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My Valentine’s Day post this year was about chemises.   Continuing with the undergarment theme, today I’m talking about pantalettes.  Unlike my previous post, this time around I will not be modeling any of pantalettes. 🙂

One of my reproduction Izannahs and her pantalettes.

All of my reproduction Izannahs wear pantalettes as part of their authentically recreated clothing.  I base the pantalettes that my dolls wear on a pair that are part of the original garments belonging  to one of my antique Izannah Walker dolls.You can see another photo of these pantalettes here.

The origins of pantalettes can be found in early 19th century France, and from there the fashion soon spread to England and America.  Pantalettes were worn by women and children of both sexes.

Antique pantalettes with two separate legs.
Close-up of the center leg edge.

The legs of pantalettes can either be two separate pieces that are joined only at the waist (as is the case with my doll’s version) or the legs can be sewn together with either a side or back opening.  The hemline of the legs varied from below the knee to ankle length.

Antique womens pantalettes with back opening waistband.
Close-up of pantalettes back opening.
Close-up of pantalettes front.
To see more illustrations from Godey's Lady's Book check out my previous post c. 1860's Girl's Clothing Styles

To view c. 1860’s Girl’s Clothing Styles post, click here.

To enlarge any of the smaller photos, simply click on them.


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