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Antique Doll Collector magazine has done it again! Breathtaking Izannah on February Cover!


My February copy of Antique Doll Collector magazine arrived in my mailbox today.  When I ripped the protective plastic sleeve off I was greeted by the most wonderful sight… the Izannah Walker doll belonging to the Worthington, Ohio Historical Society is this month’s “cover girl”.  I consider the beautiful photos of this doll to be the perfect Valentine from Antique Doll Collector  to all of it’s readers ❤

I am currently working on three new Izannah reproductions.  I’m not sure exactly when I’ll have them ready for sale (because I’m fairly positive that I’ve caught a  cold).  If you would like a sneak peek, just email or call me and I will send you photos of them in progress…  or 860-355-5709

10 thoughts on “Antique Doll Collector magazine has done it again! Breathtaking Izannah on February Cover!

  1. Hi Paula, What a fun surprise! I hope my copy of this issue arrives today! I can’t wait to check my mailbox! I hope my truck makes it up my snowy road to my mailbox! From the picture you posted above, your new Izannah in her beautiful double-violet dress looks to be just as amazing as the antique Izannah on the magazine cover! At first glance while the picture was downloading, I thought you had posted a picture of an antique Izannah! Can’t wait to see picture of your new dolls. Get feeling better soon! The current cold virus going around seems to take quite awhile to run its course. Take care – and get lots of rest – relax under a quilt with hot cocoa and your new magazine! Susie

    1. Susie,
      I hope your mailman can make it to you too, because you are going to love the photos! I read through the article once, but I didn’t see any mention of the height of the doll, however I think she is a larger one. Probably the same size as Dee’s doll that we went to see during the retreat. See what you think after you get the magazine.
      Thank you! My new doll,still nameless, does have her moments – especially in low lighting ( don’t we all) 🙂
      I’ve finished everything that I just HAVE to do today and the mailman has picked it all up and taken it away, so now I am just laying on the couch, under a quilt with a cup of tea and my laptop. Cocoa does sound good… I may have to switch and reread the Antique Doll Collector article again!

      1. Hi Paula – my February issue of Antique Dolls Magazine finally arrived! What a beautiful Izannah on the cover! She is a very nice amd well preserved model indeed! I love her dress – so perfect for springtime. The article states that she retains all of her original clothing. That’s amazing, and I would guess quite rare to find an Izannah in her original clothing. I’m not questioning that this Izannah is truly wearing her original clothing, buy it does being to mind a question I have – how do you determine whether or not an antique doll is truly wearing her original clothing? I’ve always wondered how to determine this. You mentioned that the doll on the cover is maybe a bit larger model. She does seem to be, but it’s hard to tell. I was hoping that more pictures were included in the article. My guess is that she may be 22″ – “24 tall. She is beautiful and I hope to visit that museum someday. I’d love to see her close up. This February issue is a very good one and I really love the magazine. Hope it never goes away! Hope you are feeling better! Susie

      2. Suzie,

        I would have loved more photos of her too. It would have been nice to see her underwear. She does just have the “look” of one of the bigger dolls doesn’t she? As far as original clothes go on an Izannah, you have to go a lot by “instinct”. Obviously they don’t have tags or any type of makers marks. You need to judge by fit, by style (they were dressed as children and some of the ones that acquired clothing later on have been redressed as adults), by the age of the fabric (here is where color, fabric design and width – if you can tell – come into play). The other thing you want to look for is the construction. How well made are they. Original Izannah Walker clothing is very well made and is just a miniature version of children’s clothing from that period. Also the pieces I have seen are machine stitched with all of the finish work done by hand. I have not seen entirely hand made garments, which is not to say that some very early ones might not have been done by hand, but I tend to think not. Sewing machines were just coming into ready accessibility and the dolls were a business. Machine stitching would have speeded the process considerably, which would have made the dolls more profitable to make. In the end, calling the clothing “original” is a judgement call, based on years of experience and having seen previous examples. The woman who wrote the article is quite knowledgeable and so she would have the “eye” to tell.

        It’s easier for me to look at a piece of clothing and make my own determination about it’s age and origin, than it is to explain exactly how I do it I hope this is a coherent description of the process!


  2. Hi Paula,
    Oh, I’m so excited to see the cover of Antique Doll I just sent in a membership.
    Charlcies shoes & socks arrived today they are so sweet I put them on her and she seemed very please with her nice warm socks and shoes because it is cold here.
    I’m so sorry you are not feeling well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    1. Suzanne,
      Thanks for letting me know that they arrived safely. Now Charlcie can go out for a walk. I’m sure that her new pink slippers kept her feet toasty warm in the house 🙂

      Antique Doll Collector is a wonderful magazine and they have had some very good articles about Izannah Walker dolls in the past few months. I think you’ll enjoy having a subscription. When you look in the February issue (with the Izannah on the cover) you can see Charlcie in my ad on page 46.

      I appreciate your good wishes! I just have a cold, so nothing serious, just miserable for a few days. I haven’t had one for quite awhile, so I’m sure it’s just my turn…


      1. Hi Paula,
        Oh, I can’t wait to see a picture of Charlcie in your ad.

        Yes, Charlcie is doing the happy shoe dance she’s so proud of her new shoes. Boy, I love her so much I’m so glad she’s my girl. She’s a doll I can pick up and hold and I feel comfort in holding her. I don’t know if it’s the look on her face but I do know that it’s also the hard work and love that you put into these dolls so I think it is a combination of a lot of things that I love so much about her. Plus I never dreamed I ever have a reproduction Izannah Walker doll.

        Well you take care and happy Sunday…. It’s sunny here today.


  3. Hi Paula,
    I’d like to comment on hand sewing dolls clothes. I am planning on sewing Charcies’ coat by hand the one reason I like hand sewing is because I have more control over the work. I know using a sewing machine goes much faster but since this my first attempt at making something for her this is the way I’ve chosen to go. I know I could do a dress first but I have it in my mind this coat is something I want to make. I also have some accessories in mind for the coat that I’m going to work out.

    I also want to do her a dress for Valentines day. Boy, I’ve got big ideas.

    Sorry I’ve gotten off the path regarding to topic – that seems to be a habit of mine.

    Have a great day.


    1. Suzanne,
      I love hand sewn dresses too 🙂 Many doll dresses are hand sewn. In this particular instance that Suzie was asking about, original Izannah Walker clothing that I have seen and owned has been machine sewn with all of the finish work done by hand. I think a hand sewn coat will be lovely for Charlcie and a Valentine’s dress would be a wonderful addition to her wardrobe.

      Not to worry, it’s easy to stray, just like when talking to friends in person…

      Happy Sewing!

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