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Thank You Jenny Lind Doll Club Members

I’d like to say thank you to all of the wonderful members of the Jenny Lind Doll Club who made me feel so very welcome yesterday at their meeting!  I have been thinking for some time of joining the UFDC and I was finally pushed into action by all the glowing accounts of doll club meetings and conventions that I have been hearing from some of the members of my Izannah Walker class 🙂

I went to the UFDC website and contacted Margaret Vitale, who is the Regional Director in my area, and among other things helps interested people find a local club.  Margaret was great.  She  put me in touch with the Jenny Lind club, one of the oldest clubs in the UFDC.  Shelly, the Jenny Lind member in charge of membership has been wonderful and I can’t thank her enough.  She has been very attentive, welcoming and even arranged for me to car pool to my first meeting!

I greatly enjoyed the afternoon spent in the home of Jenny Lind president Pixie, and her interesting program on Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, plus the delicious lunch she served.  I could not have asked for a better beginning in the UFDC!

🙂 As a footnote somehow I wound up agreeing to host the May meeting at my house!!!  It should be fun, as Pixie is planning to speak about Izannahs!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Jenny Lind Doll Club Members

  1. Hi Paula, I’m so glad to hear about your invite to the Jenny Lind Doll Club meeting. I have been a member of our club in Vermont (The Green Mountain Doll Club) for over 21 years now. They new a good thing when they all met you and sure enough you were lassoed in. How wonderful for you, and the program on Izannah Walker dolls is the best. Congrats and I hope you do join. Lots of love, Mary Goddard.

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