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A Look Back at Some of Izannah Walker’s Boy Dolls and Their Auction Results

One of the extremely nice things about writing for magazines is the very interesting emails that people send me after they have read my articles. I recently received several inquiries asking me for information about how much boy Izannah Walker dolls are worth. Some of these correspondents were kind enough to share photos of their own Izannah boys with me and ask me my opinion about their dolls, which I was happy to give. If you have also been curious about what Izannah’s boy dolls have sold for, then this post is for you!

The first thing I do if I am trying to determine an approximate value for a particular doll is to look back at previous auction results where similar dolls were sold. In this case boy Izannah Walker dolls. Naturally if you are trying to compare prior prices realized at auction, with a doll you are trying to buy or sell, you will want to look for dolls with similar characteristics such as, pre-patent vs. post-patent, condition, clothing and or other accessories, etc. Because I received emails asking me about both pre-patent and post-patent boys I did get to refamiliarize myself with auction results for both. Below you will find links to the auctions I reviewed. When looking at auction results, remember that you will need to add any buyer’s premium to the hammer price to determine what the doll actually sold for. You could also try searching Ebay and Ruby Lane for past sales, though I don’t believe any of Izannah’s boys have been sold on those sites.

A close up of the very sweet faces of two later post- patent Izannah Walker dolls. I was shown these two wonderful dolls at the 2014 UFDC Convention.

If you would like to look back at my original blog post about the day I met the dolls pictured above, and their very nice owner click here

Below you will find links to auctions of Izannah Walker boy dolls:

(This is the post patent doll that also sold in the same auction:

This is an example of an 18 inch post patent Izannah Walker boy:

John Thayer is the most well known and most original example of an Izannah Walker boy. He is 15 inches tall and recently sold at the Withington auction of Carol Corson’s collection. You can see some wonderful images of him here:

This is the Withington’s catalog from the auction, John Thayer was item number 100. :

There was a 17 inch Izannah Walker boy that sold at an Apple Tree Auction for $37,500, but the auction catalog is no longer available online. I’m attaching a photo of him. 

The image above is a screen shot of the auction results for this particular Izannah Walker boy. I spent quite a long time searching for the original links to this auction, but unfortunately I could no longer find them available online, so I can’t provide a link to them.

15 inch Izannah Walker Boy Doll with paper label The Maurine Popp Collection of Dolls April 12, 2003 lot 207 $11,750:


I hope you have enjoyed looking back at some of these memorable auctions!

For those of you who may be wondering, sweet James the doll who was featured in my three part article in the February, March, and April issues of Antique Doll Collector, did find an extremely wonderful new home

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Using My Patterns for Select Pieces of James’ Clothing, Published in the April 2023 Issue of Antique Doll Collector Magazine ~ How to Enlarge the Pattern Pieces

The April issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine is out, which means my final installment of James’ story and the accompanying patterns are now available for you to use. ❤

Emma Blue and Sarah Jane were quite excited when this envelope arrived in yesterday’s mail from the subscription department of Antique Doll Collector magazine! The pretty quilt block stamps made it feel like the magazine had been giftwrapped!

You’ll find my article on pages 38-44 of the April issue. The patterns themselves are on pages 43 and 44. To use the patterns the first thing you will need to do is to enlarge the pattern back to 100%. The short answer to “How much do I enlarge them?” is 14.3%, which is a pretty awkward percentage that you may not be able to program into your printer. If you enlarge the patterns by 15% they will be fairly close to my original size. “Why do I have to go to the trouble of enlarging them?” Good question! I provided the patterns to ADC at full size, but due to the space considerations, and the physical size of the magazine, the graphic designer needed to shrink the patterns down to fit into the allotted space.

When you enlarge the pattern to 100% of it’s original size it should fit perfectly on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. It’s very important to remember that I made these patterns to specifically fit a 17 inch Izannah Walker boy. If you would like to use the patterns to dress a different size Izannah Walker doll, or another type of mid-nineteenth century doll, such as a papier-mache, china, parian, or rag doll you will need to completely alter the size and fit of the patterns. Always, always, always make a muslin to check the fit of any pattern you are making from antique fabric!

