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Ringlets, Corkscrew Curls and Long Curls…

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Today I spent the whole morning painting curls.  It occurred to me while I was painting that not everyone has had as much experience with long curls as I have 🙂  I think that it is much easier to paint curls if you think of them in terms of real hair.  So here is a quick how-to hair styling lesson, with my my personal tips gleaned from a lifetime of ringlets!

As soon as my hair was long enough to brush around my mother’s finger, she started rolling my hair in what she called “long curls”.

After shampooing and brushing out all of the tangles in your hair, section off a small amount of hair and catch it between your two middle fingers, at the point where you wish the curl to begin.  Use a soft bristled brush to start brushing the hair around your first two fingers (for tighter curls brush it only around your index finger).

Continue brushing the hair around your fingers until you reach the end of the strand.  To hold the curl in place while it dries, slip a long bobby pin in one side of the curl, from the bottom up.  If you plan to sleep on the wet curls or do anything very active while your hair dries, use a hair clip that will fasten closed instead of bobby pins.

When your hair is dry, remove the pins and the curls should naturally lengthen and fall into place.

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