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August 23rd ~ Third Thursday ~ 1 Doll + Dresses Available for Sale

Thank you so much for coming to this Third Thursday! Everything is now SOLD. Please come back next month, on September 25th, for my annual Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration, when there will be more dolls and clothing available for sale. ❤

Summer is drawing to a close and my Third Thursdays are resuming! No Third Thursday in September, as the dolls will all be busy getting ready to celebrate Izannah Walker’s 201st Birthday on September, 25th! So you will have to wait 4 extra days next month to see what new dolls are available for sale 🙂


18 inch Isabeau with Bare FeetSOLD $1525.00 A sweet, timeworn reproduction of the original “Isabeau”, wearing a long sleeved dress made using a pattern from an original Izannah Walker doll dress. Her other clothing is comprised of a linen chemise & petticoat, cotton pantalettes, stockings, handmade leather shoes, and a cotton “coral” print apron. All of the fabrics and buttons in her wardrobe are antique.

IMG_4926IMG_4923Pink & Black Print DressSOLD $250.00 This dress is lavishly trimmed with rows of black velvet ribbon. It is made from antique mid-19th century fabric and closes in the back with drawstrings. Sized to fit 18 – 19 inch Izannah Walker dolls ~ either the antique originals or my reproductions of them ❤ Skirt length is 8 inches.

IMG_4985White Eyelet DressSOLD $200.00 Pure white vintage eyelet. A lovely party dress for these last hot days of the year! Sized to fit 16 inch Izannah Walker dolls ~ if you have one of my reproduction Annas or Lizzybits this dress will fit them. It would be a bit loose & long on Izzybelle. The dress would also fit an 18 inch doll, if you prefer shorter skirts. Skirt length a scant 7 inches.

All items sold on a “first come” basis. Email me at to purchase. Paypal, credit cards, checks or money orders accepted for payment. Free priority mail shipping & full insurance to any U.S address. International orders ~ exact postage + $10 handling fee to help off set the extra time required for international shipping. No handling fee for Canada.

❤ At the current time I am not accepting any more custom orders. Once I manage to work through my backlog, I’ll start taking orders again ❤ If you have a particular doll or dress on your “wish list”, comment below. I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when making items for future Third Thursdays!

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Putting the Finishing Touches on Items for Tomorrow’s Third Thursday

I’m just sewing on the final buttons and putting the last stitches in items for tomorrow’s Third Thursday! I’ll be posting my offerings for sale at Noon Eastern time. ❤

Before anyone asks tomorrow, I’m currently completely booked up for custom made dolls, and I am not taking any more orders at this time. Once I’m caught up on outstanding orders, I’ll begin accepting new orders again. ❤ ❤ ❤

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1 Very Special Dress Available Just in Time for Easter SOLD

1 Easter dress available for sale.
SOLD Isabeau graciously consented to model the dress so that you can imagine how it would look on your own dear doll.

Getting a new dress for Easter was a consistent annual occurrence during my childhood. I occasionally received a new dress at Christmas time, but I always had one for Easter.  My mother made many of my Easter dresses… which makes remembering them even sweeter. Following in that tradition I have one very special Easter dress available for sale, so that you and your favorite doll can relive Easter memories of your own ❤

Made from mid-19th century fabric that one graced the back  of a hand pieced quilt, this dress features extra fabric which creates a very full skirt. The skirt has two growth tucks and a double row of black velvet trim. The very short sleeves also have double tucks and a single velvet band. More velvet trims the waist, which closes with a sash of the most amazing wide antique velvet ribbon. The drawstring at the neck casing and ribbon sash make the size of this dress somewhat adjustable. The dress, which has an 8 inch skirt length, will fit my 18 – 19 inch reproduction Izannah Walker dolls. The ties also make this dress very suitable for dressing fragile antique dolls and are very accommodating if you display your doll using a doll stand. I have gently hand washed this dress, but because the fabric had never previously been washed, the fabric retains much of it’s original sizing, which gives it a great deal of body.

SOLD Only one dress available.  Email me at if you are interested in buying this dress, or have questions about it. The purchase price is $250.00, which includes free shipping to any US address. Payment via Paypal, credit card, or lay-away. Sold on a first come basis.


