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New Orders Will Not Ship Until After December 15th

As some of you may have heard, I am busy preparing to have my home photographed in early December for an article by a national magazine.  Getting ready for the photo shoot and working on my current batch of orders means that any new orders placed from November 4th on will not be mailed out until after December 15th.  If you want to order a Christmas present, please feel free to email me at paula@asweetremembrance.com prior to ordering,  I will be happy to let you know if I can get it to you on time.

Thank you very much for all of your support and understanding!

2 thoughts on “New Orders Will Not Ship Until After December 15th

  1. Dear Paula
    I sent you through some photo’s of my Charlotte Izannah Walker doll. Not sure if you received them
    How did you fare in the storm and what does Paula lost her home to Sandy mean. Is it all gone?

  2. Hi Vicki,
    I did receive the photos, I opened them immediately and seeing them made my day! She looks just as lovely finished as I thought she would. Replying back has been on my very lengthy to-do list 🙂 I’ve barely been on my laptop at all, just a minute or two here and there in between painting walls, woodwork, cabinets and floors like a mad woman… It’s basically a construction site here, everything is huge mess, with soooooooooooo much more needing to be done before December 8th, which is when the magazine photos are being taken!

    Paula (too), the customer that I made the doll shown in the previous post for, had her home and the majority of her possessions – including both cars – destroyed by flood waters during Sandy. I know that two Paulas is a bit confusing, I’m fine and our house is still standing. We only lost assorted tree branches and a few shingles from the very top peek of the tobacco barn.


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