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Sending Sweet May Day Wishes…

Happy May Day!

It’s been a very busy Saturday here in the doll’s house. All the little cloth girls were up very early, excitedly chattering away about who they needed to take a May Basket to, what to put in the baskets, and most importantly ~ how to keep from being seen after they left the basket on the doorstep and knocked on the door!

First things first… Tilly Lamb, Sarah Alice and Izzybelle volunteered to arrange the flowers and fill the May Baskets. Little Izzybelle even offered to tuck in extra Happy May Day “wishes” from her big jar of dandelion wishes ❤

Some of the other girls decided to go out for a walk around the gardens and the farm to enjoy the bright sunny morning. On their walk they discovered quite a bit of new growth popping it’s heads up everywhere they looked! How exciting!!! Naturally when they saw that the seeds they had sown in the field last autumn were finally growing they knew that they would need to spend some time tending the field today too.

After their farm chores were finished, Charlcie, Tilly Lamb, Zanna, Isabeau, Ismay, Sarah Alice, and Izzybelle loaded their wheelbarrow with May Baskets and called to the dogs, so that they could finally go deliver the baskets to their dearest friends and neighbors.

At the end of the day the tired but happy little Izzys came back home to have the warm cozy supper that Eliza Jane, Isane, and Hannah stayed home to prepare…

Extra special Happy May Day wishes for you ❤
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Behind the Scene ~ Setting the Stage for my Photo Shoots ~ Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 5

One of the most time consuming, but fun, parts of taking the photos I post here on my Izannah Walker Journal is creating all the items to use as props and doing the staging. This often starts months in advance.

For example, I know that I always want to have tiny fresh flowers available for my annual Izannah Walker birthday celebrations, so in early summer I choose the flowers I would like to use in my arrangements, then plant the seeds in growers trays. I hold the tiny plants in the flats all summer long, watering and nurturing them every day! I leave them in such tight quarters because I want the flowers to stay very tiny as they mature and bloom. This year I featured amaranths, including love lies bleeding and coral fountains. The plants in the growers trays are only a few inches high, but their counterparts that are gowing unfettered in my gardens are taller than I am! All of them planted from the very same seeds ❤

I’m sure will will have noticed by now that many of my posts about the doll’s and their kitchen feature food. One of the questions I am often asked is whether or not it is real food. The answer is Yes! It is always real food on a small doll size scale. This year you will have seen that even the freshly picked vegetables are tiny! I do this by harvesting the baby produce and in the case of the pumpkins and eggplants, growing miniature varieties. Not surprisingly baking and cooking take up a significant amount of my pre-photo prep time.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of my back stage preparations!

The final part of my Izannah Walker 203rd Birthday Celbration is this evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time right here on when I reveal my very newly made first reproductions of sweet Sarah Alice! There will be four dolls available for sale and they will be sold on a “first come” basis. ❤

Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Celebrations · Izannah Walker birthday

Thursday’s Chore is Going to the Market to Buy All the Food for Friday’s Birthday Party

Thursday’s chore is going to the Market!🛒🛍🛍

The sisters are firm belivers of farm to table, after all that is how they were raised when they were young. They usually do all their marketing at a “Pick Your Own” Farm Stand here at Thyme Forgotten Farm… I am the farmer and they are my very best customers❣️

Monday – Washing.

Tuesday – Ironing.

Wednesday – Mending.

Thursday – Marketing.

Friday – Baking and Partying!

Saturday – Cleaning.

Sunday – Day of Rest.

Now that the dolls have finished their marketing it is time for them to decorate the house for tomorrow’s birthday celebration! We hope you will be able to come join us throughout the day as we celebrate Izannah Walker’s 203rd Birthday!

The first birthday post will be live at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time tomorrow, Friday September 25th, 2020. There will be many more posts throughout the day…

One Saturday, September 26th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time this year’s special edition birthday dolls will be posted for sale HERE! All dolls sold on a first come basis ❤

Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Celebrations · Izannah Walker birthday

Wednesday is Mending Day ~ The Little Cloth Girls Are Making Sure That They Are Ready for Overnight Party Guests

Today the sisters are mending the bed linens…

Monday – Washing.

