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Jennie’s Doll Part 2

Yesterday brought unexpected rain showers, which played havoc with my photography plans.  Eventually the skies cleared and I was able to venture out with doll and camera in hand! Here are my daylight photos of Jennie’s doll.  Tomorrow she will be traveling west to her new home.  She is very excited to meet her new sisters, most of whom are early china dolls!  If you’d like to read more about her home coming and Jennie’s collection of antique china dolls, visit her blog Quintessential Antique Dolls.

7 thoughts on “Jennie’s Doll Part 2

  1. I do believe, with all her red accents, that this doll’s name is Ruby. She looks quite rosy in the daylight. And, she will have to get used to living where we get lots of showers all through the winter. Her wool petticoat will keep her nice and warm. Those rainy days will be good for long chats among the dolls, and they can become quite cozy together! Maybe they will even share stories that I can write about.

    Those red leather shoes sure turned out sweet with all the scallops and the big red bows!

    Happy travels to Ruby!


      1. Hi Audrey! All of the information about the dolls is on my website, here is a link to the correct page . I’m currently booked pretty far ahead on custom dolls, so I’m not taking custom orders right now, BUT I do still make dolls and post them for sale. If you’d like me to email when I have a doll or dolls available I would be happy to add you to my “New Dolls” email list. You can either email me at with your address, or you can just fill in the online form at the top of the page when you follow the link above. The doll page is long, so when you get there remember to keep scrolling down 🙂

  2. Miss Ruby has confided in me that she is delighted with her name. She feels that it fits her personality to a T. She is so glad that she has her wool petticoat to keep her warm during her travels, as she is getting a taste of a New England winter in this morning’s swirling and drifting snowflakes.


  3. To: Jennie…….. Miss Ruby is very special. I so love dolls dressed in red and wearing a hat. The red leather shoes bring the look all together. I’m sure Jennie is elated with her new doll and just in time for the holidays to join in the festivities. From:…… Mary Goddard, also a owner of one of Paula’s dolls.

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