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Valentine’s Day Tea Party XOXO

Welcome to our Valentine's Day Tea Party!  Would you care for a cup of violet tea and a mace shortbread cookie?
“Welcome to our Valentine’s Day Tea Party! I’ve poured you a cup of violet tea.  I hope you like  mace shortbread cookies.”
We baked the cookies yesterday.
“Yesterday we baked cookies all day long.”
These are my very favorite cookies!
“These are my very favorite cookies! They smell so good.  Would you write the recipe down for me?”
If I hurry!
“If I hurry!”
"Let's pose for a family portrait while we are all together, so that we'll always be able to remember how much we enjoyed having tea and spending time together today!"
“Let’s pose for a family portrait while we are all together, so that we’ll always be able to remember  today!”
"One more!  Everybody smile and say TEA!"
“One more! Everyone smile and say TEA!”… Three little sisters join their elders in wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day.
"Now that we've eaten and taken photos, let's make make Valentine presents."
“Now that we’ve eaten and taken photos, let’s make make Valentine presents.”
"My heart is in your hand."
“My heart is in your hand.”
"I'll keep it on my desk so that I can see it every day and think of you."
“I’ll keep it on my desk so that I can see it every day and think of you.”
"One more cup of tea?"
“One last cup of tea?”

Thank you for coming!  We hope you had fun.

– Newly made Izannah Walker reproduction dolls may be custom ordered, please see my website Paula Walton’s A Sweet Remembrance for details.

The recipe for Mace Shortbread cookies is available by clicking here.

Violet tea may be purchased from Simpson and Vail.

– Directions for the two love tokens shown, plus one more are posted on my Izannah Walker Class Member Site.  If you would like to buy or read more about the class click here.

– True Blue is busy making a Valentine for Kathy.

– Savannah is slaving away on a very special heartfelt letter to Charlotte.

– Ruthie is on her way back home to Brooklyn after visiting for a “spa day” to have the damage caused by the post office  repaired.  She says that she is ever so much better now and that she feels beautiful again.  Plus she loves her new warm flannel petticoat and can’t wait to show it off to Paula C.!

– I’m getting ready to go on a double date with my husband and our very dearest friends Joy and John…

Thank you for stopping by Valentine!

XOXO Hugs and Kisses,


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Tea Party XOXO

  1. Thank you, Paula for letting us be a part of your tea party! One of my favorite parts of the day is finding out what your dollies are up to 🙂 Little Ruthie has insisted I copy down your shortbread recipe – it was a real hit!

    Paula C. and Ruthie

  2. Paula C.,
    Ruthie did love the shortbread! She had 4 cookies 🙂 I tried to send some home with her, but she swore that she’d already over indulged for one day and had to watch her waistline, or her petticoat wouldn’t button! Now you can make them together at home and Henry will be there to help you eat them! The girls do make life interesting and keep me busy, I never know what they will decide to do next!

    Hugs to both of you,

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