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Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late!; Or Why There Isn’t Going to be a Third Thursday Sale in January…

white rabbit
“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

Good heavens! Only 13 days into the new year and already I’m behind!!! With the third Thursday of the month fast approaching on the 18th, I’ve made an executive decision to dispense with my normal “Third Thursday” release of new dolls and/or clothing in January. The glorious thing about being the CEO, and the entire workforce, of my own little domain is that all arguments for or against policy changes are strictly in my own head… so much quieter that way. 🙂

Actually I am incredibly blessed! I just finished writing another article for Antique Doll Collector magazine on New Year’s Day. At the moment I am currently working on the wardrobes for two dolls that are very anxious to begin their travels to their new homes, plus I have a stack of orders for paper cuttings, patterns, doll kits with custom painted heads, spun cotton ornaments, and more… ❤ What artisan wouldn’t be thrilled to have people buying their wares? ❤

So no “Third Thursday” this month… but who knows… perhaps there will be a special “Pop-Up” Valentine event… ❤

alice white rabbit
goodbye January Third Thursday…. hello Valentine Pop-Up event???




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Happy 200th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 4 – Directions For Making a Classic Izannah Walker Dress

Here is a birthday present from me to all of you! Directions for making a classic mid- 19th century dress for your Izannah Walker doll. I based the directions on several antique children’s dresses in my collection. I hope you enjoy making this dress for your dolls ❤ Or even better, make a larger version for a special child in your life ❤ ❤ ❤

These instructions are for your own personal use, they are copy righted by Paula Walton A Sweet Remembrance 2012 and are not to be reproduced or sold in any form.

dress instructions 1

First a  bit of historical background.  Izannah Walker lived and worked in a time when paper patterns, as we know them, were just coming into being.  In 1863 Ebenezer Butterick a tailor from Massachusetts  began making graduated and marked patterns out of paper.  Folded by his wife and family and packed in boxes of 10 each, he sold these patterns to tailors and seamstresses throughout New England. These patterns proved to be very popular, possibly due to the fact that Butterick hired a staff of door-to-door traveling salesmen.  Prior to this time, garments were cut without a pattern as such.  There were books of diagrams available for professional seamstresses that illustrated how to cut the latest fashions.  Periodicals, such as Godey’s Lady’s Book also provided color plates of the latest fashions, along with diagrams and brief instructions.

Simple basic garments, such as this dress and other children’s clothing, along with shirts, under wear, etc. were routinely sewn at home without the use of any pattern, as it was common knowledge how to make these basic necessities.

The following instructions are written following this tradition and are meant to be custom fitted to your doll.  You can also use these same instructions to make full size children’s dresses by simply enlarging the widths and lengths.

*** Sewing should be done by machine, unless specifically noted.

dress instructions 2

Step 1. Cutting out the skirt.  Measure from the waist of your doll down to the point where you want the bottom of the hem (This can be to the tops of her feet, or higher.  If dressing your doll as an adult or young woman the skirts should be longer than if you are dressing the doll as a young child.).

Add 1/4 -1/2 inch (your choice – just remember how much you have allowed) seam allowance for the top edge, if you plan to make a gathered skirt.  If you will be cartridge pleating, also known as gauging, your skirt you need to allow at least an inch to fold down at the top edge (or up to 1 – 1/2 inches).

Next determine how deep a hem you wish to make.  If you are using antique fabric you may be very limited by the amount of fabric you have on hand to make your dress.  Ideally I like to have at least a 2 inch hem for doll’s dresses, 3 inches is even better.  When making a child’s dress you should have a hem depth that measures from 3-4 inches.  Add 1/4 inch allowance to turn under on the top edge of the hem.

If you want to have growth tucks in your skirt, as shown in the sample dress above, add 1 inch per tuck for 1/2 inch tucks, or 1 – 1/2 inches per tuck for 3/4 inch tucks.  For a child’s dress add 2 inches per tuck for 1 inch tucks.

Total all of your measurements.  Your figures should look something like this:

skirt length – 7 inches

top seam allowance (gathered skirt) – 1/2 inch

hem – 2 – 1/2 inches

hem edge turn under allowance – 1/4 inch

two 1/2 inch growth tucks @ 1 inch each – 2 inches

total = 12 – 1/4 inches

To figure out the width of your skirt consider the width of your fabric and availability of yardage.  Antique fabrics are narrow in width usually 24 – 36 inches.  I generally cut my doll skirts the width of the fabric.  If I am piecing together fabric to make up the width, then I try to come up with at least 20 inches.  If I am gathering the skirt I don’t make it any wider than 36 inches.    When cartridge pleating it’s a good idea to have a width of at least 26 inches and no wider than 38. Children’s skirts obviously will require at least two fabric widths and should measure from 38-50 inches. Now it’s finally time to carefully measure and cut out the rectangle that you will be using to make your skirt. Yeah! We’ve made it through Step 1 !!!

