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Reproduction Izannah Walker Class Member Margie Herrera’s Doll

Recently, Margie Herrera, one of the students in my Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Making Class, finished her first Izannah.  Margie is an extremely talented doll maker and her doll is beautiful.  I feel just like a proud mother.  So in the tradition of Moms everywhere, I am posting photos of Margie’s doll here for you all to admire.

Margie currently has this doll up for sale on eBay. Her auction ends on September 11th.

One of my very favorite things about teaching is “meeting” all of the wonderful people who take my classes.  Being able to chat with each other online via my Ning site exclusively for students is the next best thing to having everyone all together in one big classroom.

Margie, just like all of my students, has been a joy.  She keeps assuring me that she had a lot of fun working her way through the class – even on the day she re-made her shoulders three times 🙂 !  Now you can see why I love the people who take my classes!

I thought I would share some of Margie’s kind words about her experiences with the class.

“I can only say that even though I have been sculpting and making dolls, I didn’t have the information about Izannah Walker doll design that your class has offered, as well as your other sewing information, and ongoing online assistance with the challenging areas of sculpting and mold making too.  It’s a lesson as well as the real up close information, like patterns, body design and history. Those of us who never saw a real Izannah doll can get a closer look from this class. Much enjoyed! Thank you Paula.”

– Margie

If you want to see more of Margie’s work, add her to your list of favorite sellers on eBay.

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