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Would you like to purchase a Custom Made Reproduction Izannah Walker Doll?

Have you been dreaming of owning an Izannah Walker doll for years?  If so, you probably have an idea of what your favorite hair style, clothing, feet and other features are.  You may even have decided on just the right spot in your home to display an Izannah, should you ever own one.

If you have a dream doll that you would like to have me bring to life, you may commission a custom Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll.

With a custom doll, you may specify:

– which mold you would like used to create the doll’s pressed cloth head – either one of two molds made directly from my antique Izannah Walker dolls or molds that I have made from  heads I sculpted

– if you would like your doll to look well loved and worn, newly made, or somewhere in between

– skin tone

– girl or boy

– hair style

– bare feet or painted boots

– clothing style and particulars; reproduction or antique fabric, one petticoat or two – in either cotton or wool, lace or eyelet trim, whether you would like an apron or not

– if you would like multiple dresses or additional garments such as outerwear

The doll that I am currently making is a custom order.  She is going to be very special.  Her new owner went through her reference file of Izannahs that she loves and asked me to incorporate all of her favorite features into one doll.  She has chosen fabric in her favorite colors and has asked me to do very elaborate trim work on the dress and underclothing.

I would be happy to do the same for you.  You may email me at or call me at 860-355-5709 to discuss your ideas for a doll.

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