Step 2. Cutting out the bodice, sleeves, neck, sleeve and waist bands.

dress instructions 3

Measure the distance between the point on your doll where you want the top of the waistband to be and the point where you would like the neckline.  I find that the measurement is usually about 3 inches.  Add two 1/4 inch seam allowances, one for the top edge and another for the bottom edge (if you feel more comfortable sewing with a 1/2 inch seam allowance you may increase the bottom allowance to 1/2 inch – the top seam allowance has to be 1/4 inch).  To determine how wide, from side to side,your bodice needs to be, measure around the widest point of your doll’s shoulders and multiply that measurement by 2.  This will be the minimum width, you may add on a bit more if you like particularly full bodices.

To cut out the sleeves, measure from the neckline, down the arm to the length you would like the sleeves.   The width of each sleeve is calculated by measuring from the neckline, down under the arm and back up to the neckline, then adding on enough to bring the fabric up over the shoulder and add in extra fullness for the gathers.  The strip of fabric that I cut for the sleeves of the sample dress, above, was greater from top to bottom than the strip for the bodice.

Neck and sleeve bands are 1 inch by the total shoulder measurement of the doll (at the widest point), plus the circumference of the doll’s upper arm x 2, plus at least 2 inches for seam allowances and finishing.

The waistband is 1-1/4 inch for 1/4 waist seam allowances or 1 – 3/4 inches for 1/2 inch waist seam allowances by twice the doll’s waist measurement, plus an extra 1 – 1/2 inch for seam allowances and finishing.

Double check your measurements and addition, then cut out your fabric.

Step 3. Constructing the skirt. 

Sew the center back seam of the skirt, leaving 3-4 inches open at the top edge.  Turn the raw edges of the center back skirt opening under a scant 1/4 twice and sew down.  Sew a double row of gathering threads around the top edge.  Press the back seam to one side: turn up the raw bottom edge 1/4 inch and press.  Decide on the placement of your growth tuck or tucks (if you are incorporating them in your dress).  Measure for the first tuck, fold the skirt at that point and pin in place.  Stitch around the skirt either 1/2 inch or 3/4 of an inch away from the folded edge (remember that you had to choose between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch tucks when you cut out your skirt). Press the tuck down. Make the second tuck in the same manner. Turn up the hem and stitch in place, being careful not to catch the tucks in the hem.

Step 4. Making the bodice. 


Take the strip of fabric that you cut for the bodice, fold it in half at the center front, then fold it in half a second time to determine where the arm holes will be. Cut “U” shaped armholes on the second fold, through all thicknesses, starting at the neckline edge and going about half way down to the waist edge.

You can check exactly how far you need to go by measuring the fabric strip up against the shoulder of your doll. The arm hole should be deep enough to allow the sewn on arm to move freely.

Turn under the center back edges of the bodice a scant 1/4 inch to the wrong side of the fabric. Press in place. Turn under again 1/2 inch towards the back side. Stitch in place to hem.

Next take the strip of fabric that you cut for the sleeves. If you haven’t already done so, cut it in half, so that you have two equal parts – one for each sleeve. Sew the short ends of the sleeve together to form a tube. Repeat for the second sleeve.

Sew two rows of gathering threads around the bottom edge of each sleeve.

dress instructions 8

dress instructions 9

Sew one sleeve to the bodice, matching the sleeve seam to the center of the bottom rounded part of the “U”. Repeat with the the second sleeve. The top of the sleeve goes up past the neckline edge of the bodice. Not all of the sleeve is sewn to the armhole!!!

dress instructions 10

Sew two rows of gathering threads along the neckline edge, including the tops of the sleeves.

dress instructions 11

Sew two rows of gathering threads along the waist edge of the bodice.

Step 5. The waistband.

dress instructions 12

Cut the strip for the waistband in half, so that you have two pieces of equal length.  Mark the center of the bodice waist edge and the center of one of your waistbands.