Now that I have given you the short answer “how much do I enlarge the pattern?” let me walk you through how to get that answer:

  1. Measure the 1 inch key that is shown on pages 43 and 44 along with the pattern. The key measures 7/8th of an inch.
  2. 7/8 x 8/7 = 1
  3. 8/7 = 1.1428571429 so the pattern needs to be 114.3% (rounded up to the nearest tenth of a percent) of the size it was printed in the magazine, another way to say that is enlarge the pattern by 14.3%
  4. To double check your work 0.875 x 1.1428571429 = 1

I’ll be posting some more tips for using these patterns in the near future. ❤

A fun tidbit. Looking through the open doorway of the main floor “Bedroom”* can you spy the stenciled walls that inspired the stenciling in the second floor chamber, that the doll’s use as their bedroom, in their own very tall house? I painted both the full size walls, and the miniature versions, using historic stencil patterns.

*(The only chamber actually called a “bedroom” in the 18th century because these tiny rooms adjoining kitchens, next to the cooking hearths, were just large enough to hold a bed and little else.)

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The Final Installment of James’ Story… Including Patterns for Select Pieces of his Wardrobe will be in the April Issue of Antique Doll Collector Magazine

Read the final chapter of sweet James’ story in the April issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine. This article will tell you how I researched appropriate little boy’s fashions for him, plus give you ideas on where to look for antique fabrics and notions. Also included are patterns and instructions for some of the clothing I made him ❤ To subscribe to Antique Doll Collector, or order this single issue go to  For just this issue scroll down to US 2022-23 Single Issue Purchase for Antique Doll Collector, you may choose the month you are wish to purchase and complete your order online. ❤

Once you have the April issue you are invited to come back here to my Izannah Walker Journal for additional instructions including on how to size the pattern up to scale before printing it, and extra sewing tips. ❤

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James’ Story Continues in the March 2023 Issue of Antique Doll Collector Magazine ~ Stitching History into his Wardrobe

Read more about sweet, sweet James and his wardrobe in this month’s issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine. The subscriptions department at Antique Doll Collector has informed me that they do have a limited number of extra copies of the March issue, if you have been searching for one go to and scroll down to US 2022-23 Single Issue Purchase for Antique Doll Collector, you may choose the month you are wish to purchase and complete your order online. ❤

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Wishing You All a Very Happy Twixmas!

Twixmas! Isn’t that a grand word? I read it the other day and thought that it was an incredibly apt way to describe these days in between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The dolls and I had been planning a particularly special post for Christmas, but unfortunately we woke on December 24th to incredibly low temperatures and ice! The ice was actually on the inside of the studio windows!!! It was that cold! So regretfully our lovely Christmas greeting has been postponed until next Christmas…. Instead we are wishing you a happy, joyous, peaceful, wonderful Twixmas and sharing images of the infant pincushions that I made for my article in the December 2022 issue of Early American Life!

I realize that new releases of my reproduction Izannah Walker dolls have been few and far between lately. I have somehow fallen back into an unexpected spate of writing commitments. I used to write magazine articles rather frequently, but haven’t written any for a few years until recently. I’m currently in the midst of writing a fascinating two part article about a very special doll that I think you will love! The other exciting thing here in my studios is that I am part way through a rather challenging doll restoration. With all of these interesting projects happening at once, there hasn’t been much time left over to make dolls, but that will certainly change in the coming months, and I will get back to creating some very special reproduction Izzys. ❤

I hope you enjoy looking through these images of my reproduction infant pincushion designs ❤ If you would like to try making some for yourself, directions and patterns are included in my Early American Life article Welcome Little Stranger.

Merry Twixmas!

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Welcoming May with Open Arms!

May is always a favorite month here in the farmyard! All of the flowers and fruit trees are waking up from their long winter naps, the birds are busily building nests, the greenhouse is filled with hundreds of tiny seedlings, and the little cloth girls are venturing out of the doll’s house to help with spring chores.

In addition to all of the normal cheerful activity here at Thyme Forgotten Farm, this May also brings some wonderful news!

I am extremely honored to announce that I have been juried into the Early American Life Directory of Traditional American Crafts for the 43rd time! ❤ The Directory issue will be out later this summer, and I will post more details then.

