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My Current Stock of Antique Fabrics

Red print fabrics.

I love fabric!  Especially if it is old.  I thought some of you kindred spirits and doll makers might enjoy taking a look at my collection of Izannah era fabrics.  They span the 1830’s – 1890’s, which covers virtually all of Izannah Walker’s doll making career, from her earliest doll, rumored to have been made in 1828; through the start of her doll making business in 1845, as reported by her grand-niece Norma H. Robertson, on to  her United States patent in 1878 and her death in 1886.

Orange "cheddar" prints.

If you order a custom-made doll or doll clothing you may choose from any of these textiles.  In most cases, I only have enough of each to make a single dress, although there are a few exceptions.   Some pieces are just large enough to use as trim or for accessories.

Clarets and nutmeg browns.
Brown prints were very fashionable in the 1860's.
Indigo blues, group 1.
Even more indigos (group 2).
Civil War era "double pinks".
"Poison" greens.
Black and white "mourning" print fabrics.
Browns and reds.
A lovely sheer cotton printed with subtle plum and golden yellow flowers.
1830's Prussian blue paisley.
Red and blue paisley.

I spent the entire summer scouting for antique fabric and lace, so I currently also have a good supply of exquisite whites  for dresses and undergarments.

Antique whites.

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