A Very Special Birthday Doll

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Holly's dolls

18 inch reproduction doll made from the mold I created of my antique Izannah Walker doll Hannah, with two dresses and matching child size dress.

Every now and again I am asked to create something wonderful as a surprise gift for a special doll lover. I’ve just put the finishing touches on what is sure to be a very memorable 8th birthday present for a little girl who loves dolls just as much as her grandmother does ❤  Happy Birthday Holly!

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SOLD ~ November’s New Dolls ~ This Month’s Third Thursday Debutants

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3rd Thursday in November dolls for sale

SOLD 3rd Thursday in November dolls for sale



Email me at paula@asweetremembrance if you are interested in buying a doll or have questions. The dolls are also on my website, www.asweetremembrance.com, where you may use the secure automated check out.  Payment by Master Card, Visa, Paypal, personal checks, or lay-away. Free insured shipping to any US address, exact postage to other countries. 6.35 % sales tax on items shipped to CT. IMG_8421

Ismay SOLD



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SOLD This Ismay is 18.5 inches tall, she has painted boots a full set of undergarments and is wearing a dress made of antique fabric with a falling leaf print – just perfect for Thanksgiving. She also has an antique pin and a hand strung coral bead necklace. $1275.00.

Lizzybit BOTH SOLD



SOLD Lizzybit is made from my newest mold, taken directly from a small 17 inch antique Izannah Walker doll.  I have one dressed 17 inch tall Lizzybit that has painted boots, a chemise, pantalettes, a wool petticoat and a dress made from a antique double pink cotton print. She is also wearing an antique pin. $1265.00 http://asweetremembrance.com/item_217/Lizzybit-A-Reproduction-Izannah-Walker-Doll.htm



SOLD The undressed Lizzybit is 16 inches tall with bare feet. She is $1050.00 nude or would be $1350.00 fully dressed including shoes.

Isabeau – 19 inch Isabeau is SOLD



SOLD Two Isabeaus! SOLD One is 19 inches tall with painted boots, a full set of undergarments, which include a chemise long enough to do double duty as a nightgown and a wool petticoat. Her dress is made from antique fabric and has 3 rows of growth tucks in the skirt with additional tucks in the sleeves. Her pin is a new reproduction. $1265.00 http://asweetremembrance.com/item_215/Isabeau-19-in.-A-Reproduction-Izannah-Walker-Doll.htm

SOLD The second Isabeau is 17 inches tall, she has bare feet, blue leather shoes, a dress with one growth tuck, a full set of underpinnings which include antique pantalettes. Her  antique pin is hand painted with blue flowers. $1370.00 http://asweetremembrance.com/item_184/Isabeau-17-in.-A-Reproduction-Izannah-Walker-Doll.htm

The girls may be purchased as a pair, as they make a charming set of sisters ❤ The blue apron is available for sale $100.00. Apron is SOLD.


Thank you for coming to visit! ❤


New Dolls Available on Thursday at Noon EST ~ A First Glimpse

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The “Third Thursday” in November is rapidly approaching! Please come back to visit here on my Izannah Walker Journal at noon EST this Thursday, November 16th to see my newest dolls available for sale.

Here is a first glimpse…


Lay-away now for Christmas ❤

www.izannahwalker.com lay-away

Lay-away in November for Christmas delivery, with two equal monthly payments ❤

Happy Halloween!

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Josephine wishes you a very Happy Halloween!

A wonderful treat!

What could be a better Halloween treat than a new book made just for me? What a thoughtful gift! ❤  ~Thank you~ 


Josephine and Ismay are all ready to carve their Halloween pumpkins.


Isabeau joins in the carving fun!



A Little Magic for Halloween

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Susie's Tiny Witch!

Happy Haunting!!!

One of the things I like best about being a professional doll maker for 31 years is all the friends I have made along the way ❤ ❤ ❤

As a Halloween treat, one of my very sweet friends sent me this photo of the doll that caused us to meet and become friends! Now I am sharing my treat with you. I still love this doll that I made six years ago. She has always been one of my very favorites and I am so happy that she and her large family of sisters live in the home of a friend!

Wishing you a very Happy Halloween!!!

