Izannah Inspired Artist Dolls · Izannah Reproduction Doll Class

Two New Dolls in Progress

All images copyright Paula Walton 2010

Now that I have finally managed to get my Izannah Reproduction Doll Making Class launched, I have time to indulge in the luxury of simply making dolls.  What a treat!

Last week I started working on two reproduction Izannahs, one with bare feet and the other with booted feet.  So far, so good.  I love the way they are turning out.   I’m thinking of painting one of them as a black doll.  It must be a good plan because I was able to go up to the attic and find my stash of nubby black lambskin in less than five minutes.  That’s always an auspicious sign.  It sometimes takes me hours and hours to locate things up there!

I’ve considered making the other into a boy doll, but I probably won’t because I have a fantastic piece of antique floral printed fabric that would make a perfect dress.  Boy dolls may have to wait until I can get my hands on a really great piece of plaid…

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