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Sometimes we all need a little help… Class Member Support for my Izannah Walker Dollmaking Class is still available when you need it…

Happy Saturday! This notice is for everyone who has purchased my Izannah Walker Doll Making Class by Mail. https://asweetremembrance.com/category/classes-by-mail/ The class is now 11 years old❣️

I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. When the class first came out my class member only help site was on Ning… for all of you who were early members I’m sure you remember how crazy and chaotic that eventually became when Ning kept repeatedly announcing and then retracting that they were shutting all of their small users. 😞 If you used the Ning site you will also probably remember how chock full of information it was, most of which was sparked by class member’s interests and requests.

In recent years the class member support has moved to a private facebook page. I know that most of you don’t really need much in the way of help these days… You’ve mastered the class and no longer need to ask questions, but just in case you have missed chatting with other dollmakers who are working on reproduction Izannah Walker dolls, or if a stray question or two has popped into your head, you may still request to join my Izannah class help group! Once a student, always a student. It’s super simple, just email me at paula@asweetremembrance.com , message me through my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ASweetRemembrance to let me know you’d like an invitation to the group, be sure to INCLUDE THE DATE YOU PURCHASED YOUR CLASS, and that’s all you have to do.

Activity on the class member support page ebbs and flows. Sometimes it is very quiet and then suddenly it will pick back up again. At the moment there is an ongoing discussion about drafting dress patterns. To go along with this I have just added a resource album that shows sewing and construction details of some of the garments in my mid 19th century collection of children’s and doll’s clothing. ❤

Happy dollmaking everyone! And speaking of that I need to get right back to mine! I have three sweet little cloth girls starring at me saying “I’m freezing!” “When is my dress going to be finished?”and “Can’t you sew any faster?”

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“Dear Reader” … a bit of information about how to buy my handmade reproduction Izannah Walker dolls…

As I sat down this afternoon to answer some inquiries from kind correspondents who are asking about my dolls, it occured to me that perhaps others of you may have similar questions about buying one of my reproductions of Izannah Walker’s beloved pressed cloth dolls.

This is my open reply to all who may be interested…

Dear Reader,

I would be very happy to place you on my “new dolls” email mailing list if you will send your email address to paula@asweetremembrance.com. When you are on the list you will receive an email whenever I post a doll for sale.

At the moment I have more custom orders than I can juggle, so I’m not taking any custom orders until I clear away some of my backlog, which is going to take me quite some time.

However, I do continue to make other non-custom reproduction Izannah Walker dolls and post them for open sales. I think the very best way to buy a doll is when you see one that calls to you and tugs on your heart strings, so I do think it is very important to have finished dolls for sale that people can see and fall in love with.

I’ll add you to the email mailing list right away. Don’t be at all surprised if you do not get an email notice immediately. The dolls each take an extremely long time to make, just as they always did when Izannah was making them… I work more or less constantly on them, but it still feels as if each doll takes “forever”. I should probably also mention that once I post a doll or dolls for sale they usually sell very, very quickly. Thank you so much for your interest in my work. It is greatly appreciated.

❤ Paula



post script ~ I do have a “Wish List, that helps me decide which dolls to make for open sales…  If you have a particular doll or other item that you would purchase if it were available, please leave add it to the wish list https://asweetremembrance.com/category/wish-list/ . I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when choosing which categories to open up first, when designing new items, and when making dolls for “open shopping” when I post newly made dolls for sale here on my Izannah Walker Journal.

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Introducing My Latest Reproduction Izannah Walker dolls ~ Made from the Mold of Sarah Alice

These four new little sisters are looking for loving homes ❤

ALL NOW SOLD THANK YOU!!! Tonight I am happy to introduce you to Sarah Alice’s little sisters! All four of the dolls were made using my own handmade mold of my original antique Izannah Walker doll, Sarah Alice. The girls are just over 18 inches tall, they have painted boots with scalloped tops, “forget me not” blue second skin body coverings, and come dressed in a chemise, pantalettes, petticoat and double pink printed antique cotton dress.

The dolls are all being sold on a “first come” basis. The first time stamped email to paula@asweetremembrance.com that asks to purchase the doll gets her. You are also very welcome to ask questions, but asking a question will not hold a doll, only a firm purchase request will.

Each doll is $1295.00, which includes free insured USPS Priority Mail shipping to any U.S. address. Shipping to other countries will be charged at the exact postage rate. I no long ship to Russia. Payment via Paypal Invoice, credit card (call with number) or check. Lay-away of up to six months is available with equal monthly payments. Dolls will ship from the studio 5-7 days after your payment is received.

