Happy Thanksgiving www.izannahwalker.com

Wishing you a bountiful day full of family, friends and thoughtful thanksgiving for another year peace and plenty. ❤

~ by paulawalton on November 27, 2014.

4 Responses to “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!”

  1. Paula, such a pretty little Pilgrim girl. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    Fondly, Mary G.

  2. Mary,
    Wishing you, Chris and all of your family a wonderful holiday ❤

  3. Hi Paula and Mary! Happy belated American Thanksgiving! What a darling little cloth doll! Hope you are all doing well! Love, Charlotte

    • Thanks Charlotte! The doll is an amazing one of a kind painted cloth doll that was passed down through a family from Providence, R.I. She has individually rooted human hair! ❤ My house is finally empty! My oldest son and his girlfriend just left. I've got a fire started out in the studio wood stove so that it will be warm enough to go out and work in a couple of hours and I have enough leftovers in the refrigerators that I won't have to cook for a couple of days 🙂

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