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Happy First Day of Spring 2010

I hope that this first day of Spring is as glorious where you are, as it is here in Connecticut!  The sun is out, birds are everywhere and I even have flowers blooming weeks early, due to an unexpected warm spell.

It’s a great weekend for a celebration, which is what we are doing at our house!  No, we aren’t partying because my Izannah doll class is finally finished, although that would certainly be a very good reason, too.  Instead it’s a birthday weekend here.  Our family has gathered together to wish my husband, Brian,  and our oldest son, Ian, Happy Birthday!  Their shared big day was actually on the 18th, but we had to wait for the weekend to come around.

So my wish for the day is that you are all getting to enjoy the beginning of spring in a special way too! 🙂

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