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SOLD ~ November’s New Dolls ~ This Month’s Third Thursday Debutants

3rd Thursday in November dolls for sale
SOLD 3rd Thursday in November dolls for sale



Email me at paula@asweetremembrance if you are interested in buying a doll or have questions. The dolls are also on my website,, where you may use the secure automated check out.  Payment by Master Card, Visa, Paypal, personal checks, or lay-away. Free insured shipping to any US address, exact postage to other countries. 6.35 % sales tax on items shipped to CT. IMG_8421

Ismay SOLD



Click on any photo to enlarge

SOLD This Ismay is 18.5 inches tall, she has painted boots a full set of undergarments and is wearing a dress made of antique fabric with a falling leaf print – just perfect for Thanksgiving. She also has an antique pin and a hand strung coral bead necklace. $1275.00.

Lizzybit BOTH SOLD



SOLD Lizzybit is made from my newest mold, taken directly from a small 17 inch antique Izannah Walker doll.  I have one dressed 17 inch tall Lizzybit that has painted boots, a chemise, pantalettes, a wool petticoat and a dress made from a antique double pink cotton print. She is also wearing an antique pin. $1265.00



SOLD The undressed Lizzybit is 16 inches tall with bare feet. She is $1050.00 nude or would be $1350.00 fully dressed including shoes.

Isabeau – 19 inch Isabeau is SOLD



SOLD Two Isabeaus! SOLD One is 19 inches tall with painted boots, a full set of undergarments, which include a chemise long enough to do double duty as a nightgown and a wool petticoat. Her dress is made from antique fabric and has 3 rows of growth tucks in the skirt with additional tucks in the sleeves. Her pin is a new reproduction. $1265.00

SOLD The second Isabeau is 17 inches tall, she has bare feet, blue leather shoes, a dress with one growth tuck, a full set of underpinnings which include antique pantalettes. Her  antique pin is hand painted with blue flowers. $1370.00

The girls may be purchased as a pair, as they make a charming set of sisters ❤ The blue apron is available for sale $100.00. Apron is SOLD.


Thank you for coming to visit! ❤


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The 3rd Thursday in August!

Hello, welcome to my second “3rd Thursday”!!! As you are probably aware, I ran into some trouble getting the paint to dry on the dolls I had been  making for today. 😦  Once I figured that out earlier this week I decided that there was no point in fighting Mother Nature. After all I came up with the idea of 3rd Thursdays to make buying and selling my dolls fun and a bit spontaneous! When I had a new plan I began sewing in earnest so that I could present you with a nice selection of doll clothing today instead. ❤ So for all of you who have been asking about additional clothing for your dolls – here are today’s offerings!

There are three dresses and three aprons available for sale. Terms are like always. Email if you are interested in buying! Payment by paypal, credit card, check, or lay-away. Sold on a first come basis. Free shipping within the United States, exact shipping costs to other countries. I’m getting ready to go to a Master Class in Fitting 18th Century Gowns at Eastfield tomorrow through Sunday, and I’m babysitting on Monday – so orders placed today won’t ship until Tuesday. 🙂

Freshly laundered and ready to go. Smelling of sunshine, flowers and honey…




1and 1. I have two blue dresses, both with extra fabric in their skirts, tucked sleeves and hems, drawstring necks and waists, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch dolls. $225.00 One is SOLD and One still remaining.

3. Black print dress. drawstring neck and waist, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch doll. $200.00



A. Izzybelle size short pinafore play day apron with button back. $50.00 SOLD

B. Blue apron for 18 -19 inch dolls. $125.00

C. Blue feather stitched apron for 18 – 19 inch dolls $150.00 SOLD

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Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker! – Part 5 -All Reproduction Dolls Have Been SOLD – Thank you!

Welcome back to my celebration of Izannah Walker’s 199th birthday! I have three of my reproduction Izannah Walker dolls who are looking for homes of their own.  Two of the dolls are twins and are only being sold as a pair, because they can not bear to be parted from one another.

Annabelle & Annalee SOLD Thank You so much for looking!!!!img_7616

Annabelle and Annalee are twins made from my mold of the original antique Izannah Walker doll Anna.  The sisters are approximately 16.5 inches tall. Their painted boots have laces and red trim around the tops.  The girls have matching underwear and will have matching “double pink” dresses with fitted bodices and sleeves.  Although I’m sure that Annalee is hoping that you won’t notice, one of the sleeves on her dress has had to be remade in similar, but not exactly matching fabric.  Annabelle scolded her quite severely when she tore it!  You can tell that Annalee is the more adventurous twin, she is ever so slightly more worn than her more virtuous sister.  Annalee is the twin who climbs up the apple tree to pick the apples, while Annabelle stays on the ground and catches them in the skirt of her apron.  I’ll be finishing the girl’s petticoats and dresses this coming week.  As I am sure you can tell from today’s previous posts, sweet Cloe has been here with us quite a bit lately, which means that grandma’s doll making schedule has had a few revisions…  The twins come with matching antique pins, coral bead necklaces and their own trunk, which can hold all of their belongings.  The twins can be yours for $ 2765.00 are SOLD.  Add an extra every day dress for each of them for $400.00, or matching party dresses for $500.00. Matching pinafore aprons like the one Hannah was wearing earlier today for an extra $300.00, or purchase my Izannah Walker doll clothes pattern and sew a wardrobe for the twins.  The clothing pattern is $29.00 and is sized to fit 18 inch Izannahs so you’ll need to reduce it to 91% of full size to fit the Annas.

