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Fresh Out of the Molds!

I just finished taking these two heads out of the molds and thought I’d post a quick photo before I start sewing the fronts and backs together.  Removing the pressed cloth heads from the molds is one of my very favorite things!  I am always constantly amazed that it is possible to actually make fabric do this!!! It is just like a small miracle every time.  I rank it right up there with seed germination :), another of my own personal favorite small miracles.

One of these heads is already spoken for, and will soon be fashioned into a custom doll for Denise B.  The other is available at this time.  If you think that you would like to reserve it for a custom made doll of your own, you may call me at 860-355-5709 or email  I can tell right now that both of these heads are going to turn into really wonderful dolls!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Out of the Molds!

  1. Dear Paula
    Could you tell me what the fabric was that was used to create the first layering on this face which would have been used in the plaster mold. I am not liking the silk stockinette is there another fabric that will do the job and create an antiqued look as this one that you have done. I have tried to follow your lesson plan but am failing with getting the first layer of fabric to dry and hold its detail. Am determined to have a go. Its been an interesting challenge.

  2. Vickie,
    I’ve moved your question over to the class site, where there have been quite a few discussions about this topic. We can also go into it in depth when you come to the retreat. Getting the fabric into the molds is a bit tricky.


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