Draw up the gathering threads on the waist edge of the bodice to the exact measurement of your dolls waist and tie off. Adjust the gathers so that you have more fullness in the center front, less under the arms and more in the back. Leave an area of less full gathers 1/2 inch or so to either side of the center back opening.

Pin the center front of the bodice to the center front of the waistband. The waistband should extend 3/8th of an inch beyond the bodice on either side. Stitch the waistband to the bodice.

Mark the center front of the skirt waist edge. Draw up the gathering threads on the skirt to the exact waist measurement of the doll’s waist and tie off. Adjust gathers evenly. Pin the center front of the waistband to the center front of the skirt. Sew waistband/bodice to skirt (remembering that the center back edges of the waistband will extend beyond the skirt 3/8ths of an inch).

Turn the ends of the waistband to the inside, so that they are even with the hemmed center back edges of the bodice and skirt. Take your waistband lining and press the short ends under 3/8ths of an inch to the wrong side of the fabric and press under 1/4 inch along each long edge. Pin in place on the inside of the waistband of the dress, making sure the lining coves all of the raw edges and seams. Hand-stitch in place, leaving the center back edges open. Make a row of stitching 1/4 inch away from the seam lines along each long edge of the waistband (this is like topstitching). Run lengths of 1/8th inch wide cotton tape through the casings formed by this stitching. The tape should be long enough to tie into bows.

dress instructions 16
I lined this waistband in a lighter color fabric, which allows you to see the stitching better.

Step 6.  Neck and sleeve bands.

dress instructions 15

Try the dress on your doll over her chemise.

Mark the center front of the bodice neck edge.  Draw up the gathering threads at the neckline, so that the back of the dress meets and overlaps a scant 1/8th of an inch.  Tie off the threads. Adjust gathers.

Draw up the gathering threads on each sleeve until they fit snugly, but not too tight around the doll’s arms.  Tie off the gathering threads.  Adjust the gathers.

dress instructions 13

dress instructions 14

Measure and cut a length of neckband the length of the gathered neckline plus 3/4 of an inch (3/8ths of an inch for finishing each side).  Press under a scant 1/4 inch one long edge of the neckband.  Mark the center of the neckband.  Pin the center of the unturned edge of the neckband to the center front of the bodice neckline.  Sew neckband to bodice, the neckband will extend 3/8th of an inch beyond the bodice on each side of the center back of the bodice.  Turn the 3/8th inch finishing allowance in and finger press in place.  Turn the pressed under edge of the neck band to the back side of the dress.  Hand stitch in place, leaving the ends of the neckband open.  Run a piece of 1/8th inch cotton tape through the casing formed by the neck band.  The cotton tape should be long enough to tie into a bow.

Measure and cut two armbands the length of the  bottom gathered edge of the sleeves plus 1/2 inch for seam allowances (1/4 inch seams).  Turn under one long edge of each sleeve band a scant 1/4 inch towards the back side of the fabric.  Stitch the narrow edges of the sleeve bands together.  Hand-stitch each sleeve band, along the unpressed edge, to the the gathered lower edge of the sleeves.  Turn the pressed under edge up to the back side of the sleeve so that it covers the gathered edge and hand-stitch in place to form 1/4 inch finished sleeve bands.


-I like to wash and hang dry my finished dresses, so that the gathers fall into place and dry.

-If you wish to fasten the back of your dress with buttons, rather than ties, make sure that you add on enough of an allowance for the neck band and waistband to overlap at least 1/2  an inch.

-You can make several other sleeve styles for this dress to vary it’s appearance.

dress instructions 17

-To see a selection of appropriate fabrics check out these two blog posts.

My Current Stock of Antique Fabrics

Selecting Appropriate Fabric for Your Doll’s Dress

Don’t let the length of these instructions put you off!  This is actually a simple dress 🙂  When I make this style of dress I don’t even jot down measurements or calculations.  I just measure and cut as I go.  After you make a few you will find them easy to do!

If you would like to cartridge pleat your skirt Click on this link to watch the 14 minute video :  Link to Learning Cartridge Pleating video




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Happy 200th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 3 New Dolls Available! – ALL SOLD

SOLD I have four new dolls to introduce to you today.  All of them are based on some of Izannah’s earlier dolls.  I’m trying something new today! I want you to feel like you have actually come to the studio to visit and enjoy the doll’s birthday party for Izannah, so the descriptions and information about the dolls are on the following videos ❤ I may sound just a bit ditsy and scatterbrained, not to mention out of breath! Please excuse me…. I’ve been sick all week…. don’t worry though I will absolutely sanitize the dolls and their accessories before packing to ship. I’d hate for anyone else to catch my cold!

