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On the Trail to San Antonio – I’m Headed to the UFDC Convention in July!

The girls and I are getting ready to take to the road on a trek to the UFDC convention in San Antinio.
The girls and I are getting ready to take to the road on a trek to the UFDC convention in San Antonio.

There are busy times ahead!  I have been invited to exhibit at the Doll Artist’s Showcase, on July 19th, at the United Federation of Doll Clubs convention in San Antonio, TX.  The Doll Artist’s Showcase is new to the convention this year and is being held in the sales rooms during Public Day.  Wild days and nights are in my future for the next few months as I prepare for the convention.  I’ll be taking along as many dolls as I can make between now and then, plus I’ll have fabric sample books with me and I’ll be taking orders for custom made dolls.

I hope to see you there!

come see me at the UFDC convention 7/19

4 thoughts on “On the Trail to San Antonio – I’m Headed to the UFDC Convention in July!

  1. Hi Paula – that’s great news! I’m thrilled that you will be exhibiting at the UFDC convention! I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful dolls and dresses that you will make! I’ve never been to a UFDC convention, but I would love to go. Take lots of pictures in case I can’t be there to see your gorgeous dolls in person. Grandchild #4 is due in July, so I probably won’t be able to attend. I’m sure it will be a lot of work, but it will be a fun process as well to put together a beautiful collection of your dolls for the exhibit. The dolls will be thrilled to be there for all of the collectors to see how beautiful they are! You and your beautiful dolls deserve the recognition at the showcase – congratulations! Post lots of pictures along the way – I always look forward to seeing your newest dolls! Happy doll making – love, Susie

    1. Susie,

      Thank you! Your news is much more exciting!!! A new baby in the family trumps pretty much everything else. 🙂

      I will take lots of photos. I’m going to try to post some of my preparations for the convention and for the all Izannah meeting of my doll club that I’m having here in May. Hopefully I can multitask and use some of my May prep over again in July.

      I’ve never been to a UFDC convention either and wasn’t planning to go this year, until this sort of came out of the blue. I’m looking forward to it. Brian gave me plane tickets for Valentine’s Day and told me I could pick a destination, so I chose the convention in San Antonio. I don’t think that’s what he had in mind 🙂 We are going to spend a couple of days at the convention and then hopefully have a relaxing, romantic trip exploring Texas hill country and San Antonio. At least that’s the plan…

      The only thing I’ve done so far to get ready is to compile a photo book of my dolls to take along. I looked through two years of photos including all of those from the retreat, so I’ve been missing you, Charlotte, Peggy, Vicki and Mary!!! It was so much fun to see the photos and remember what a great week that was 🙂


  2. Hi Paula, I agree with Susie, this is great news. A trip to Texas for the UFDC National Convention really sounds special. How wonderful that they added a new exhibit and on Public Day brings even more onlookers and shoppers in. I’ve attended many Regional Conventions and on Public Day the sales room is packed. I’ll be praying you get lots of public exposure with your exhibit. Miss you too. Fondly, Mary Goddard.

  3. Mary,

    Thank you! I’m hoping that it’s going to be fun. I wish I had had more advance notice, because it’s going to be sort of stressful getting ready… but I think it’s going to be a good time once I actually get there. Your affirmation that Public Day is well attended is a huge relief.

    They are holding the convention in a very nice resort hotel. I’ve actually always wanted to go to that part of Texas, although admittedly NOT in July 🙂 It’s going to be fiercely hot! I’d always pictured going in the spring when the blue bonnets are blooming, or maybe during the Round Top Antique fair. 🙂

    Are you back home yet, or still in Florida where the weather is nice?


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