Izzybelle is SOLDimg_7557

I have one sweet little 14.5 inch,  barefoot Izzybelle for sale SOLD.  She is $1300.00 and comes with a full set of underwear and a dress. You will be able to choose her clothing style and fabrics.  Add handmade leather shoes and socks for $75.00, or an extra dress for $200.00 – $250.00.  You can use my Izannah Walker doll clothes pattern to sew for Izzybelle if you reduce it to 82% of full size.

You’ve heard of having 2 left feet, as you can see I got quite the surprise when I started to put Izzybelle together today!  I had four left arms!!! That probably tells you how my week has gone…  Especially since I worked on those arms for over a week and didn’t notice!!! They are such NICE arms too…  Never fear Izzybelle will be getting a right arm.  I’m starting on it in the morning. 🙂

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Thank you for coming to meet Izzybelle, Annabelle & Annalee!  They are pleased to make you acquaintance.

Additional Information

If you are interested in purchasing either the twins or Izzybelle, please email me at  The dolls will be sold on a first come basis, so the email with the earliest time will have priority.  You may pay for the dolls by credit card, paypal, personal check, money order, or lay-away.  Free shipping to any US address.  Exact shipping to other countries.

One more bedtime post to finish out our day at 10:00 Eastern time…





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Save The Date – My Annual Celebration of Izannah Walker’s Birthday on September 25th!


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A Trip to Brimfield Yields Treasures!

So many great things to see! Our trip to Brimfield on Wednesday was wonderful.

On Wednesday my husband and I made our annual trek to Brimfield, MA.  Three times a year Brimfield is filled to capacity with dealers selling antiques, vintage items and collectibles of all kinds.  We usually only go in May, although we have occasionally gone in July, when the weather is blisteringly hot.  We’ve never managed to go up in September, since fall is a busy time for us…




Brimfield is usually one of my major buying trips for antique fabrics and trims. This year I found slightly less fabric, but bought more antique silk velvet ribbon than I’ve come across in a long time.









Another item I came away with in abundance was petticoats. Women’s petticoats, baby petticoats and doll petticoats!!!



I even found a doll size mohair coat ❤


The dolls were quite excited when I carried in several new pieces of furniture for their house.  I was lucky enough to find a tiny 1850’s jelly cupboard, a stretcher base table with a wonderful Christmas inscription on the underneath side, and an amazing little rope bed.







All in all a very successful expedition!


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Lily #2 is SOLD

Lily #2 available for sale
Lily #2 has found a new home of her very own!

SOLD- Thank You!  I’ve just finished making Lily #2’s pantalettes, petticoat and sun bonnet.  Now that she is finished she is looking for a new home to call her own.

I am able to offer you reproductions of Lily due to the amazing generosity of my friend Susie, who owns the real Lily.  I am currently almost finished  restoring the original Lily and Susie very kindly told me that she wanted me to make a mold from her while she was here.  I’ll be chronicling Lily’s restoration journey here in the upcoming weeks. Lily has a very classic Izannah head and at 17 inches is the middle stair step between my  Isabeau and Izzybelle.

I am able to offer you reproductions of Lily due to the amazing generosity of my friend Susie, who owns the real Lily. I am currently in the midst of doing restoration on the original Lily and Susie very kindly told me that she wanted me to make a mold from her while she was here. I’ll be chronicling Lily’s restoration journey here in the upcoming weeks. Lily has a very classic Izannah head and at 17 inches is the middle stair step between my Isabeau and Izzybelle.
Here is Lily #2 posing along with Isabeau and the real antique Lily.
Lily #2 for sale
Lily #2 has a second skin made from dark red glazed antique cotton.
Lily #2 for sale
She has two curls in front of each ear and a short fringe of hair at the nape of her neck.
Lily #2 for sale
Her patalettes are scalloped at the hem and her chemise and petticoat are trimmed with lace.
Lily 2 for sale
Because the days are getting longer and filled with sunshine, Lily #2 has a sun bonnet to wear when she goes out to the garden or rambles in the woods.
Lily #2 for sale
Pansies! Lily #2 hopes that she will be able to help with the gardening at her new home…
Lily #2 for sale
Lily #2 – $1300.00 with free shipping to any U.S. address. Lay-away available.
Lily #2 for sale
Lily #2 strolling among the bleeding hearts…
Lily #2 for sale
Hannah has returned from the Early American Life photo shoot just in time to pose with Lily #2 and show off their matching dresses. The dresses are made from the same antique fabric in two different styles. (Hannah is sold).
Lily #2 for sale
It’s so nice to have dear friends!
Lily #2 for sale
Lily #2 is available for adoption for $1250.00 without her bonnet, or $1300.00 with bonnet. You may also add a second dress of your choice to her wardrobe for an additional $200.00
Martha Jenks Chase and Izannah Walker doll
I’m sure you are probably all familiar with this photo of Martha Jenks Chase holding her Izannah Walker doll that appeared in the wonderful article “The Search for Izannah Walker” by Monica Bessette, Doll News, Spring 1994. Look at the Izannah in this photo. I believe that the same mold was used to make this doll and the original Lily. If you do not have a copy of Monica’s article, you should. It is fascinating and a must read for all Izannahphiles!!!

SOLD – If you have any questions about Lily #2, or would like to welcome her into your doll family, please email me at or call 860-355-5709 during business hours. Oops! I almost forgot to mention that shipping is free to any U.S. address and that lay-away is also available. 🙂

You can see more photos of Lily #2 by scrolling down or clicking here-

“Look, she has boots!”