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New Dolls Are Coming! Three Reproduction Izannah Walker Dolls Will be Available for Purchase Monday, April 11th, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Dresses, dresses, & more dresses!!!

You are invited to come meet my three latest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls on Monday evening, April 11th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, when they will be offered for sale. As always the dolls will be sold on a first come basis to the first person who asks to purchase the doll via email. I go by the time stamp when your email arrives in my gmail inbox.

Monday’s offerings will include two versions of Isabeau, one time worn and well loved ~ with the original paint surface of my antique Isabeau, the other a more pristine version of Isabeau which represents her as she was in her youth. I very rarely make the more perfect Isabeaus, so if you have been longing for one this may be your chance. The third doll I will be selling is something new! A tiny black version of Izzybelle, which is something new that I haven’t ever made before!

I hope you will be able to join me here on Monday to meet the new little cloth girls and wish them well as they look for their new homes ❤

Doll for Sale · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

A Few First Glimpses of Upcoming Dolls…

Dear Diary,

At long last I am almost finished with the six little cloth dolls that I began in early December! It has been a very long winter, filled with many very cold days, when paint simply could not dry, and innumerable winter chores… Now that Spring has begun to appear I have been stitching away on a mountain of small garments and the dolls are getting anxious to head out into the world. Three of them will be heading to their long promised homes and the other three are looking forward to finding brand new homes of their very own too!

The next time I write dear diary I hope to be able to give you all the particulars of the doll’s wardrobes and their travel plans. Until then…

I remain your most faithful correspondent.

Sneak Peeks!

In the near future I will be posting three new dolls for sale! I don’t have an exact date yet, as I am still sewing the last of their clothing and doing all of the little finishing touches that are so very necessary. I have been sick for the past week and have finally resorted to setting up two sewing machines just a few feet from my bed so that I can alternate napping and sewing… which is actually more or less working. So slowly but surely these sweet dolls are coming to life. I’m just not entirely certain quite what day they will be finished, as it is hard to estimate how many naps I am going to require between now and then!

Three of the dolls I am making are among the last of the custom ordered dolls, so they are already sold. The three that I will be listing for sale are are two versions of Isabeau, one time worn and well loved ~ with the original paint surface of my antique Isabeau, the other a more pristine version of Isabeau which represents her as she was in her youth. I very rarely make the more perfect Isabeaus, so if you have been longing for one this may be your chance. The third doll I will be selling is something new! A tiny black version of Izzybelle, which is something that I haven’t ever made before.

I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks!

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So What WAS in the Bottom of Those Boxes? A Fun Look at More of the Contents From Yesterdays Unboxing Video, and a First Peek At My Favorites

Guess what I found in those boxes???

Emma Blue is just as happy as I am with some of the contents I found! ❤
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Great Excitement Here in my Studio! Two HUGE Boxes of Antique Undergarments Have Arrived for the Izannahs!

As I am sure you all know by now, I dress the reproduction Izannah Walker dolls I make in antique fabrics. Usually that means that I am using fabric that I glean from antique garments and quilts that are no longer able to be restored. On rare occasions I am lucky enough to find antique doll underwear for a few of the dolls… So I am sure you will understand how thrilled I am that I have come across an enormous quantity of antique doll petticoats and pantalettes, plus some other partial woman’s and children’s pieces that I will be able to fashion into chemises! It may take me longer to alter these garments to fit my dolls, than if I made them from scratch, but I love the idea of cleaning, repairing and altering them so that they can continue on in the wardrobes of my dolls ❤

Here is a first peek at some of the wonderful things I now have in stock for all of my future Izannahs! Though I do imagine that the little cloth girls who live with me will undoubtedly attempt to talk me out of a few things for themselves…

Wishing you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the A Sweet Remembrance studios!

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Wishing You All the Magic of the Holiday Season! Happy New Year!!!

