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My Halloween Treat Came Early This Year!

A very well executed antique “sunshine & shadows” log cabin block quilt in red and brown tone fabrics. ❤

The Great Pumpkin arranged for my Halloween treat to come on Sunday at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market 🙂 Not being a small tyke who can go door to door with glad cries of “trick or treat”, I did have to take myself to the flea market, wander down endless rows in the crisp early morning  autumn air, and actually pay for my treat… but it WAS an excellent treat none the less!  I discovered three early damaged quilts to add to  my fabric collection!  Two of the quilts were clearly made by the same hand, as they are constructed in the same design and have a few fabrics in common.  One is a heavy winter weight quilt and the other is a light summer quilt.  The third quilt though is the one I love ❤ , a stunning log cabin, done in reds and browns… Better than candy any day!


2 thoughts on “My Halloween Treat Came Early This Year!

  1. Hi Paula,

    Love the quilts, what a great Halloween Treat for you and “no” calories. lol

    I’m getting somethings together for Izzybelle. She has some extra jewelry, pins that I’ve been saving. I bought a miniature book called “Honey Drops”.

    I’ve also sent for some things from Ruby Lane Antiques, I think these will have to be my Christmas gift because of the amount that they all came too.

    Last time we talked I didn’t mention that I’m knitting a blocked afghan; each block is a different color, I’ve also incorperated a eyelet design into the blocks. This is about my fourth try at this knitting project because it’s my design, but I think I’ve got it this time. I’m using 100% wool, I like working with wool.

    Sorry for wandering on. Hope your doing okay, think of you often, the girls send their love.

    Suzanne Blakeslee

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I’m just sure Izzybelle loves all the things you are collecting for her! Good luck on your afghan project! I do not knit but do love knitted things 🙂 … and wool…

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