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Pop Up Shop!!! ~ Antique & Handmade Goods to Welcome St. Nicholas!

st nicholas day5

Welcome to my December 2nd Pop Up Shop, with offerings themed especially for St. Nicholas Day! Many years ago, when my sons were quite young, we lived in Minnesota where my children’s nursery school and many of our neighbors celebrated St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. On the evening of December 5th the children would put their shoes by the front door and leave carrots in the shoes for St. Nicholas’ horse. In the morning they would discover that St. Nicholas had filled their shoes with small toys and treats. ❤ My boys always loved this early December celebration, which heralded in the Christmas season. It was one of my favorite things too… after all what could be better than a holiday celebration in which shoes play a major role? You can probably guess that means I am extremely partial to shoes, which I freely admit 🙂 Doll shoes, baby shoes, new shoes, old shoes… I love them all! So in honor of St. Nicholas Day, and shoes, I am offering the following items for sale.

St. Nicholas Day Pop-Up Shop
Before and After… a decorating idea ❤ Antique Baby Shoes w/ handmade spun cotton carrots to leave out for St. Nicholas’ horse on the night of December 5th, displayed with antique toys, small treats and a spun cotton Santa to depict the items children find left in their shoes. Antique baby shoes and spun cotton carrots sold as a set. Spun Cotton Santa sold separately. All other items are for display purposes only and are not for sale.

It’s a busy day in the doll’s house, as the dolls decorate the parlor and set out their shoes for St. Nicholas. Down in the kitchen freshly baked gingerbread has been left to cool, before being made into into houses…. Drawn by the irresistible smell of their very favorite food, a trio of bears have come to call & made themselves at home.

IMG_7325 (2)IMG_7312 (2)IMG_7314 (2)IMG_7317 (2)IMG_7338 (2)IMG_7344 (2)

Almost everything is one of a kind. If you are interested in purchasing an item, or items, please email me at In the case of more than one person wishing to buy an item, it will go to the first email received. If for some reason the transaction isn’t completed then I will contact the 2nd person in line and ask if they would like to buy the item in question. Everything includes FREE PRIORITY MAIL through USPS to any Untied States address. International Orders  will be charged exact postage + a $10.00 handling fee for all international locations, except Canada, to help off-set the time it takes me to deal with customs forms – and in many cases the requirement that I actually take the package to the post office rather than scheduling it for pick-up. Canadian orders will be charged exact postage.

Payment: Paypal – I will send you an invoice – please provide me with the email address you use for your Paypal account. Credit Cards – If you want to use a credit card, but would rather not go through Paypal, I will be happy to process your credit card. I will call you to get your credit card number, expiration date and security code. Please provide your telephone number. Personal Checks –  Payable to Paula Walton and sent to 172 Aspetuck Ridge Road, New Milford, CT 06776-5611. Lay-away is also available to fit your budget. A deposit will be due now with equal monthly payments to follow.

Shipping ~ If you order before 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday 12/2 and pay with Paypal, I will make sure that your order ships out on Monday morning! Depending on where you live, this may make it possible for your items to get to you by Wednesday, December 5th, just in time for St. Nicholas Day… fingers crossed! Although if you are like me, I keep my St. Nicholas themed decorations out until after Christmas. lay-away
Handmade Spun Cotton Carrots
* A note about all of the spun cotton items * I hand spin loose cotton fibers in the traditional antique manner to create all of my spun cotton ornaments. Then I hand paint each one. The larger carrots are accented with antique rayon seam binding and the doll size carrots are topped with silk ribbons. Each bunch of carrots has a handwritten note to St. Nicholas ❤

Click on any photo to enlarge.

December 1st Pop-Up Shop Offerings

IMG_7202 (2)Doll Size Spun Cotton Carrots for your dolls to place in their shoes. $29.00 per bunch. I have 9 0 bunch available. Each bunch comes tagged with a note to St. Nicholas ❤

IMG_7352 (2)

Little Spun Cotton Santas $25.00. I have two  one blue and one red available. Red Santa is sold.

Hanging Glass & Tin Display Cases Large $69 Small $49. I have eight of each  6 small and 7 large available. I love these little cases! They are perfect to show off and protect all kinds of small treasures. I like to keep tiny doll accessories in mine, so that I can admire them while keeping them safe from kittens and little hands.  Lovely with found bird’s nests, antique Christmas ornaments, or little St. Nicholas Day displays.

