Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Verita Annabelle Mary www.izanahwalker.com

Meet Verity Annabelle Mary.  She is just starting out on her long journey to her new home in Canada.  She is so excited that she will get to give her new mother a big birthday hug and be able to celebrate Christmas with all of her sisters!

I overheard her whispering to Isabeau and Zanna that she is hoping for a big cup of hot cocoa when she arrives home, to help her warm up…

ary www.izanahwalker.com

ary www.izanahwalker.com

ary www.izanahwalker.com

ary www.izanahwalker.com

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Charlotte!

  1. Very beautiful doll , just in time for the Holidays. I’m very partial to red dresses and this dress is so festive. Fondly, Mary Goddard.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you! No doubt you’ve noticed the resemblance to Miss Anna. Charlotte named her in honor of Anna and you 🙂 I do know how you love red dresses! This one looks redder against the snow than it really is. In person it is actually a very dark double pink.

      I hope you are enjoying December and getting ready for the holidays!


  2. Hi Paula and Mary,

    Verity is so sweet in her wagon! She appears to be just a little smug enjoying a few moments of New England snow out all on her own! She really does show off her younger chubbier face in these photos.

    Paula, she looks So darling!!! I love Love LOVE the velvet trimming added to her dress! It is Perfect! Thank you so much for the birthday wish! I am so thrilled to have another of your spectacular Izannah Walker dolls! And to have her come live with me now is such a special birthday treat!

    Mary, I did name Verity for you and your darling Izannah Walker doll. After all you and Anna made Verity possible and every time I look at her photos I think of you and the others – and the wonderful time we all had at the Izannah Walker Retreat last Sept. 2012! Is it so long ago now?

    I can hardly wait to meet Verity in person and I am so excited she will be on her way soon to the west coast! By the time she comes the snow here will probably be gone as it never lasts long here… I can hear it falling off the roof as I write. Oh, well…she’ll have her wonderful memories of Connecticut… Warm wishes, Charlotte

  3. Charlotte,

    Verity was tempted to make snow angels yesterday, but I told her that she was not allowed to get her brand new ribbons wet 🙂 I assured her that you had snow too and that there would be more opportunities to play in the snow with her sisters when she gets home. (She doesn’t need to know that they’ll have to play quickly before it melts.)

    I’m so glad you like the ribbons. I think they make the dress “pop”. Plus she just feels like a ribbon sort of girl!


  4. Hi Paula,
    I’m so happy Verity didn’t wreck her new ribbons! Well, I will have to get the snow suits out! Hm, what did snow suits look like in the 1850-60s? Im off to do some researching if Verity is going to want to go out in the snow when she gets here. And if not she will have lots of catching up to do with her sisters while having hot chocolate by the fire…and dreaming under the Christmas tree… Love, Charlotte

  5. I’m sure she will be happy to do whatever her big sisters want to do. Isn’t that the role of all little sisters?

    I could certainly go for hot cocoa and a fire right now!


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