Alice Langworthy age 22 months, taken during December, 1884. Sarah was born in February of 1883 in Westerly, RI, 10 years after Izannah Walker received her patent. Sarah Alice died in January, 1887.

Fortunately the back of the carte de visite has Sarah’s name, her age, and the date written on it.  That information along with the location of the photographer printed on the front of the image allowed me to search for Sarah Alice.  It took me several hours of research to find the record of her birth and death…  In my heart I had been hoping that I would find out that Sarah Alice had married, borne a houseful of children, and lived a long life. It would have been lovely to imagine that the doll Sarah Alice was holding so tightly in her photograph was a family doll, that might have been passed down to her own children…  There is no way of knowing if the Izannah Walker doll that Sarah Alice is holding once belonged to her mother or other family member… or if it was a prop belonging to the photographer, meant to entertain children and help them sit still…

Nathan Loveland Langworthy collection of P.Walton
Nathan Loveland Langworthy, born September 7,1885, 8 months old.
Sarah Alice Langworthy collection of P.Walton
Sarah Alice Langworthy, nine months old.


In memory of Sarah Alice, Cloe and I attempted to recreate her carte de visite.  We were not entirely successful, as the lure of actually playing with a doll is so much more enticing to a two year old, than merely sitting demurely in a chair.  I hope Sarah Alice had many similar days filled with love,  and the unconditional joy of a child playing with her favorite doll. ❤


P. Walton photo copy right 2017

More birthday fun coming your way at 2:00, 4:00 & 6:00 p.m. Eastern time.  My New Dolls will be posted at 2:00 p.m., which is later than my previously stated time of noon… I’ve had a few technical difficulties with my video!  Sorry!!!


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Some Good News to Share

Last week I received some very good news.  Early American Life magazine called to tell me that my work has been juried into four different categories, Toys & Dolls, Clothing, Miniatures, and Holidays, in their 2017 Directory of  Traditional American Crafts!  I feel extremely honored.  These four new entries will mean that I have been included in their Directory 38 times.  Thank you Early American Life!!!

Here is a glimpse of my work in the Clothing catagory ❤

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Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 6 – Sweet Dreams

We’ve come to the end of our day.  My dolls and I hope you have enjoyed joining in our celebration of Izannah Walker’s birthday.  They’ve had a very active day with all of their friends.  Now all the dolls are getting sleepy and ready for bed…  Isabeau wasn’t quite sure where everyone was going to sleep tonight.  Since Cloe was such a big help this morning, she offered to rearrange the beds, so that there was a place for all of the dolls.

Even after Cloe moved all of the beds around, Isabeau still wasn’t sure that there was room for everyone…  “maybe we should have gone up to the attic to get Izzybelle’s little old bed” she fretted.


The Annas overheard her and offered to sleep in the kitchen on a pallet… I think I heard them whispering something about a midnight snack…


and now as the sun goes down it is time to kiss all the dolls good night, tell them to sleep tight and dream of tomorrow…


Even More Izannahs…

Just a sneak peek for Marti of her own little Anna.  I’ll post more photos of her in the next day or two and then she will be off to her new home…


Upcoming Events

If you live in the Kansas City area, or will be traveling there in the near future The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures will be having an exhibition of Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes from the collection of Nick Vaccaro opening on October 8th, 2016 and  running through March 26th, 2017.  Two of the highlights will be a Daguerreotype of a baby holding an Izannah Walker doll and an Ambrotype of a young girl and an Izannah Walker doll.  The images will be displayed alongside the museum’s exquisite antique Izannah Walker doll “Miss Mary”.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  The dolls and I had such a good time preparing for Izannah’s birthday that we have decided to do a little something special for Halloween too.  Please visit us here on on October 22nd when the dolls will be trick or treating!

Did you miss parts 1 – 5 of today’s birthday posts?  Simply scroll down the page to see what you missed.  Remember: You still have until midnight Eastern time to enter for a chance to win one of 18 party favors that I am giving away.  See part 2 for details.






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Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker Part 1

Zanna and Isabeau have asked Cloe to help them get ready for today’s party.  They may have gotten a bit more “help” than they anticipated…

Click on any photo to see it enlarged and to read the caption.

Don’t worry! In spite of the sound effects, no dishes were harmed in the making of this video.  As Isabeau always says, “there is a reason that babies only get to use the everyday china”! 🙂

Thank you for coming!!! I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into some of our party preparations. Here is the schedule for today’s celebration events, I will have additional posts at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 10:00 pm Eastern time. My 7:00 pm post will feature several dolls for sale, because what would an Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration be without at least a few new reproduction dolls for sale? 🙂  The dolls will only be posted here on my blog.  If one or more of them tugs at your heart strings and you’d like to purchase her, you may email me at If more than one person is interested in buying the same doll, the email with the earliest time will get preference.

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Just Three More Days Until Our Big Izannah Walker 199th Birthday Party!!!

Don’t forget! Only 3 more days until it’s Izannah Walker’s 199th birthday. My dolls and I will be hosting an all day online celebration 🙂 Please come join us! We’ll be sooooooo sad if you can’t come 😦


At 10:00 a.m on Sunday September 25th stop whatever you are doing, run to your pc and come right over to for the beginning of our birthday fun!!! ❤