The large cases are 12 inches wide x 9 inches high, with 3 equal sections that have interior glass dividers. The small cases are slightly less than 5 inches wide x 9 inches high.

❤ ❤ ❤





The Lamb Sisters.

IMG_6065 (2)Miss D. Lamb SOLD, seated on the left and Miss A. Lamb SOLD, standing on the right, are both looking for new homes of their very own ❤ 20 inches $1575.00 each

Read more about them in this post –

A $ 85.00  SOLD Amazing shoes to display at Christmas with spun cotton carrots and to use for doll shoes the rest of the year! ❤









B – $78.00 Tiny high button baby shoes w/ spun cotton carrots, just the right size for larger dolls. ❤





C – $75.00 Sweet early baby shoes made from faded red and black leather, with brass buttons and spun cotton carrots. One button is missing. Perfect for a large papier-mache or china doll, display or as study shoes for making doll shoes.






D – $95.00 Adorable white button baby shoes and spun cotton carrots. These shoes originally had something glued to the front of them, I have no idea what that was as nothing but a trace of glue remained. I’ve made them crepe paper rosettes, but you could certainly remove the rosettes and add your own trimmings. These shoes close with white mother of pearl buttons, two of which are missing. If you would like replacement buttons, I can add two antique buttons, but I don’t have an exact match.




E – $70 Pale blue and black button up baby shoes w/ spun cotton carrots.





F – $75 Little black leather button baby shoes & spun cotton carrots.

IMG_7200 (2)



G – $45.00 White button baby shoes.





H – $45.00 White button baby shoes.





I – $30.00 Mid- 20th century lace up “Roman Sandal”  baby shoes. I love this type of shoe on a large teddy ❤





J – $30.00 Embroidered ankle strap leather shoes. Another pair that would be very sweet on a large teddy bear.





These next seven pairs of shoes are very worn children’s shoes that I stockpiled when I was making very big bears. I dressed the bears in vintage 1920’s – 1940’s romper suits and dresses with these shoes on their feet ❤ I still love that look! Adorable on teddies, or cute displayed in prim rooms!

K – $22.00




L – $22.00



M – $22.00


N – $22.00



O – $22.00




P – $26.00 Girl’s red leather double buckle shoes w/ one buckle missing.




Q – $14.00




R – $14.00 Tiny Grey Cowboy Boots!





S – $27.00 Size 6A Women’s Black 1940’s Flexi-Walker Peep Toe Heels ❤



T – $38.00 Sled Ice Skates w/box!!!


U – $27.00 each Three pair of doll size lace up boots w/boxes from The Country House.




V – $25.00 Vintage Doll Skis! Great for Christmas or to accessorize a doll.




W – $11.00 Vintage Doll Ice Skates!




X – $3.00 if purchased with another item. Single Vintage Doll Ice Skate. Cute Christmas ornament!



Gingerbread Color Vintage Mohair Bears

Y – $54.00 Large Fully Jointed Vintage Mohair Bear. Soft, cuddly bear, big enough to give you a “bear hug”! Some moth damage, especially on the paw pads. Wearing vintage baby shoes and mittens made from hand dyed red wool.

IMG_7281 (2)IMG_7284 (2)

Z – $44.00 Unique Vintage Baby Bear. I’ve never seen a bear like this before. She wears a pink oil cloth bib and has a hinged metal mouth, with a hole that leads to her “tummy” which is accessed via a zipper in her back. I’m assuming that the idea is that a child could “feed’ her, then the “food” could be removed by unzipping her back. Sewn joints, considerable moth damage, but still very cute in a zoomy kind of way 🙂 To top everything off she is wearing pink shoes!




AA – $35.00 Happy, Hug-able, Vintage Mohair Bear w/Velvet Paw Pads. Cute fully jointed bear. Some moth damage and a loose neck joint which makes it possible for the head to crock to one side and nod, which is actually very charming. ❤




BB – $95.00     Handmade fully jointed bear, antique white mohair, rod jointed arms and legs, disk jointed neck, glass eyes. My own original design ❤

IMG_7303 (2)IMG_7305 (2)IMG_7307 (2)


Thank you for coming to my December 2nd Pop-Up Shop ❤




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The 3rd Thursday in August!

