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1 Very Special Dress Available Just in Time for Easter SOLD

1 Easter dress available for sale.
SOLD Isabeau graciously consented to model the dress so that you can imagine how it would look on your own dear doll.

Getting a new dress for Easter was a consistent annual occurrence during my childhood. I occasionally received a new dress at Christmas time, but I always had one for Easter.  My mother made many of my Easter dresses… which makes remembering them even sweeter. Following in that tradition I have one very special Easter dress available for sale, so that you and your favorite doll can relive Easter memories of your own ❤

Made from mid-19th century fabric that one graced the back  of a hand pieced quilt, this dress features extra fabric which creates a very full skirt. The skirt has two growth tucks and a double row of black velvet trim. The very short sleeves also have double tucks and a single velvet band. More velvet trims the waist, which closes with a sash of the most amazing wide antique velvet ribbon. The drawstring at the neck casing and ribbon sash make the size of this dress somewhat adjustable. The dress, which has an 8 inch skirt length, will fit my 18 – 19 inch reproduction Izannah Walker dolls. The ties also make this dress very suitable for dressing fragile antique dolls and are very accommodating if you display your doll using a doll stand. I have gently hand washed this dress, but because the fabric had never previously been washed, the fabric retains much of it’s original sizing, which gives it a great deal of body.

SOLD Only one dress available.  Email me at if you are interested in buying this dress, or have questions about it. The purchase price is $250.00, which includes free shipping to any US address. Payment via Paypal, credit card, or lay-away. Sold on a first come basis.


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