For a magical look back in time, click on theses links to see my original posts about this doll:  https://izannahwalker.com/2011/09/06/my-latest-doll-up-for-auction-on-ebay/



Second Set of Special Edition Izannah Walker 200th Birthday Dolls

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Special Edition 200th Birthday Dolls

These are my 2nd release of 200th Birthday dolls. Both Ismay (left) and Anna (right) are being offered undressed for all of you seamstresses who would like the pleasure of creating their wardrobes ❤

Welcome to Saturday night in my studio! This is the final installment in my Izannah Walker 200th Birthday celebration.  Tonight I’m offering two undressed dolls, an 18.5 inch tall black Ismay and a 16 inch tall Anna (yes I DID say 17 inches in the video, because they are usually 17 inches, but she looked a bit petite, so I measured and she is 16 inches tall).  For this milestone birthday observance, the dolls I introduced on Monday featured antique clothing. Since tonight’s dolls do not have any clothing, my birthday treat on these dolls is a $200.00 discount if they are purchase this weekend. This special birthday pricing expires at midnight (Eastern Time) tomorrow night, October 1st.

Dolls are sold on a first come basis. Dolls will be sold to the first person sending an email request to purchase each doll to paula@asweetremembrance.com . If for any reason the sale falls through, then the next person in line will be contacted. Payment by Paypal, credit card, personal check or lay-away.

Do you remember the instructions that I posted on Monday for making a classic mid-19th century dress for your Izannah Walker doll? I posted them, in part, because I knew that I would be offering these two dolls especially for all of the dress makers among you. ❤ Creating wardrobes for these dolls is such fun! Searching for just the right fabric, buttons and trims can become rather addictive.  Both dolls will come with a copy of my Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern.

This is also an excellent way to budget your doll expenses. You can bring one of these dolls home right now to enjoy, then slowly add a wardrobe for her. If you don’t wish to create a wardrobe for your doll, you can have fun shopping for her at my “Third Thursdays”, where I have both dolls and doll clothing for sale. ❤

IsmayIsmayIsmay – $1000.00 – Special Birthday Pricing! $800.00 – You have one custom option on this doll, I can paint a stripe of any color you request at the top edge of her boots.





7 curls


Anna – $1050 – Special Birthday Pricing! $850.00 – Your custom option on this doll is her hairline. I was going to just paint feathery wisps around her face, but I decided to wait and give anyone buying her this weekend the chance to choose between wisps around her face or curls in front of her ears. If you decide on curls you may also choose a wavy, straight or winged hairline.  At the moment she only has one coat of paint on her hair. Once the 2nd coat is added her hair will be darker and will not be transparent.

Thank you for coming to visit! Ismay and Anna are very pleased to have made your acquaintance. ❤




Special Edition Izannah Walker 200th Birthday Dolls – SOLD

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In honor of Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday I have made an armful of very special reproduction dolls. Four of the dolls debuted yesterday during my birthday festivities.  Two of the four have found new homes ❤  Dolls #2 & #4 are still available and are listed for sale on my website. Please click here if you wish to purchase.

On Saturday evening September 30th at 8:00 p.m. eastern time I will be posting the last of my special edition 200th birthday dolls. I hope you will be able to come back and join me here as the dolls and I bid a fond farewell to this milestone week!

All of my special edition 18 inch and under dolls have russet autumn hued antique glazed cotton second skins. The 22.5 inch dolls have antique natural linen second skins.

Doll #2 SOLD


Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #2 SOLD


Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #2 SOLD


Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #2 SOLD

SOLD “Early Izannah” – A 22.5 inch tall reproduction of a pre-1855 Izannah Walker doll. This amazing doll has a natural antique linen “second skin”, bare feet, three ringlet curls in front of each ear and nine at the nape of her neck. She is dressed in antique pantelettes, an antique wool petticoat, an antique cotton petticoat, a chemise, and an antique child’s dress that I altered to fit. Her paint surface and modeling are true to the original doll from which her mold was made. She also comes with white silk stockings and handmade leather shoes. You may choose your shoe color. I will email you after purchase to discuss your color options. She is Doll # 2 made especially in honor of Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.


Doll #4 SOLD


Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD


Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD


Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD


Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD

“Hannah” SOLD– An 18 inch tall reproduction of a pre-1860 Izannah Walker doll. A very sweet doll made from the mold of my original antique Izannah Walker doll, Hannah. She has a lovely russet colored antique glazed cotton “second skin”, two ringlets in front of each ear and nine across the nape of her neck. She is dressed in a chemise, pantelettes, antique wool petticoat, and dress made of an antique cotton print. She also comes with white silk stockings and handmade leather shoes. . You may choose your shoe color. I will email you after purchase to discuss your color options. She is Doll # 4 made especially in honor of Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.