Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll · See Me in Print

See Me in Dolls Magazine

As you probably already know, 2011 is my 25th anniversary as a professional doll maker and craftswoman.  The image above appeared in the May issue of Dolls magazine.  I’m also featured in the June issue of Dolls in their News and Notes  section.   Thank you Dolls!

2 thoughts on “See Me in Dolls Magazine

  1. Is it possible to order one of your Dennison Paper Doll Kits that are on your website? I love paper dolls and have a few of the old Dennisons but would love to make a complete kit with clothing and the box.
    Many thanks, Patricia

    1. Patricia,

      I’m sorry, but I do not have a Dennison Paper Doll Kit for sale. I own one antique Dennison Paper Doll Kit, which is part of my collection. I did show photos of it because it was my inspiration for making the Izannah paper dolls that I gave to the people who pre-ordered my Izannah class back when it was brand new. I posted directions for making the paper dolls that I created, in case anyone wants to make one of their own.

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