Another magazine related announcement that I know you will all be very interested in is the May issue of Antique Doll Collector will feature a wonderful article, Waiting for Izannah – One Doll’s Journey written by Laurie W. McGill.

In case this latest article makes you hungry to read more Antique Doll Collector articles about Izannah’s dolls and those of other female cloth dollmakers, here is a list of the ones that have previously appeared in Antique Doll Collector magazine, including the two articles I wrote for ADC. ❤

The last bit of very exciting Izannah Walker news that I have to share is an excellently researched blog post written by Kathy Duncan! She has unearthed some very interesting bits of Izannah Walker history that I found fascinating and that I am sure my fellow Izannahaphiles will absolutely want to read. Here is the link to Kathy Duncan’s blog Flimsies and Frippery. ❤ ❤ ❤

May Day

As some of you may remember, all the little Izannahs and I love May Day and generally try to do something special to celebrate. Yesterday was no exception. The dolls and I decided to enjoy a beautiful day and spend time working outside in the gardens. Sweet little Izzybelle is undoubtedly the most enthusiastic garden helper of all, but to be honest she has had her share of unfortunate garden “occurances”. You might recall the tale of Izzybelle and the Runaway Tomatoes 

Izzybelle and the Runaway Tomatoes!

I’m sad to report that yesterday was unfortunately not one of Izzybelle’s better days in the garden. Let us just say that she is no longer allowed near the sprayer & the vinegar, and leave it at that. In the midst of all the chaos… erm excitement, the other dolls and I quite forgot to photograph our “celebration”.

Once everyone was all clean, tidy and safely back in the very tall house we settled down with our scrapbook and looked back at some of our previous May Days. Afterwards all the little cloth girls drank comforting cups of warm milk and went to bed early, as it had been quite an eventful day!

If you would also like to sit and remember May Days with us click on the links below and imagine that you are turning the pages of our scrap book with us ❤

Looking through our scrapbook and remembering past May Days

Happy May Day!

Sending Sweet May Day Wishes

For the First Day of May
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I’m Very Honored to Announce That I Have been Selected For The 2020 Early American Life Craftsman Directory

IMG_2761 (2)

I’m very pleased to let you all know that I have been juried into the Early American Life Craftsman Directory for the 41st time.  It is always a real honor to be included in this prestigious group of the finest craftspersons in the United States. About a month ago I was asked to send a doll in for the directory issue photo shoot. So I am looking forward to seeing the August 2020 issue!

Early American Life is publishing on schedule even through these current challenging times. This is their statement about the August issue: “To insure the safety and health of our staff and that of North Augusta’s Living History Park in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we have put our visit to the Park on hold. Circumstances may prevent us from photographing the finest work of the artists selected for the 2020 Directory of Traditional American Crafts at the park. This change does not affect the appearance of the Directory in the August 2020 issue of Early American Life nor our featuring the Park in that issue. We are working on a creative solution that will help prevent the spread of the virus.”

In the mean time while we all wait for EAL’s August issue, here is a glimpse of what goes into making my reproduction Izannah Walker dolls. ❤

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I’m Extremely Honored That I Have Been Juried Into the Early American Life Directory of Traditional American Crafts for the 40th Time

I’m so pleased to announce that I have been juried into the Early American Life Directory of Traditional Craftsmen for the 40th time! It’s an incredible honor to be included with such a prestigious group of artisans. Thank you Early American Life!

It’s been a busy summer here, so I’m a bit later than usual in mentioning the Craftsman Directory. I’m sure you all know how that goes… but today I am slowing down a bit and spending the afternoon reading in honor of Book Lovers Day. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and enjoying a few long, lazy, laid back days filled with dolls, good books and dear friends ❤

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Both of My Antique Doll Collector Cover Articles About Izannah Walker Dolls Are Now Available in Digital Form

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Terrific news! Both of the SOLD OUT issues of Antique Doll Collector magazine, that feature my Izannah Walker articles, are available digitally!!! Visit the Antique Doll Collector website to purchase either or both issues, September 2017 & March 2018. ❤

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A New Doll for Anita


This little doll is turning into quite a traveler ❤  She just returned from the 2018 Early American Life Craftsman Directory photo shoot, and in the morning she is leaving for her new home… Safe travels ❤