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Anita’s Custom Order Ismay

A sweet little Ismay, almost ready to head to her brand new home ❤

Making this Ismay has been a great treat for me, as I am not often asked to make black reproductions of Izannah’s dolls.  This is the very first time that I have made a black version of Ismay and I am completely smitten with her such a lovely doll in person and so very difficult to take photos of!!!  Poor dear, my photography skills do not do her justice…

Formerly part of the Richard Wright collection, this amazing black Izannah Walker doll is the only surviving extant example that I am aware of.
Scarcer than hen’s teeth, this charming doll is one of the few Izannah Walker dolls with a wig. In a newspaper article many, many years ago, Norma H. Robertson, Izannah Walker’s grand-niece, stated that her great aunt made “darkie”, or as we would now refer to them, black dolls. So there must have been more than just this one. 🙂

I made Ismay’s second skin body covering from and antique petticoat that I’ve had for at least twenty years.  I finally found the perfect use for it! ❤

This next dress that Ismay is modeling is not part of her wardrobe.  She borrowed it from  Cloe so that she could show her new Momma what she looks like in a different style of dress.  Anita and I have been discussing a rather extensive wardrobe for Ismay, made from fabrics that Anita has been collecting. ❤

Ismay wearing her borrowed dress ❤

Ismay will be ready to travel just as soon as she decides what color shoes she wants.  February is much too cold for bare feet! She’ll have to wait until summer for that.

Cloe’s dresses… the brown size doll dress is the one Ismay borrowed 🙂



8 thoughts on “Anita’s Custom Order Ismay

  1. Hi Paula, This doll is just wonderful! Her dress, and everything about her is just perfect! And I love the dresses that you made for Cloe. I think she will want to wear them all the time! Thank you for sharing all of the great pictures – Anita will be so thrilled for this new doll! Susie

  2. Paula, your doll is very special ! I like everything – face, hair, body, clothes. The girl is very harmonious. You yourself sculpted face or this a copy of your antique dolls?

    1. Svetlana this doll is a reproduction of my antique Izannah Walker doll, Ismay. All of the Izannah Walker dolls that I make to sell are reproductions of antique dolls. I do sculpt too, but not for my reproduction Izannahs. I want them to be as close to the real dolls as possible, imperfections, wear and all. 🙂 This is why my dolls are reproductions, rather than dolls that are inspired by or based on the antique dolls.


  3. Such an EXQUISITE doll…I just love her! Love Cloe’s dresses. If you could find a quilt top (that could be cut up) or some quilt squares that are similar to the background quilt I bet they would also make an incredible dress as well.
    BRAVA my friend!!!!!

    1. Thank you David! I actually use the backs of quilts, that are too worn to be restored, for dress fabric 🙂 The quilt in the photo is actually extremely fragile and worn on the front side and I am using the back for dresses 🙂 I have 30 or 40 quilts in my antique fabric stash. Cloe’s dresses are made from reproduction fabric so that they will stand up to the wild antics of a two year old!


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