All dolls sold on a first come basis. Email me at if you are interested in buying one of these dolls. Free shipping within the U.S. exact postage to other countries. Payment via Paypal, credit card, personal check , plus as always lay-away is an option.

Doll 1SOLD 22.5 “Early Izannah” $2225.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, 2 antique petticoats, antique pantalettes, chemise, antique wool jacket + Birthday tote bag.IMG_7464

Doll 2SOLD 22.5 “Early Izannah” $1925.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, 1 antique dress, 2 antique petticoats, antique pantalettes, chemise + Birthday t-shirt.IMG_7471

Doll 3SOLD “Hannah” $1475.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, antique dress, 1 antique petticoat, antique pantaletts, chemise, pinafore apron + Birthday t-shirt.IMG_7473

Doll 4SOLD “Hannah” $1375.00 Comes with bare feet, leather shoes, silk stockings, dress, 1 antique petticoat, pantaletts, chemise, + Birthday t-shirt.IMG_7475

Extra Birthday Goodies

Doll 1 comes with an Izannah Tote Bag and Dolls 2, 3, & 4 come with Izannah t-shirts ❤

Antique Doll Trunk for either Doll 1 or Doll 2 – $100.00.

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The 3rd Thursday in August!

Hello, welcome to my second “3rd Thursday”!!! As you are probably aware, I ran into some trouble getting the paint to dry on the dolls I had been  making for today. 😦  Once I figured that out earlier this week I decided that there was no point in fighting Mother Nature. After all I came up with the idea of 3rd Thursdays to make buying and selling my dolls fun and a bit spontaneous! When I had a new plan I began sewing in earnest so that I could present you with a nice selection of doll clothing today instead. ❤ So for all of you who have been asking about additional clothing for your dolls – here are today’s offerings!

There are three dresses and three aprons available for sale. Terms are like always. Email if you are interested in buying! Payment by paypal, credit card, check, or lay-away. Sold on a first come basis. Free shipping within the United States, exact shipping costs to other countries. I’m getting ready to go to a Master Class in Fitting 18th Century Gowns at Eastfield tomorrow through Sunday, and I’m babysitting on Monday – so orders placed today won’t ship until Tuesday. 🙂

Freshly laundered and ready to go. Smelling of sunshine, flowers and honey…




1and 1. I have two blue dresses, both with extra fabric in their skirts, tucked sleeves and hems, drawstring necks and waists, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch dolls. $225.00 One is SOLD and One still remaining.

3. Black print dress. drawstring neck and waist, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch doll. $200.00



A. Izzybelle size short pinafore play day apron with button back. $50.00 SOLD

B. Blue apron for 18 -19 inch dolls. $125.00

C. Blue feather stitched apron for 18 – 19 inch dolls $150.00 SOLD

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SOLD OUT! Sneak Peek of the September Issue of Antique Doll Collector Magazine

The issue is SOLD OUT! I just received a sneak peek of the September issue of Antique Doll Collector! It is going to be a wonderful Izannah-filled issue!!! If you are not already a subscriber to the magazine, you may want to hurry up and order a subscription! See if they will let you start with the August 2017 issue so that you can read the great article Joy Harrington wrote about an amazing mid-19th century doll wardrobe in her collection, A Mid 19th Century Wardrobe for a New England Girl. While the actual wardrobe isn’t an Izannah Walker wardrobe, it is all from the same time period and you do not want to miss a chance to see it! I can’t wait to read Joy’s article “Izannah Aprons” A Closer Look in the September issue. ❤ I have it on good authority that there will be at least one additional article about Izannah Walker dolls in Antique Doll Collector during 2017. ❤ ❤ ❤

September 2017 Antique Doll Collector Cover

Antique Doll September Contents

This is the link to Antique Doll Collector’s subscription page, just click here!

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Humid & Sticky …

94% humidity today and my paint is not drying… so rather than stressing about it I am just going to go with the flow.  After all this is August in New England and you can just count on hot, sticky and humid a  lot of the time. 🙂 SO, this weeks 3rd Thursday is going to be a clothing event!!! ❤ Come by at noon (eastern time) on Thursday for a fashion show.  I’ll have some dresses and accessories available for immediate sale.