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The Delores Smith Collection Auction at Withington’s on May 9th & 10th

IMG_2576 (2)
Delores, on April 12th, 2018, holding my Ismay. I used a mold of Ismay to create a reproduction Izannah Walker doll for Delores, based on her favorite Izannah “Ella”. ❤

Last year I had the opportunity to meet a very special person. Her name was Delores Smith. She was a quietly passionate doll lover, who not only collected, but created stunning clothing and accessories for her dolls.  Many of you may have known her through her job at Withington Auctions, where she was the doll specialist for 20 years. ❤

Delores asked me to make a reproduction Izannah Walker doll for her, based on Ella, a c. 1857 doll that she purchased in 2008 and later sold to another collector. The original Ella is a wonderful doll! Delores and I had such fun discussing all the little details of the doll I created for her. Together we sat down and looked through a box of antique fabrics that Delores had collected, weighing the pros and cons of each piece and finally deciding which should be used for the new doll’s dress.  Delores was such a delight to work for and I think she enjoyed our discussions about her doll as much as I did.

This is the finished doll I made for her ❤

IMG_4697 (2)

To see my original post about Delores’ doll click here.

There is a lovely article about Delores and her doll collection in the May issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine, which also tells the story of how she acquired the original Ella and a bit about the reproduction that I made for her.


On Thursday and Friday Withington Auction will be selling Delores’ amazing collection.


withington delores smith auction
Withington Auction May 9th & 10th auction of the Delores Smith Collection ❤

Click here to see the Withington Auction catalog.


Link to Withington Auction on facebook.


Link to Antique Doll Collector Magazine.

I loved the doll I made for Delores so much that I featured her in my ad for Izannah’s 201st birthday ❤

september 2018 ad

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A Work in Progress ~A New Reproduction Izannah Walker Doll Comes to Life

Three little Charlcie's sitting in a row
Works in progress… The very first three reproductions of Charlcie. ❤ When finished they should be 23 inches tall!


As many of you probably know, I’ve been busy working on reproducing a very special Izannah Walker doll to coincide with the June Virtual Doll Convention 

Here is a tiny update on how my first reproductions of Charlcie are coming along…
The two part molded cloth heads have been joined together, then sewed onto a fabric shoulder covering, which was then attached to the doll’s torsos. As of late yesterday afternoon they have had four very thin layers of oil color applied to their heads and shoulders, and have the color blocked in on their eyes, cheeks and eyebrows. None of the fine details have been painted on their features yet. Painted curls and three more layers of paint on all the “skin” areas still to go! ☺️

I’m very happy to be one of the sponsors for the June Virtual Doll Convention. If you’d like to know more about the convention click here:


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Welcome to my Third Thursday for March ~ Celebrating the Joy of Creating!

Paula Walton's Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit
The perfect spring project ~ create a sweet reproduction Izannah Walker doll on the days that April Showers keep you inside, out of the garden ❤  Gather up your favorite fabrics, buttons and trimmings! I have several kits available to ship now, so that you can begin painting and sewing right away. 

I’m doing something a tiny bit different for this month’s release of new dolls… This month I’m focusing on something for those of you who long to experience the pleasure of creating an Izannah Walker doll yourself ❤ I’ve made up a bunch of my Izannah Walker Doll Making Kits and a few extra papier-mache heads, in case anyone who already has a kit, or my Izannah Walker Dollmaking Class, needs an additional head. Normally I make the kits one at a time, after you place your order, so there is a wait of at least 5 weeks before they ship.

I have four full kits and three extra heads that can ship out on Monday. After those are gone any additional orders will be made to order and won’t ship out for at least 5 weeks. If you want me to paint your papier-mache head it will take at least 2 additional weeks, but may take more because I’m just swamped with orders at the moment, and I have a few surprises in the works too!

Paula Walton's Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit
pretty maids all in a row… ❤

You may order and check out below. If it turns out that I’ve already sold the kits and heads I have on hand, I’ll email you and you can decide if you’d like to wait for me to make you a kit/head, or if  you’d prefer to cancel your order. If you want to place a kit/head on lay-away email me at


Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit

Have you always wanted to try your hand at making a reproduction Izannah Walker doll? If so, this kit is for you! My kit will enable you to make a faithful representation of an 18 inch antique Izannah Walker doll. This new kit is less challenging than my Izannah Walker Doll Making Class, which teaches you to make Izannah’s traditional pressed cloth heads. Instead, the kit comes with a molded composition head, cast in a mold made directly from Isane, an antique Izannah Walker doll in my collection. Also included in the kit are patterns for the doll’s body, under garments and two dresses plus a 31-page instruction booklet filled with detailed color photographs. This kit is suggested for experienced seamstresses who are also well versed in painting with oils. KITS WILL SHIP FROM MY STUDIO APPROXIMATELY 5 - 9 WEEKS AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.




Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit with Painted Head

If you do not feel confident enough to paint the doll’s head yourself, you may commission me to paint it for you. This will require at least an additional two weeks. SHIPS FROM MY STUDIO APPROXIMATELY 7 - 12 WEEKS AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.


Additional Molded Composition Heads for use with Izannah Walker Doll Making Kit

Want to make another doll?  Buy a second head to use with the patterns and instructions in your kit. If you would also like me to paint the head, at least two more weeks will be required.

Only available to customers who have already purchased the full kit.


I will paint the head myself $165.00
Approximate Shipping Time: 5 – 9 weeks
Have Paula paint the head $340.00
Approximate Shipping Time: At least 7 – 12 weeks
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February’s Last Hurrah! Both Little Sisters Are Sold… Thank you!

2 dolls available February 2019
This month’s offerings… Lizzybit on the left and Izzybelle on the right. Plus a long sleeved red dress sized to fit one of the girls larger 18-19 inch sisters.

For February’s (snow delayed) Third Thursday I have two one small little Izzy’s who are looking for loving homes ❤ The larger doll is made from my mold of the antique Lizzybit. She is 16 inches tall. Her smaller companion is 14.5 inch tall Izzybelle.

This month’s theme is little sisters, with a focus on paint surface details. Both of these dolls present an aged appearance, like that of original surviving antique Izannah Walker dolls. Some of you, who follow my Izannah Walker Journal, will be familar with the original, highly adventuresome Izzybelle. You’ll know that she has gone through some rough times and has been greatly loved during her long lifetime. For this particular younger sister of Izzybelle I have removed some of the original doll’s worst damage, leaving you this glimpse of how pretty and sweet the original doll must have been in her youth. ❤

The fabric for the doll’s dresses is a wonderful previously unused mid-19th century dot print. The color is reminiscent of sunny summer marigolds, ripe autumn pumpkins, and the golden hues of seashells on a windswept beach…




The dolls and extra dress are offered for sale on a first come basis. The way it works is simple. If you would like to purchase one of the dolls, or the dress, email me at I’ll go by the time stamp when I receive your email to determine whose request is first.

The dolls are $1250.00 each, and the dress is $225.00, which includes free shipping to any address in the continental U.S. Dolls are mailed via USPS Priority Mail and are insured for their full value. International Orders  will be charged exact postage + a $10.00 handling fee for all international locations, except Canada, to help off-set the time it takes me to deal with customs forms – and in many cases the requirement that I actually take the package to the post office rather than scheduling it for pick-up.

Payment may be made via PayPal, credit card, personal check, or lay-away. Sales tax is 6.35% if I am shipping to a Connecticut address.

IMG_0862 (2)Izzybelle SOLD

Izzybelle is SOLD 14.5 inches tall. She has painted button boots, with a pinkish red stripe around the top. Her second skin is made from antique linen. She comes with a chemise, pantalettes, a petticoat and a long sleeved dress ~ all made from antique fabrics and notions. $1250.00 


IMG_0979 (2)IMG_0982 (2)IMG_0987 (2)

Lizzybit ❤

Lizzybit SOLD

Lizzybit is 16 inches tall. She has painted lace-up boots, with a pinkish red stripe around the top. Her second skin is made from antique linen. She comes with a chemise, pantalettes, a petticoat and a long sleeved dress ~ all made from antique fabrics and notions. $1250.00 SOLD


IMG_0953 (2).JPGLong Sleeved Red Dress


One available for sale. It has a 7 inch long skirt, so it is perfect if you’d like a shorter skirt for an 18 – 19 inch doll dressed as a younger child, or if you have slightly smaller doll made from my Anna mold. This dress is too large for any of my Izzybelles or Lizzybits. $225.00 each

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My February “Third Thursday” Release of New Dolls is Rescheduled to Thursday 2/28/19!

February calendar

February is a month of snow & ice here in New England… even more so this particular February.  Winter wonderland beauty brings it’s own challenges.


In deference to Mother Nature, and her dearest companion the Snow Queen, my February “Third Thursday” will be delayed 1 week and will be rescheduled for Thursday February 28th @ Noon Eastern Standard Time. Join me here at my Izannah Walker Journal as the dolls and I bid farewell to the month of February and introduce you to my newest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls available for sale ❤

The theme for this month’s dolls is small…

little things
… my inspiration for February’s dolls is little sisters ❤

Please check back here between now and February 28th for a few peeks of February’s dolls… and in the mean time enjoy the winter snow days that come your way!