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Heads Will Roll (or at least wobble around a bit)

After being gone on vacation for slightly over a week, I’m now back home and back to work with a vengeance.  Currently I have six new heads that I’m working on.  One of them, and the rest of the doll to go along with it :), is already sold.  I also have a stack of bodies in the works and I’m busily stitching away on three dresses and two straw bonnets.  I’m not sure if I’m energized after my trip or just in  panic mode because I’m behind schedule!

Either way, my vacation was excellent.  I flew to Omaha, NE, to visit family and to meet up with my sister and 13 other female friends for a road trip to Arkansas.  Once in Arkansas, we shopped for two days at ten craft shows.  Two of our favorites are War Eagle and Belle Vista.

New Moravian Church Doll
Antique Moravian Church Doll

My shopping was somewhat limited by the size of my suitcases and carry on luggage.  You’d be amazed by what you can cram into a suitcase if you really try!  Some of my finds were even doll, or at least sewing, related.  I bought a fairly recent Moravian doll from an antique mall in Omaha and I purchased lace and some fun sewing themed necklaces in Arkansas.  I also bought many, many other things…  Even a wood pecker bird house, which did fit into my carry on suitcase.

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