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Reproduction Izannah #2 SOLD

This is the reproduction Izannah that I’m currently working on.  I thought you might enjoy seeing a sneak peak .  As you can see she still needs ears, hair, arms and legs.  Not to mention clothing.

Even though she’s not complete, she is now sold.  I do have five more dolls started.  I’ll be posting more photos as I get them finished, so please check back! 🙂  Or email me for details on available dolls – paula@asweetremembrance.com.

2 thoughts on “Reproduction Izannah #2 SOLD

    1. Patty,

      Thank you! I love the look of “old” paint, so I really like this one, although I also make them with smoother “newer” paint too. In fact I’m in the midst of working on a custom order for a smooth finished doll, just like this one. She is going to be wonderful, with special order, highly embellished, “over the top” clothing.


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