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Behind the Scenes at Today’s Third Thursday

I really love the idea of having one specific day each month when people can expect to see my newly made dolls that are available for sale.  That said, some months it is a bit of a challenge to make “Third Thursdays” happen. This was one of those months! 🙂

Here is the story of Today’s Third Thursday.

To start with you’ve probably noticed that today is August 15th, that means it feels like it’s way to early in the month for it to already be the third Thursday!  I know, technically no matter what day of the month the the third Thursday falls on, it’s been close to 30 days since the last one… but it just feels wrong!

Next, August in New England is almost always HUMID! My gardens are pretty happy about all that rain and humidity, but oil paints just don’t feel the same way!

Then there is the fact that August is the last month of summer… and there are all those things that need to be done while there is still a bit of summer left. At my house that means gardening, gardening and more gardening, plus most importantly ~ spending time with my granddaughter before preschool starts up again.

Which brings us to this morning…

This is what the doll house looked like when I opened up the painting studio at 7:30 this morning…  during the past few weeks this studio has been more play house than studio…

play time
Furniture out of the kitchen and dolls all lined up and ready to play…


… apparently the letter of the day is H 🙂


This is what has been going on between all the doll making and gardening ❤

IMG_4628 (2)IMG_4458

IMG_4849 (2)
This is the music that has been playing in my studio while I painted this week ❤

Once the studio was opened up the race was on! The doll dress, which was still damp after washing, went in front of a fan. Doll parts were checked to make sure they were dry. Preliminary photos were taken, doll parts were sewn together, a drawstring was run through the neck of the dress. The doll house was tidied, more photos were taken, videos were made. Then a rush to upload videos and photos, write descriptions and post it all online. Sweet relief! The post went up right at 12:00!!




Ta-da! Another Third Thursday has come and gone & little Miss Lily has a brand new home!

Now it’s time to get busy working on next month’s offerings, which will debut during my annual Izannah Walker birthday celebration on 9/25/19…








2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at Today’s Third Thursday

  1. Oh Paula, this is one of the most fun posts ever! What a fun look behind the scenes! Thank you for sharing this. It’s wonderful! A glimpse inside your studio and dollhouse is always a pleasure, and to see sweet Cloe having such a great time, well, it was like having fun right along with her. Love the “H” as the letter of the day. I think the “H” is for how “Happy” she is, having so much fun! Thank you for all that you do! Love, Susie

    1. “H” is for “Happy”! I love that! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The whole time I was rushing around yesterday morning I was thinking that people would probably smile to see all the craziness involved in getting ready and setting up the photos 🙂 So I decided to share a glimpse of what goes on here on photo days.
      Play days in the doll house are even more chaotic, but oh so much fun! I wish you could be here to join in our imaginary tea parties!

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