I think that about covers all the boring bits, so now let’s get back to photos! ❤

Sarah Alice A – $1295.00 SOLD

Sarah Alice B – $1295.00 SOLD

Sarah Alice C – $1295.00 SOLD

Sarah Alice D – $1295.00 SOLD

*** You may click on any of the smaller images to enlarge them ***

Thank you all so very much for stopping by to meet all the new little cloth dolls ❤ We are so glad you could join us for my tenth annual Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration!!! Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker! Wishing you sweet dreams ❤

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Behind the Scene ~ Setting the Stage for my Photo Shoots ~ Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 5

One of the most time consuming, but fun, parts of taking the photos I post here on my Izannah Walker Journal is creating all the items to use as props and doing the staging. This often starts months in advance.

For example, I know that I always want to have tiny fresh flowers available for my annual Izannah Walker birthday celebrations, so in early summer I choose the flowers I would like to use in my arrangements, then plant the seeds in growers trays. I hold the tiny plants in the flats all summer long, watering and nurturing them every day! I leave them in such tight quarters because I want the flowers to stay very tiny as they mature and bloom. This year I featured amaranths, including love lies bleeding and coral fountains. The plants in the growers trays are only a few inches high, but their counterparts that are gowing unfettered in my gardens are taller than I am! All of them planted from the very same seeds ❤

I’m sure will will have noticed by now that many of my posts about the doll’s and their kitchen feature food. One of the questions I am often asked is whether or not it is real food. The answer is Yes! It is always real food on a small doll size scale. This year you will have seen that even the freshly picked vegetables are tiny! I do this by harvesting the baby produce and in the case of the pumpkins and eggplants, growing miniature varieties. Not surprisingly baking and cooking take up a significant amount of my pre-photo prep time.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of my back stage preparations!

The final part of my Izannah Walker 203rd Birthday Celbration is this evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time right here on http://www.izannahwalker.com when I reveal my very newly made first reproductions of sweet Sarah Alice! There will be four dolls available for sale and they will be sold on a “first come” basis. ❤

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Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 4 ~ The Doll’s Slumber Party

Over the past ten years the little Izzys have had several slumber parties, not every year because they are always high spirited, bosterous affairs. My nerves can’t quite take that much gaiety and joyous shrieking without a lengthy break in between their sleepovers. Happily for them, and for all of the rest of us too, this is a birthday slumber party year!

Before this evenings invited guests arrived Tilly Lamb and Isabeau cooked a delicious birthday dinner. They made a huge chicken and mushroom pie, then prepared all the wonderful vegetables that the dolls purchased at the Thyme Forgotten Farm Stand on Thursday, when they did their marketing. They are hoping that their younger sisters and friends will eat something healthy for dinner, before they have their midnight snack of sweets!

After dinner Charlcie and Eliza Jane took over the kitchen chores. They brought out the little individual dark chocolate cakes they baked earlier in the day, and made a large pot of steaming hot cocoa. All of their sisters and friends enjoyed the sweets and finshed every single drop of cocoa and crumb of cake. ❤

All in all I would say that this has been an extremely happy occasion for all of us here at the doll’s house. The girls had such a good time having you come vist and join in their party for Izannah Walker! They love having guests even more than they love getting presents… and speaking of presents, this year they received a new antique dry sink for their kitchen, which has made them all (except Izzybelle) very happy indeed! Izzybelle much prefers toys and clothes to kitchen furnishings! She was quite pleased with their toy tin stove, photograph album and new knitted bosom friends. ❤

Tomorrow morning, September 26th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time, you can get a Behind the Scenes peek at a bit of what goes on in preparation for all of my birthday party posts.

We will finish our 203rd Birthday Celebration tomorrow night, September 26th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, with the unveiling of my first reproductions of Sarah Alice.  She is the newest addition to my antique Izannah Walker doll family and dearly beloved by all of her sisters. ❤

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Welcome to the Birthday Party! Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 3

“Hello! Come in, we are so happy that you could come to the party!”

The dolls are all rushing around with last minute party preparations, Isane and Ismay are in the kitchen, along with their dearest friend Prudence, who came early to help. Isane is arranging all of the freshly cut garden flowers, and Ismay is making the Sage Tea while the Birthday Puddings cool. The tea is from their grandmother’s receipt book and one of their favorite teas. Prudence has volunteered to read them some poetry to keep them amused while they work. ❤

“Now that you have had the chance to stop by the kitchen and say “hello”, let’s go on up to the parlor.” “Please watch your step, the stairs are rather steep and worn in this old house.” “The parlor is quite crowded, but we will find you a cozy seat somewhere!”