Hello, welcome to my second “3rd Thursday”!!! As you are probably aware, I ran into some trouble getting the paint to dry on the dolls I had been  making for today. 😦  Once I figured that out earlier this week I decided that there was no point in fighting Mother Nature. After all I came up with the idea of 3rd Thursdays to make buying and selling my dolls fun and a bit spontaneous! When I had a new plan I began sewing in earnest so that I could present you with a nice selection of doll clothing today instead. ❤ So for all of you who have been asking about additional clothing for your dolls – here are today’s offerings!

There are three dresses and three aprons available for sale. Terms are like always. Email if you are interested in buying! Payment by paypal, credit card, check, or lay-away. Sold on a first come basis. Free shipping within the United States, exact shipping costs to other countries. I’m getting ready to go to a Master Class in Fitting 18th Century Gowns at Eastfield tomorrow through Sunday, and I’m babysitting on Monday – so orders placed today won’t ship until Tuesday. 🙂

Freshly laundered and ready to go. Smelling of sunshine, flowers and honey…




1and 1. I have two blue dresses, both with extra fabric in their skirts, tucked sleeves and hems, drawstring necks and waists, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch dolls. $225.00 One is SOLD and One still remaining.

3. Black print dress. drawstring neck and waist, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch doll. $200.00



A. Izzybelle size short pinafore play day apron with button back. $50.00 SOLD

B. Blue apron for 18 -19 inch dolls. $125.00

C. Blue feather stitched apron for 18 – 19 inch dolls $150.00 SOLD

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Humid & Sticky …

94% humidity today and my paint is not drying… so rather than stressing about it I am just going to go with the flow.  After all this is August in New England and you can just count on hot, sticky and humid a  lot of the time. 🙂 SO, this weeks 3rd Thursday is going to be a clothing event!!! ❤ Come by at noon (eastern time) on Thursday for a fashion show.  I’ll have some dresses and accessories available for immediate sale.

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Third Thursdays Start This Month ~ Mark Your Calendar! Then Come Back On Thursday To See This Month’s New Dolls For Sale

New Dolls For Sale on the Third Thursday of the Month
Third Thursdays start this coming Thursday, July 20th! I be posting a new doll or two for sale on the third Thursday of almost every month.

I’m starting something new! On the “third Thursday” of each month, with only a couple of exceptions, I’ll be posting a new doll, or two, or three for sale! Some months there will also be clothing and accessories too. ❤

Third Thursdays should be fun! The dolls will be posted at 12 noon Eastern Time here on and sold on a first come basis.  If you wish to purchase a doll or other item, simply email me at  If more than one person emails about a doll, the email with the earliest time will take precedence.  Once a doll has found it’s new home, I will immediately mark it SOLD. If a doll or accessory doesn’t sell on “Third Thursday” then it will be posted on my regular website, where you’ll be able to buy it and use the automated secure checkout.

So mark your calendar and come back to visit on Thursday. If you have signed up for my “new dolls” mailing list you will receive an email reminder. 🙂

Third Thursday August 17, 2017
The 2nd Third Thursday will be on August 17th.
No Third Thursday in September
No Third Thursday in September. It’s going to be an exception month. Instead of new dolls being posted for sale on 9/21, they will be for sale on September 25th as part of my annual Izannah Walker Birthday celebration!


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Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 6 – Sweet Dreams

We’ve come to the end of our day.  My dolls and I hope you have enjoyed joining in our celebration of Izannah Walker’s birthday.  They’ve had a very active day with all of their friends.  Now all the dolls are getting sleepy and ready for bed…  Isabeau wasn’t quite sure where everyone was going to sleep tonight.  Since Cloe was such a big help this morning, she offered to rearrange the beds, so that there was a place for all of the dolls.

Even after Cloe moved all of the beds around, Isabeau still wasn’t sure that there was room for everyone…  “maybe we should have gone up to the attic to get Izzybelle’s little old bed” she fretted.


