Be My Valentine!

Be mine... www.izannahwalker.com

          Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Be My Valentine!

  1. A belated Happy Valentine’s day to you Eastern Timers and everyone else! What a sweet wish – thank you, Paula!
    I hope everyone has had a lovely day… We just came back from visiting our grand babies and then went for a long wait at a local restaurant for dinner…it was worth the wait…
    I hope you are all well and enjoying the snow. We haven’t had any since Christmas but it is unusually cold here. Hugs, Charlotte

    1. Charlotte,
      It sounds like you and Rick had a lovely evening. We stayed in (snow!!!) with a bottle of champagne, brie, dark chocolate and shrimp scampi. I do have a little extra snow lying around that would be happy to share with you. We have over two feet on the ground and it is piled way past the window sills around some parts of the house! It came down so quickly on Thursday that I was temporarily trapped in my studio, when the new fallen snow came up higher than the bottom of the door. 🙂
      ❤ Paula

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