2 thoughts on “IMG_3952

  1. I am interested in this doll and the doll with the red dress. I prefer cleaner face but will be happy with one of these two. I am not sure if you received my prior comment.
    I like the doll in the blue dress with the flags next to her and the doll with the red dress, longer one. Jean Kestel Prices?

    1. Jean there is only one doll available. She comes with both the blue dress, the pink checked dress, a pinner apron, and a nightgown – in addition to her chemise, pantelettes and petticoat. The doll and her wardrobe are $2200. which includes free insured shipping to any US address. The little red dresses were being sold separately. They are too small for this doll an have both already been sold. I’ve only gotten this one comment from you so far. Thank you so much for your interest in this doll!

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