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From now through Halloween all of my patterns, cross stitch charts and  spun cotton ornament class by mail kits are on sale at 20% off.  This includes my Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern.  Visit A Sweet Remembrance to shop the sale.  The 20% discount is my Halloween “treat” to you.

2 thoughts on “Pattern Sale

  1. Paula, I am interested in your Izanna clothes pattern which you said is 20% off right now. I am taking Dixie Redmond’s Workshop now and need to finish that first, but I am interested in taking your workshop just a little later. In your workshop you do use a mold which is filled with strips of cloth and glue? I don’t want to take another class that just scupts a paper clay face. Let me know about these things. Thanks Martha.

    1. Hi Martha,

      Actually this post was from last year – October 19, 2009. If you look over on the right hand side under “About this Post” you will find the date. I don’t delete my old posts, so they are always stored in my blog archives.

      My class does teach you to sculpt a head – using the actual measurements from my antique Izannah Walker dolls, then goes on to teach you how to make a mold, and finally how to form a pressed cloth head using layers of fabric and paste, in the same manner that Izannah Walker used to make her original dolls.

      For people who are in a hurry, I do have a section in the class that goes into how to do a direct sculpt on to the cloth body, but this is not the actual method that Izannah Walker used. I’ve included it because different people want to get different things out of the class, although I would encourage everyone to try making the actual pressed cloth head at some point.

      I always find it almost magical that you can actually mold cloth in such a way. Taking the pressed cloth head out of the molds is an incredible high!!!

      Because of the confusion about last years sale, I would be happy to give you 20% off of my Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern, if you would like to buy one right now. However you will most likely want to wait if you plan to take my class, because the clothing pattern is included in the class, so you would wind up with two copies. It’s a great pattern, but you probably don’t need two of them 🙂


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