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My Thanksgiving Wish for You

I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday this year was filled with family, friends and food! (and a bit of time for yourself to shop, sew, sculpt, or paint).

We had an excellent weekend.  All three of our sons were home for Thanksgiving.  We also got to see many of their childhood friends, who were  in town for the holiday and came over to our house to hang out with the guys.

My youngest son, Colin, who is an illustrator and editor (he’s current living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan), did some photo shop work for me which helped me launch my Spun Cotton Ornament Journal over weekend.

I am very thankful to have such great students and customers, you are all the very BEST!  Thank you!  I look forward to talking to you in the coming year, as you enrich my life with your creative spirits.

These photos are actually from a couple of years ago when the New York Times was at our house doing an article on Open Hearth Cooking. This photo shows their photographer in action.

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