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Happy 200th Birthday Izannah Walker ~ Part 6 ~ The ice cream has been eaten, the presents have been opened, and we have come to the end of a perfect day…

It has been a very eventful day here, as the dolls and I have celebrated Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday. We’ve enjoyed each other’s company, tried a few new things (not all of which have worked perfectly 🙂 ), met new friends, and eaten ice cream!!!

A dozen demure little Izannah Walker dolls, gathered in their parlor to mark the 200th anniversary of their creator birth.
Lily, Ismay, Isabeau and little Izzybelle
We were thrilled to have such wonderful friends come spend the day with us ❤
The dolls had a lovely afternoon chatting, reminiscing, and playing games.
The smallest girls were in charge of scooping out the ice cream and making sure everyone got their fair share ❤
Make a wish! ❤
Now that the ice cream has been eaten it is time for presents!
The dolls received a wonderful decoupaged band box to keep their treasures in…
… the lovely china doll was a gift from their dearest friend Peggy ❤

… and what was my present on this wonderful day? Why the very best present of all! I got to spend the day with you and a dozen little dolls that bring me a deep sense of contentment, quite joy, and continuing wonder! Even better is the fact that tomorrow, and the next day, and the next… I get to get up and spend the day studying, restoring, conserving, and reproducing these tiny pieces of history. I am very thankful for all of the interesting people I have met thus far during my Izannah journey and the wonderful friends I have made. Being a doll maker is a continuing adventure… and I can’t think of a better gift than that! ❤

8 thoughts on “Happy 200th Birthday Izannah Walker ~ Part 6 ~ The ice cream has been eaten, the presents have been opened, and we have come to the end of a perfect day…

  1. What a wonderful day and such fun to celebrate with all the little Izannahs. Thank you for showing us through the dollhouse and introducing us to all the girls.I guess they are all tucked in now lost in dreams…..maybe of ice cream and the many things that have changed in 200 years.

  2. Paula, you have done Izannah proud with your commitment to continuing her legacy of fine doll making. You collection of original Izannah Walker dolls are amazing. Thank you for the journey into your world of dolls,♥

  3. Susan,
    The girls are sleeping in this morning and considering breakfast, follow by a long lazy day, and possibly a nap! They feel that they deserve it after all their house cleaning and party planning…. I’m hearing some whispers about left over ice cream for breakfast 🙂 I’m so glad you could come visit here and join in the festivities!

  4. Judy,
    What a lovely compliment! Thank you ❤ I feel incredibly fortunate to own even one of Izannah's dolls, much less a houseful, and to have amazing friends who allow their sweet Izannah Walker dolls to come and visit, so I do try to share – as I know that there are many people who love Izannah's dolls but have not been able to see one in person…. ❤

  5. What a neat way to share Izannah’s 200th birthday. If I lived closer i would have brought my dollies and played along. Loved your new dollies. Maybe 100 years from now some strange women will have a BD party for you.

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