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Directions For Making a Little Dress for my Tiny Cut & Stitch Printed Izzies

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How to make a dress for the doll’s little Izzy!


For everyone who requested it, here are the instructions for making a simple little dress for my Cut & Stitch printed fabric Izzies ❤
Little Cut & Stitch Doll Dress
This is a quick little dress that you can make for dolls made from my cut and stitch fabric Izzy dolls.
When I make this dress I use the selvedge edge of the fabric as the “hem” of the skirt and sleeves – make sure there is NO PRINTING on the selvedge you are using. If you don’t want to do this you will have to add extra length to accommodate a hem.
All seam allowances are ¼ inch. All seams are hand stitched.
Cut 1 – 3.5 in. x 9 in. rectangle of fabric with a selvedge along one 9 in. edge.
Cut 1 – 2.25 in. x 6.5 in. rectangle of fabric.
Cut 2 – 1.25 in. x 2.5 in. rectangles of fabric with selvedge edges along the 2.5 inch sides.
Fold the 3.5” x 9” rectangle in half with right sides together and sew the 3.5” edges together. Turn to the right side. Sew a running stitch around the top edge of the skirt, place on doll and draw up the thread to fit the doll’s waist.
Fold the 2.25” x 6.5” rectangle in half with right sides together and sew the 2.25” edges together. Turn to the right side. The seam you’ve sewn is a side seam. Fold the fabric “tube” so that the side seam is along one edge and the fold is along the opposite edge. Cut 2 “U” shaped armholes – one centered on the side seam and the other on the side fold.
Fold one 1.25” x 2.5” inch rectangle in half with right sides together and sew the 1.25” edges together. Turn to the right side. Repeat with the 2nd rectangle.
Center the sleeve seams in the bottom of the “U” shaped armholes. Stitch in place. Turn the neck edge of the bodice under ¼ inch and sew a running gathering stitch around the neckline, put bodice on doll. Draw up the thread to fit the doll’s shoulders. Sew a gathering stitch around the bottom waist edge of the bodice and draw up the thread to fit the doll’s waist. Tuck the waistline seam allowances to the inside and sew the bodice and skirt of the dress together.
* By adjusting the measurement, this same basic dress can be used to dress a Frozen Charlotte or HItty ❤
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Tiny Cut & Stitch Fabric Doll Panels

Cut & Stitch Fabric Doll Panels
Visit my main website A Sweet Remembrance to order.

Fun project ideas using my cut and stitch fabric doll panels ❤

I’ve always been very fond of all of the printed cut and sew dolls from the late 19th & early 20th century eras.  Here are my versions!  They are a combination of printed cloth dolls and photos of some of the antique dolls in my collection.

Most of my printed dolls are 8-1/2 inches tall.  Though there are a few exceptions.  Each doll panel that you buy includes two mirrored doll images, so that you can sew them together back to back, or use them separately with a plain fabric backing, or for applique work.  The dolls are printed on high quality 100% cotton fabric and are completely washable.  There is extra fabric surrounding each doll that will allow for a ¼ inch seam allowance.  The dolls may be sewn with right sides together, turned and stuffed, machine stitched from the front side, trimmed and stuffed, or appliqued onto other projects. They may also be cut out and used for journaling and other multi-media projects.  Add bits of fabric, lace, crepe paper and Dresden trims to create doll clothing.

ORDER HERE ❤ https://asweetremembrance.com/2018/08/24/cut-and-stitch-fabric-doll-panels/

Some project ideas include:

– Sew back to back for Christmas ornaments, so the “front” side is always on view.

– String together into a banner to hang across mirrors, windows or mantles.

– Hang individually from cupboard doors or chandeliers.

– Make into a mobile.

– Stuff with lavender and use as drawer and closet sachets for your finest linens and clothing.

– Fill with cedar shavings and place among your doll and bear collection to repel moths.

– Special party favors for your doll club meetings and events.

– Make into a special doll’s doll for your favorite plaything.

– Baby toys.

– Add a squeaker inside to make a fun dog toy or fill with catnip for your kitten to play with.

– Applique’ onto quilt blocks, pincushions, curtains, aprons, pockets, baby bibs and clothing, tote bags, t-shirts and more.

Priced individually or discounted if ordered in groups.

FABRIC PANELS WILL LEAVE MY STUDIO IN APPROXIMATELY 7 – 10 DAYS. THEY ARE SHIPPED VIA FIRST CLASS MAIL, so please allow adequate time for them to arrive. Thank you ❤