Buying a reproduction Izannah Walker doll. I would be very happy to place you on my “new dolls” email mailing list if you will send your email address to paula@asweetremembrance.com. When you are on the list you will receive an email whenever I post a doll for sale.

I’ll add you to the email mailing list right away. Don’t be at all surprised if you do not get an email notice immediately. The dolls each take an extremely long time to make, just as they always did when Izannah was making them… I work more or less constantly on them, but it still feels as if each doll takes “forever”. I should probably also mention that once I post a doll or dolls for sale they usually sell very, very quickly. Thank you so much for your interest in my work. It is greatly appreciated.

❤ Paula



post script ~ I do have a “Wish List, that helps me decide which dolls to make for open sales…  If you have a particular doll or other item that you would purchase if it were available, please leave a comment to add it to the wish list https://asweetremembrance.com/category/wish-list/ . I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when choosing which categories to open up first, when designing new items, and when making dolls that post for sale here on my Izannah Walker Journal.

To buy any of my other items mentioned in this blog, please visit my website, Paula Walton’s A Sweet Remembrance.

My Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Making Kit is priced from $200 to $375, depending on whether you paint the head or have me do it, with free shipping to US addresses. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT – MAY NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE

My Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Class by Mail is priced at $279 with free shipping to US addresses.

Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Class by Mail

This is a Master Level class that teaches you to make an exact reproduction of one of Izannah Walker’s iconic early pre-patent 18-½ inch dolls. Prior sewing, sculpting and painting experience is a pre-requisite. What is included in the class: 75 page Booklet full of step-by-step instructions with 166 detailed photographs Patterns for doll body and one complete set of clothing (dress, two petticoats, chemise, drawers) Body Construction Guide with 16 measurements Detailed instructions for sculpting head featuring Sculpting Guide with 54 separate measurements taken from my antique Izannah Walker dolls Mold-making instructions Paint swatches and formulas to match colors from original Izannah Walker dolls Painting instructions Fabric swatches Wool stuffing Source list for all required materials Optional instructions for those wanting to take a short-cut approach Lifetime question and answer support at no additional charge Additional bonus doll making information and student interaction on my private class member-only facebook group. USUALLY SHIPS FROM MY STUDIO 2 -3 WEEKS AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.


My Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern for 18 1/2″ Doll costs $32 with free shipping to US addresses.

Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern for 18-1/2″ Doll

Shown here is the original clothing belonging to my Izannah Walker doll. I have drafted patterns from these pieces. This is a printed pattern with printed instructions and is an invaluable resource for both collectors of antique dolls and for doll makers. This pattern is intended for experienced seamstresses only - it should not be attempted by beginners. Your purchase of this pattern includes unlimited telephone and email support. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the instructions and provide additional help as needed. I have also started a blog, Izannah Walker Journal at http://www.izannahwalker.com, that provides information about Izannah Walker dolls in general, sources for fabric and notions, and other information you may find helpful when using this pattern. Note: Limited use by doll makers who sell their works is allowed, as long as credit is given, with each doll sold, to Paula Walton of A Sweet Remembrance for the clothing pattern. No other commercial use is allowed. WILL USUALLY SHIP FROM MY STUDIO WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.


Tiny Cut and Stitch Fabric Doll Panels

Cut & Stitch Fabric Doll Panels
Visit my main website A Sweet Remembrance to order.

Link to ordering information for Cut and Stitch Fabric Doll Panels https://asweetremembrance.com/2018/08/24/cut-and-stitch-fabric-doll-panels/

For information about ordering one of my Izannah Walker Reproduction Dolls, you may also email me at paula@asweetremembrance.com. Be forewarned I am usually working in one or the other of my studios and I intentionally do not take a phone, tablet or laptop into the studios. It will most likely be a bit before I get back to you. I usually amswer emails late at night or early in the morning 🙂

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. How much to receive the pictures to make an Izannah Paper Doll. I have all the trim and crepe paper. I make period pap0er dolls dressed in Crepe Paper. I am giving a workshop on a Dennison girl paper doll at the 2010 Paper Doll convention. I would not use your doll because it is your original idea. I would like to make one for myself. I wish I lived closer to you so we could play together. I am very impressed by all your work. I have been making Crpe dressed paper dolls since 1989 and selling the sets. Anyway I would love to make one of your Izannah Walker paper dolls. Martha

    1. Hi Martha,

      I’m thrilled that you like my paper doll. I really set this project up with the idea in mind that people would either take photographs of their own dolls (because the majority of people who come to this blog are doll makers) or sketch and paint an Izannah Walker doll to use as the image for their paper doll. I’m not selling the photographic images of my doll.

      The only way to get one of my photo paper Izannahs is as a special promotional item that I’m giving out to people who pre-order my Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Making Class. The paper doll and a vintage post card are extra items that I am including with the pre-orders, as a thank you and just in case anyone asked for the class as their Christmas present from “Santa”. I wanted to make sure that anyone who got the pre-ordered class as a gift had something special to open.

      Your class and the entire Paper Doll convention sound wonderful! Closer would be good, as “play dates” are always fun…
      Happy New Year!

  2. Hello Paula
    I have one of these dolls I was handed down years ago, trying to figure out what exactly she is and google lens brought up a few pages and you appeared. Can I email you a pic of this doll I have an maybe you can provide information to me?

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