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The Final Triplet is Ready to Leave the Nest and Fly Away to Her New Home… Meet Charlotte a Very Special Doll

This particular Charlotte is a very special custom order doll. She is just about to leave the studios for her new home. This afternoon she posed for a few photos for the family album. I hope you enjoy meeting her ❤

(No I am not taking any new custom orders, as I am still working my way through my backlog. I AM continuing to make and offer dolls for sale ~ I’m just not taking on any more special orders. ❤ Email me at if you would like me to send you an email when I post dolls for sale.)

Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Pixie’s Doll

A tiny 16 inch custom order reproduction Izannah for Pixie. ❤

20190517_190850 (2)
A custom order 16 inch reproduction Izannah Walker doll, wearing a dress made from reproduction fabric in her new mom’s two favorite colors, purple and red ❤


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The Delores Smith Collection Auction at Withington’s on May 9th & 10th

IMG_2576 (2)
Delores, on April 12th, 2018, holding my Ismay. I used a mold of Ismay to create a reproduction Izannah Walker doll for Delores, based on her favorite Izannah “Ella”. ❤

Last year I had the opportunity to meet a very special person. Her name was Delores Smith. She was a quietly passionate doll lover, who not only collected, but created stunning clothing and accessories for her dolls.  Many of you may have known her through her job at Withington Auctions, where she was the doll specialist for 20 years. ❤

Delores asked me to make a reproduction Izannah Walker doll for her, based on Ella, a c. 1857 doll that she purchased in 2008 and later sold to another collector. The original Ella is a wonderful doll! Delores and I had such fun discussing all the little details of the doll I created for her. Together we sat down and looked through a box of antique fabrics that Delores had collected, weighing the pros and cons of each piece and finally deciding which should be used for the new doll’s dress.  Delores was such a delight to work for and I think she enjoyed our discussions about her doll as much as I did.

This is the finished doll I made for her ❤

IMG_4697 (2)

To see my original post about Delores’ doll click here.

There is a lovely article about Delores and her doll collection in the May issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine, which also tells the story of how she acquired the original Ella and a bit about the reproduction that I made for her.


On Thursday and Friday Withington Auction will be selling Delores’ amazing collection.


withington delores smith auction
Withington Auction May 9th & 10th auction of the Delores Smith Collection ❤

Click here to see the Withington Auction catalog.


Link to Withington Auction on facebook.


Link to Antique Doll Collector Magazine.

I loved the doll I made for Delores so much that I featured her in my ad for Izannah’s 201st birthday ❤

september 2018 ad

Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Beth’s Custom Ordered Doll

A new doll for Beth
A new doll for Beth ❤

I don’t get asked to make too many black reproduction Izannah Walker dolls, so it is always a pure pleasure when someone requests one. ❤ This is Beth’s doll. She is a black version of my Hannah, with a vintage Tibetan lambskin wig, and bare feet. I’m just finishing her shoes, which was fine with this little Hannah. She told me quite firmly that it was too hot to wear shoes today, and if they had been finished that she wouldn’t have put them on!!! She definitely has a mind of her own…

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  • Photography is NOT my best skill & black dolls are often difficult to get good images of. She is so much prettier in person!
Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

A Very Special Doll for Delores <3

I’ve been working on an interesting project for the last few months. I was asked to make a reproduction Izannah Walker doll based on the wonderful circa 1857 doll named Ella, that was sold by Withington’s Auction in 2008. The first step was to determine which of the 16 different molds that I have of Izannah’s original dolls would most closely resemble Ella. My Ismay was made around the same time period that Ella was and has a similar, though slightly thinner face. Ismay has had many more active adventures in her life than Ella has, and is not in as pristine condition. So my second step was to make a plaster positive of Ismay’s head and carefully re-sculpt the most worn areas. Then I made new molds from the plaster head. For reference I used the stunning photos taken by Withington’s for their 2008 catalog. It’s been a lovely process and I have so enjoyed conferring with Delores about her new doll! She is not an exact copy of Ella, as she blends bits of Ella and Ismay together, but I think she has captured Ella’s spirit. ❤ Tomorrow she will be traveling to her new home. I’ll miss having her sweet company in my studio, but I’m thrilled that she is finally going to join her new doll family!

A doll for Delores
A very special custom made doll for Delores ❤

Delores' doll
Posing with a photo of Ella.

IMG_4657 (2)


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A New Doll for Anita


This little doll is turning into quite a traveler ❤  She just returned from the 2018 Early American Life Craftsman Directory photo shoot, and in the morning she is leaving for her new home… Safe travels ❤

Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Kathy’s Doll

Pretty in pink ❤ A very special order doll for Kathy…

Kathy's Doll
Kathy’s Doll ❤

Kathy's Doll
Kathy’s Doll


Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Susan’s Sweet Little Izzybelle

Susan's Izzybelle
Izzybelle is modeling one of her two dresses. This one is made from a lovely c.1850 double pink printed cotton. It has a deliberately mis-matched “make-do” sleeve, fashioned from a different antique double pink fabric. The sleeves of her chemise peep out from below the tiny puff sleeves. The skirt of the dress has one growth tuck, so that Izzybelle can continue to wear it even if she should have an unexpected “growth spurt”. Pink stockings and red leather shoes complete her ensemble, which is the perfect play wear for an adventuresome young doll!

This tiny Izzybelle is all ready to head off on her lengthy voyage to her new home. ❤ She is terribly excited, and simply can’t wait to meet her new family, especially her big sister Isabeau! Bon Voyage Izzybelle!!!