You may click on any of the photos to enlarge them

“Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker! You have bought such joy into the lives of countless children and doll lovers throughout all these many years since your birth. Your creations and artistry have made our lives so much richer .” ❤

Thank you all for coming to our Birthday Party for Izannah Walker! The dolls are going to tidy up the parlor and kitchen, then spend a little time enjoying their new birthday presents. ❤ Please come back tonight for our slumber party!

Here is the schedule for our Birthday Celebration, all the events and posts are being held right here on http://www.izannahwalker.com. All times are Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

This morning at 8:00 a.m. the first post of the celebration went up. It is an hour long video about Izannah Walker’s life and dolls, plus a fun look at the fashions that Izannah Walker’s dolls were dressed in and a bit of history about mid 19th century children’s clothing.

At Noon Eastern time, today September 25th, the dolls and I took a fun look back at the past ten years of our Izannah Walker birthday celebrations!

You are currently attending This year’s Izannah Walker Birthday Party here on http://www.izannahwalker.com

To close out Izannah’s 203rd birthday, the dolls invite you to a Sleep over, this evening September 25th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Change into your nightgown, make a cup of cocoa, and come visit with us for a bit… We promise you sweet dreams of little cloth Izannahs 

Tomorrow morning, September 26th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time, you can get a Behind the Scenes peek at a bit of what goes on in preparation for all of my birthday party posts.

We will finish our 203rd Birthday Celebration tomorrow night, September 26th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, with the unveiling of my first reproductions of Sarah Alice.  She is the newest addition to my antique Izannah Walker doll family and dearly beloved by all of her sisters. ❤

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A Look Back at 10 Years of Izannah Walker Birthday Celebrations

Once upon a time, in January 2009 to be exact, I started a blog about my dolls… fast forward to September 2010, when on a spur of the moment whim I decided that it would be fun to write a post about Izannah Walker’s 193rd birthday. That was the very beginning of what has now become an annual tradition here on my Izannah Walker Journal! I hope you enjoy this look back at all the parties that the dolls and I have thrown to celebrate the anniversary of Izannah’s birthday on September 25th, 1817.

… and let’s not forget the year I hosted a doll making retreat here at the studio, just after Izannah’s birthday, which continued the party as we made new dolls and wonderful new friends!

In just a short while our 2020 party will commence, as we wish Izannah a very happy 203rd birthday!

While you wait for the party to start at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time this afternoon you may want to explore some of these previous birthday posts:

Links to Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration Posts























































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Hold on Tightly to Your Dreams ~ Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 1

Happy Birthday Izannah Walker! We are starting this year’s birthday celebration with a video that I filmed this spring for Beyond All Limits March 2020 Virtual Doll Convention. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about Izannah Walker’s life, her dolls and the clothing they wear. ❤

Please come back at Noon Eastern time, today September 25th, as the dolls and I take a fun look back at the past ten years of our Izannah Walker birthday celebrations!

At 4:00 p.m. Eastern time you are cordially invited to attend this year’s Izannah Walker Birthday Party, here on http://www.izannahwalker.com

To close out Izannah’s 203rd birthday, the dolls invite you to a Sleep over, this evening September 25th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Change into your nightgown, make a cup of cocoa, and come visit with us for a bit… We promise you sweet dreams of little cloth Izannahs ❤

Tomorrow morning, September 26th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time, you can get a Behind the Scenes peek at a bit of what goes on in preparation for all of my birthday party posts.

We will finish our 203rd Birthday Celebration tomorrow night, September 26th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, with the unveiling of my first reproductions of Sarah Alice. ❤ She is the newest addition to my antique Izannah Walker doll family and dearly beloved by all of her sisters. ❤

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Thursday’s Chore is Going to the Market to Buy All the Food for Friday’s Birthday Party

Thursday’s chore is going to the Market!🛒🛍🛍

The sisters are firm belivers of farm to table, after all that is how they were raised when they were young. They usually do all their marketing at a “Pick Your Own” Farm Stand here at Thyme Forgotten Farm… I am the farmer and they are my very best customers❣️

Monday – Washing.

Tuesday – Ironing.

Wednesday – Mending.

Thursday – Marketing.

Friday – Baking and Partying!

Saturday – Cleaning.

Sunday – Day of Rest.

Now that the dolls have finished their marketing it is time for them to decorate the house for tomorrow’s birthday celebration! We hope you will be able to come join us throughout the day as we celebrate Izannah Walker’s 203rd Birthday!

The first birthday post will be live at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time tomorrow, Friday September 25th, 2020. There will be many more posts throughout the day…

One Saturday, September 26th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time this year’s special edition birthday dolls will be posted for sale HERE! All dolls sold on a first come basis ❤