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  1. Audrey,
    I’m positive you are on my new dolls email notification list. Whenever I have a doll available for sale you receive an email. The dolls are sold on a “first come” basis. Which means that the first person who emails me, asking to buy the doll once it is posted, gets it! The “New Dolls Email List” is six pages long, filled with the email addresses of people who are interested in buying one of my dolls! This is far more people asking for dolls than I have the ability to make. Each doll takes at the very least 100 hours to make, and many of them take longer than that. I try very hard to make the buying process as fair as possible for everyone. Once you receive an email announcing the time and date that available dolls will be posted for sale, I would recommend that you try to look at them as soon as possible after they are posted. If one grabs your heartstrings then you should email me immediately to let me know that you are interested in purchasing it!!!
    Wishing you the very best of luck in getting your request to buy a doll in first, when the next dolls are available!!!

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