All of the dolls who live here at Paula Walton’s A Sweet Remembrance wish you a New Year filled with all good things! To celebrate New Year’s Eve the little cloth girls would like to share their holiday photo album with you ❤
We Wish You a New Year filled with Peace, Love & Contentment!
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A Dollmaker’s Diary ~ December 5th… Saint Nicholas Eve

Sunday, Saint Nicholas Eve

The little cloth girls gathered boxwood sprigs from the garden and beeswax candles from the pantry, which they fashioned into an Advent wreath that they adorned with handfuls of madder dyed cotton ribbon.

Dear Diary,

Today, once again, holiday preparations have been underway in the doll’s house. I can hear all of the sweet Izannah sisters chattering gaily, rushing around their house preparing everything just so on this 5th day of December. The dolls are clearly just as excited about this Christmas as they were about each of their very first ones, now more than a century and a half ago… This afternoon they cleaned and tidied their kitchen, adding boxwood sprigs to the mantle over the hearth. As dusk began to fall, they lit two candles on their Advent wreath, which they made using clippings from the garden and a great deal of madder dyed ribbon. Afterwards they carefully lined up their shoes by the fireplace so that Saint Nicholas could fill them with treats when he comes to call in the middle of the night…

Meanwhile, as the dolls have been keeping themselves well occupied, I have been steadily working away. Yesterday I painted deeper shades of color on the six new little doll sisters that I am slowly bringing to life. The poor dears are now in their “ugly duckling” phase, where I fear only a mother could love them. So gawky and awkward looking, with their inner beauty hidden away by translucent coats of streaky, uneven looking paint! It is a time for courage, and faith that everything will be alright in the end.

After all six were painted, I very quietly tip-toed out the door (so that I wouldn’t wake the napping little cloth girls) and walked through the farmyard to the sewing studio. I spent all the rest of Saturday sewing arm, after arm, after arm!

Today I was back to painting, and am happy to say that all of the new dolls are looking somewhat better with the addition of another coat of paint! They still need many more very then coats of their “flesh” tones before I will be able to start painting their features and hair, but such care is well worth the time involved.

I dared not step away from the doll’s house today, as I knew the sisters would be lighting candles! I hope to be able to trim and turn all of the many arms this evening, and perhaps I will even be able to stay awake long enough to begin stuffing and stitching a few fingers! Though I should try not to stay up too late, as the dolls will no doubt be up exceedingly early in the morning to see what Saint Nicholas has left them!

Until tomorrow dear diary…

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Early December… when little bits of Christmas magic are beginning to creep into my studios…

All ready to begin decorating!

The little cloth girls were very busy today. In a flurry of Christmas spirit they went up to the attic of their very tall house, unpacked all of their Christmas decorations, and carried them down to the parlor! A great deal of extremely animated conversation was shouted back and forth throughout the doll’s house. Christmas is definitely on it’s way!

… and where was the dollmaker you ask, while all of this frenzied activity was taking place in the doll’s house? I was very quietly and contentedly working away in a corner of the studio, creating new dolls especially for the holidays! Making dolls for Christmas always brings it’s own special kind of magic. There is an element of the time tested tradition of creating handmade presents for loved ones, the hope of making someone’s Christmas dreams come true, and the fun of getting to be a part of “Santa’s Workshop”.

I hope you will be able to come back and visit here at my Izannah Walker Journal this month, to follow along with all of our Christmas preparations, celebrations, and joys! Wishing you all a beautiful, love filled December ❤

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The Final Triplet is Ready to Leave the Nest and Fly Away to Her New Home… Meet Charlotte a Very Special Doll

This particular Charlotte is a very special custom order doll. She is just about to leave the studios for her new home. This afternoon she posed for a few photos for the family album. I hope you enjoy meeting her ❤

(No I am not taking any new custom orders, as I am still working my way through my backlog. I AM continuing to make and offer dolls for sale ~ I’m just not taking on any more special orders. ❤ Email me at if you would like me to send you an email when I post dolls for sale.)