The Annas overheard her and offered to sleep in the kitchen on a pallet… I think I heard them whispering something about a midnight snack…


and now as the sun goes down it is time to kiss all the dolls good night, tell them to sleep tight and dream of tomorrow…


Even More Izannahs…

Just a sneak peek for Marti of her own little Anna.  I’ll post more photos of her in the next day or two and then she will be off to her new home…


Upcoming Events

If you live in the Kansas City area, or will be traveling there in the near future The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures will be having an exhibition of Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Tintypes from the collection of Nick Vaccaro opening on October 8th, 2016 and  running through March 26th, 2017.  Two of the highlights will be a Daguerreotype of a baby holding an Izannah Walker doll and an Ambrotype of a young girl and an Izannah Walker doll.  The images will be displayed alongside the museum’s exquisite antique Izannah Walker doll “Miss Mary”.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  The dolls and I had such a good time preparing for Izannah’s birthday that we have decided to do a little something special for Halloween too.  Please visit us here on on October 22nd when the dolls will be trick or treating!

Did you miss parts 1 – 5 of today’s birthday posts?  Simply scroll down the page to see what you missed.  Remember: You still have until midnight Eastern time to enter for a chance to win one of 18 party favors that I am giving away.  See part 2 for details.






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Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 3 – A Very Busy Afternoon

The kitchen is buzzing with activity, as Eliza Jane, Ismay, Zola and Hannah try to finish all their last minute tasks. “Hurry, hurry our company will be coming soon!” “It’s almost time for the party to start!”
Eliza Jane has offered to iron all the doll’s party dresses. She is by far the best at ironing, she never scorches the fabric!
Hannah has just taken the last layer of cake out of the oven. It smells so good… The entire kitchen is filled with the aromas of cinnamon and spices ❤
Zola is turning the cake layers out of the pans to cool. As soon as they aren’t so warm, Ismay is going to spread sweet, tangy apple butter between the layers, then dust the top of the cake with powdered sugar.
“Eliza Jane can you see the clock?” “What time is it?” Oh my, we have to hurry up!” “We need to get the cake finished and give Izzybelle her bath!” Eliza Jane, you keep ironing. Zola, you can take the cake out to the table in the yard, and Hannah and I will bathe Izzybelle.” (Ismay can get a bit bossy at times)



Being a doll maker’s doll is a lot like being a shoemakers child, you always come last…  You may remember how terribly bedraggled Izzybelle was when she arrived on my doorstep a couple of years ago.  I finally found just a handful of moments to start cleaning her and making her appropriate replacement arms and legs.  Once upon a time Izzybelle was a charming, small example of one of Izannah Walker’s dolls.  She was loved, played with and almost used up, then sent to the Martha Chase factory for repairs, so that she could be loved and played with some more.  I own several dolls, and have seen and restored a handful of others, that were refurbished by the doll makers working for Martha Chase.



I have made Izzybelle appropriate restoration arms and legs. I still need to color match them to her newly cleaned paint surface, then stuff and attach them.
I have made Izzybelle appropriate restoration arms and legs. I still need to color match them to her newly cleaned paint surface, then stuff and attach them.


"Izzybelle, your bath water is almost ready. Hannah is heating the last kettle full on the stove right now."
“Izzybelle, your bath water is almost ready. Hannah is heating the last kettle full on the stove right now.”
"Izzybelle, time to hop in the tub!"
“Izzybelle, time to hop in the tub!”


"Make sure you scrub behind your ears and between your toes."
“Make sure you scrub behind your ears and between your toes.”


"This bath feels so good! Why didn't you make me take one sooner???"
“This bath feels so good! Why didn’t you make me take one sooner???”


Even Splotches, the barn cat is curious to see what the dolls are doing today. If you are too, please come back around 4:00, 7:00 & 10:00 pm to see the rest of their adventures.
Even Splotches, the barn cat is curious to see what the dolls are doing today. If you are too, please come back around 4:00, 7:00 & 10:00 pm to see the rest of their adventures.





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Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker Part 1

Zanna and Isabeau have asked Cloe to help them get ready for today’s party.  They may have gotten a bit more “help” than they anticipated…

Click on any photo to see it enlarged and to read the caption.

Don’t worry! In spite of the sound effects, no dishes were harmed in the making of this video.  As Isabeau always says, “there is a reason that babies only get to use the everyday china”! 🙂

Thank you for coming!!! I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into some of our party preparations. Here is the schedule for today’s celebration events, I will have additional posts at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 10:00 pm Eastern time. My 7:00 pm post will feature several dolls for sale, because what would an Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration be without at least a few new reproduction dolls for sale? 🙂  The dolls will only be posted here on my blog.  If one or more of them tugs at your heart strings and you’d like to purchase her, you may email me at If more than one person is interested in buying the same doll, the email with the earliest time will get preference.