Tuesday – Ironing.

Wednesday – Mending.

Thursday – Marketing.

Friday – Baking.

Saturday – Cleaning.

Sunday – Day of Rest.

Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Celebrations · Izannah Walker birthday

Tuesday is Ironing Day

Preparations are still under way for Izannah Walker’s 203rd Birthday party here on my Izannah Walker Journal. The celebration starts on Friday, September 25th, at 8:00 a.m. Eastern time.

The chore for today is Ironing! Eliza Jane has taken charge, as the eldest she sometimes has a tendency to be just a little bit bossy… but the other little cloth girls don’t mind that at all today, since it means that Eliza Jane is willing to do all the ironing! She doesn’t trust the others not to scorch the clothes. ☺️

Monday – Washing.

Tuesday – Ironing.

Wednesday – Mending.

Thursday – Marketing.

Friday – Baking.

Saturday – Cleaning.

Sunday – Day of Rest.

Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Celebrations · Izannah Walker birthday

Welcome to My 2019 Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration ~ Day 5 ~ Time to Play

IMG_5827 (2)
Pure happiness ❤

Today the little cloth dolls are doing what they were made to do, playing! Their favorite young friend has come to call and to enjoy a second birthday tea, because sometimes one just isn’t quite enough.

Friends are always willing to help… Ready, set, wish!

Cake & conversation…

What would a birthday party be without presents? Our young guest pointed out to me that the dolls needed a birthday present, which she picked out, then insisted that we wrap, in pink of course, because it is her favorite color.

At the end of the afternoon all of the Izannahs are feeling very special and well loved ❤ 


The dolls and I are so happy that you could come play with us today! Our Izannah Birthday Celebration will continue tomorrow with something special that you won’t want to miss!

❤ ❤ ❤

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Welcome to my Izannah Walker 2019 Birthday Celebration ~ Day 3 ~ A Visit to my Studio


I hope you have been enjoying my Izannah Walker birthday week activities so far Today I thought I’d invite you all into my studio for a look at the dolls I am making for this year’s birthday party. All the little antique Izzies are very excited to see their newest brothers and sisters coming to life 🙂 They love showing off the “babies” in the family!



We looking forward to seeing you tomorrow as our Birthday Celebration continues here on September 25th ~ October 1st, 2019

Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Celebrations · Izannah Walker birthday

Happy 202nd Birthday Izannah Walker!

Today is the 202nd anniversary of the day Izannah Walker was born on September 25th, 1817.

Every day for the next week all of my Izannah Walker dolls and I will be celebrating Izannah’s birthday. Today the dolls woke up early to bake a birthday cake, so that it will be ready in time for their tea party at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time today. While they wait for it to bake, Ismay has gathered her sisters together. She is reading them a story to pass the time…

Izzybelle and the Runaway Tomatoes 

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a little girl named Izzybelle. She was a very helpful little girl and one of her very favorite places to help was in the garden. Izzybelle liked everything about gardening, planting, watering and even weeding… but her most favorite thing of all was when it came time to pick the juicy colorful tomatoes!

IMG_5625 (2)
One of Izzybelle’s chores is to pick the tomatoes.

One day when Izzybelle was bringing the tomatoes in from the garden, a few of the pretty little tomatoes rolled off of her cart… Izzybelle stopped and picked up the red egg shaped tomato, then she searched until she found the roly poly purple tomato, but she just couldn’t find the teeny tiny yellow tomato, no matter how hard she looked.

oh dear...
oh dear…

While Izzybelle was hunting for the other two bigger tomatoes, the littlest yellow tomato rolled… and rolled, and rolled some more for good measure. Finally the little yellow tomato came to a stop, right in front of a small, brown striped chipmunk. The chipmunk was so surprised that it had to leap a bit in fright! Seeing the chipmunk startle in fear, the tiny yellow tomato began to quiver back and forth, because now it was afraid too! Before you know it all that quivering made the small tomato start rolling all over again. Eventually it tumbled over into a flower bed, where it was found by a mama bird. “Oh look, a small yellow tomato!” said Mama Bird. “It is just the right size to fit in my beak” she said to herself. “I shall take it home to feed my babies”.

