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Hunting For Antique Fabric

Every weekend during the spring, summer and fall I search flea markets and antique sales for the antique fabrics that I use to  make and dress my dolls.  Today was a good day! I found a Civil War era quilt that is too far gone to restore, but still has usable fabric that I can make into wonderful dresses for my Izannahs. ❤

2 thoughts on “Hunting For Antique Fabric

  1. A friend gave me a small Hitty doll her father had carved and painted. I knew this doll needed a special dress. I had a small antique quilt block someone had framed…I took it carefully apart, washed it and then turned it wrong side out to make the dress. The right side of the fabric was so faded…It was exactly right for the doll and I was so glad I had it! Isn’t it wonderful to have the ‘perfect thing’ on hand when you need it!!!

    1. It is, and sometimes just a small bit of antique fabric is all that you need! 🙂 I save every tiny snippet. Which is why my studio gets incredibly messy… but oh how glad I am when I need a bit of this or that and can find it by rummaging through my basket of tiny odd size scraps. ❤ I had some fabric very similar to the dark brown fabric on the back of this quilt, except it had a rusty red stripe running through it. I know I have a couple of little 1 inch by 4 inch pieces of it left… I think it would be perfect as trim on a dress made from this quilt. ❤

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