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c. 1860’s Girl’s Clothing Styles

Izannah Walker is generally known to have begun making dolls around 1845, even though she did not apply for a patent until November 4, 1873.  A majority of the original clothing in which she dressed her dolls reflects the styles worn by children in the 1840’s and 1850’s.  However, 1860’s clothing would also be perfectly appropriate.

To provide you with a bit of dress-making inspiration, here are some illustrations that appeared in Godey’s Lady’s Book in 1858, 1862, 1864 and 1866.  In the future I will post some more 1850’s Godey’s illustrations, although the 1850’s illustrations are not as lavish as these from the 1860’s.

(click on each photo to see it in full size)

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Yankee Magazine Article

There is a very nice two-page article on Izannah Walker dolls in the current  (November/December 2009) issue of Yankee magazine, written by Catherine Riedel of Skinner’s Auctioneers.  Thank you Catherine for referring readers to this blog for additional information about Izannah Walker dolls.

If you happen to see a copy of the magazine for sale it is certainly worth purchasing.  As an added bonus the magazine contains some interesting recipes for using up your Thanksgiving leftovers

Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Reference Materials

Sources for Photographs of Antique Izannah Walker Dolls

magazine-photosThis is a resource list of photographs in magazines, books and on post cards. The entries listed here are for photographs only, with just an accompanying caption. Actual magazine articles and books that also have photographs are going to be listed under a separate heading. I plan to make this an ongoing list that I will add to as I run across photographs in my huge stash of Izannah resources (I’ve been saving Izannah information for years and years, not necessarily in an organized manner).

Early American Life Magazine, December 2001, page30.

Wenham Historical Association and Museum, Inc., Wenham, MA 01984, postcard.

Mary Merritt’s Doll Museum, Douglassville, PA, postcard.

Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Decorating, 1999, page 45.  This is a wonderful photograph that shows an Izannah Walker doll plus eight other painted cloth dolls, two papier-mache dolls and a whole Christmas tree full of wooden peg dolls (penny wooden).