So Izzybelle was never able to find the littlest yellow tomato, and over the winter she forgot all about it, until spring came… Then surprise!!! Her friends the birds had planted the seeds of the small yellow tomato all over everywhere!

The End

Izzybelle’s sisters are all strongly suggesting that she should confine her tomato gardening to pots in the greenhouse next year… 🙂

To read about the beginning of little Izzybelle’s adventures with the tomatoes, please click here to be taken to a post from last year’s Izannah birthday celebration ❤ 

What a good story….  Mmmm, I think I smell something delicious! The cake must be done! Time for the dolls to stir together the icing and set the table for our birthday party

The birthday tea party is starting at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time this afternoon. We’ll save you a chair ❤ ❤ ❤



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Good Morning! ~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah Part 1

Josephine come look!
“Josephine come look!”

“Josephine come look! Do you think it is going to keep raining?” cried Izzybelle. “What will we do if it doesn’t stop before the party?”

Wake up sleepy heads
“Wake up sleepy heads!” “Breakfast is ready!” “Isane baked cinnamon rolls and muffins…”

Izzybelle ...
“Izzybelle stop looking out the window and come eat before the rolls get cold.”


I’m so pleased that you’ve come by to join us today as my dolls and I celebrate doll maker Izannah Walker’s 201st birthday ❤  It is quite an occasion here in my studios and in the doll’s house.  We consider Izannah’s birthday to be an annual holiday, on par with the 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving! The dolls all look forward to it with great anticipation.

I started this blog in January of 2009, every September 25th since then the dolls and I have shared our annual birthday party here with you ❤ We sincerely hope you will enjoy this year’s festivities! You are most welcome to come back throughout the day as we peek in on the doll’s party preparations.  Watch them laugh and  play at their party in honor of the remarkable woman who has given countless children, and doll lovers, great happiness with her remarkable dolls ❤ ❤ ❤

If you’d like to look back at some of those previous birthday posts you may use the “search” box or “archives” search by month.  Here is a sampling of some of them… I’m not listing them ALL because there were often multiple posts for each birthday party. , .  There are 4 posts for 2014, this is one of them  .  Nine birthday posts in 2015!!! This is the last one for that year –  .  Seven birthday posts in 2016 –  🙂  . Last year, in 2017, there were also 7 birthday posts, many with videos – .  I hope you enjoy looking back at these and other posts here at my Izannah Walker Journal!

The answers to such burning questions as ~ “will the rain stop in time for the garden party” ~ “will Izzybelle find her misplaced shoe and actually come to the party wearing it?” ~ and most importantly “what kind of cake will there be???” will all be revealed throughout the day today. For those of you wondering what new reproduction dolls I’ll be unveiling for sale, the answer to that will also be forthcoming 🙂

The schedule for today’s posts is:

Good Morning! Our party day greeting @ 8:30 am Eastern Time.

Getting the Gardens Ready for the Party ❤ A glimpse of how the dolls have been preparing for their garden birthday party and an informal garden tour @ 12:30 pm Eastern Time.

Party Time! Welcome to Our Garden Party! A look at last minute party preparations, meet all of the party guests and a sumptuous garden tea and delicious birthday cake @ 4:30 pm Eastern Time.

New Dolls Available for Sale ❤ An unveiling of my latest works, sold on a first come basis. Posted for sale @ 8:30 pm Eastern Time.

It's stopped raining...
“It’s stopped raining for now… maybe we’ll still be able to go out to the garden for the party!”