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Attention Izannah Walker Class and Alabama Baby Class Students!!!

Attention Izannah Walker Class By Mail students and Alabama Baby Class Members, Ning just let me know that they are definitely shutting down my Spun Cotton class site on 10/1/16. I have not received notices for my Izannah class or Alabama Baby class yet, but I am sure I will. There isn’t going to be any reprieve this time around. If there is information on the class site you want to save, you should do it now! Also if you are interested in joining a private facebook group for class members only please go to the appropriate Ning class site and click on the discussion about the site closing and post your response.  If you are a member of BOTH classes, please post on both sites.  The posts on the class sites are how I am keeping track of who votes yes and also who is eligible for inclusion in a private facebook group.  Only current class members can access and

Thank you !!!


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