Two Dolls – Just Waiting to be Dressed…


I put the final few stitches in my two latest dolls today!  The winter weather has made me nostalgic for dolls reminiscent of rural New England.  Sweet dolls that have passed through many hands and generations, saved by mothers and grandmothers…  Dolls with stories of their own and history in their faces.  Can’t you just tell that both of these dolls have had adventuresome lives?  What bedtime stories they could whisper in a child’s ear…

Recently I have talked to several people who would dearly love to have a reproduction Izannah Walker doll to sew for.  I have to say that these are wonderful dolls to dress.  They are a very nice size  and the styles and fabrics of the mid 19th century are a joy to work with.IMG_1207

These dolls are currently undressed.  If you are interested in either of them, they are available with the “Dressmaker Option”, which includes the bare doll, my Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern (for a dress, 2 petticoats, a chemise and pantalettes), plus written instructions for a second classic mid-1800’s dress.  The price is $925 for the doll with painted boots and $975 for the doll with bare feet.

OR you may choose their dress styles and fabrics and I’ll do all of the sewing.  The cost of the fully dressed dolls is $1250 for the doll with painted boots and $1300 for the doll with bare feet.IMG_3780

Neither doll is up for sale on my website yet, if you’d like to buy one please email or call 860-355-5709.  I’m going to start making clothing for them this week, so if you would like an undressed doll or would like to pick custom clothing, please don’t delay.

If you need dressmaking inspiration, I have amassed a large collection of reference images on Pinterest that you might enjoy looking through.

Leather shoes may be ordered for $75. in your choice of colors.  Hand knit socks are included with the shoes.

Leather shoes may be ordered for $75. in your choice of colors. Hand knit socks are included with the shoes.

If you have any questions about either of these dolls or would like to see additional photographs of them, just ask.  I always love to take a break and talk to you about dolls!

~ by paulawalton on January 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “Two Dolls – Just Waiting to be Dressed…”

  1. Hi Paula,
    Your new girls are just darling.

  2. Suzanne,

    Thank you. I’m so glad that you like them!


  3. Hi Paula – I love the two new little dolls – just waiting for two lucky homes! I love the name suggestion for doll B – ” Bountiful”. That is the name of the town where my youngest son was born. Have you named your new doll in the purple dress yet? Susie

    • Susie,

      I love the name Bountiful too! Another of my favorites is Increase, although that was a boy’s name… Increase Mather was one of Cotton Mather’s brothers. Were you living in Bountiful, Utah?
      I haven’t named her yet. I can’t use Violet, because that is the name of the Queen Anne doll that I bought from Kathy Patterson (she came with the name). I’m sure the right name will come to me… eventually 🙂


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