Cindy’s Doll – Part 2

I’m happy to say that Cindy’s doll is finished!  I had a couple of little issues to over come yesterday, like finding out that I did not have enough black silk ribbon to lace both of her shoes – then having the black dye I was warming up explode all over the inside of my microwave!!!, & unexpected rain yesterday afternoon and this morning which made it impossible to take more photos.  Such is the life of a doll maker 🙂

Cindy's Doll

little details…

Little details…

~ by paulawalton on April 8, 2014.

3 Responses to “Cindy’s Doll – Part 2”

  1. Paula, this dress is just as perfect as the red one. The owner will treasure having her as all of us do with your dolls. Fondly, Mary Goddard.

  2. Paula, I meant to mention that this “Perfect little Lady” has a great pair of leather shoes, love those too. Fondly, Mary Goddard.

  3. Thank you Mary! ❤ Paula

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