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Today’s Doll

Thank you for looking, this doll has been sold.

It’s a quiet rainy Sunday here.  A sleepy day full of billowing white fog and the sound of raindrops bouncing along the roof.  I’ve been sorting through my piles of antique fabrics and lace, pulling out lovely pieces of sheer woven white on whites, embroidered whites  and wonderful soft laces.  It may be that I’ve been influenced by the fog, or maybe I’m longing for forgotten summer days and the look of sheer white flounces on little girls dressed their Sunday best.  What ever the reason, I feel inspired to sew layers and layers of ruffled and tucked white clothing.

A shy looking, sweet-faced Izannah with wavy curls is going to be the recipient of my indulgence in all white dress making.  She is sitting patiently by my side as I sew, being good as gold while I measure again and again.  Holding quite still as I drape first one fabric, then another around her.

I tell myself that I’m being quite virtuous by working all day, which is my justification for ignoring all of the cleaning and laundry that I should be doing.  But in my heart of hearts I know that I am really taking a day to spend playing with my dolls. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Today’s Doll

  1. Paula, this is so wierd. I”ve been designing my next dolls outfit. It all WHITE and lots of layers and embroidery…maybe we are making sisters. I was inspired by my recent Cape Cod beach excursion. It will be fun to see them both finished! I’m still waiting for more stuffing; should be arriving soon. Argh! You’re further along than me.
    🙂 Penni

  2. Penni,

    Great minds and all of that… We’ll have to compare photos when we are done! 🙂


    P.S. I hope your stuffing hurries up and gets to you. There is nothing worse than having to wait for supplies!

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