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Look For My Article About the Izannah Walker Exhibit at the October, 2017 Jenny Lind Doll Show in the March Issue of Antique Doll Collector Magazine

Izannah Walker Iconic American Doll Maker 1817 - 2017. Exhibit at the Jenny Lind Doll Show October 29, 2017. Author's photo.
Look for both my article and Monica Bessette’s about the Izannah Walker exhibit at the Jenny Lind Doll Club in the March 2018 issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine. ❤

I have an update on the articles about the Jenny Lind Doll Club Izannah Walker exhibit. Antique Doll Collector has pushed both my article and Monica Bessette’s to their March 2018 issue, in order to devote more space to them. The March issue should mail to subscribers on 2/22. So no Izzys in February, but lots and lots in March! Click here for information about subscribing to Antique Doll Collector.

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Valentine’s Day at A Sweet Remembrance



The dolls and I have had a very busy day     We spent a little extra time this morning baking a special Valentine treat, Chocolate Bread, an amazing combination of dark chocolate, tart cherries and coffee.  While the dough was rising, and filling the house with an enticing scent, we went out to the studio where Josephine, Isabeau and Ismay kept themselves busy making valentines. ❤ ❤ ❤ click on any photo to enlarge ❤ ❤ ❤

Ismay and Isabeau cut out Valentines, weaving paper hearts into tiny paper hands, while Josephine addressed envelopes to all of their dearest friends…

Making Valentines was such fun, and kept the dolls so busy that I was able to work on many other things.

Cutting out dresses for the twins, Annabelle and Annalee ❤
Photographing new dolls… four different versions for a custom order 🙂

We hope your Valentine’s Day has been just as wonderful and eventful as ours

If you would like to bake a batch of Chocolate Bread too, here is where you can find my recipe.

To see a bit more of our Valentine’s Day visit Paula Walton’s 18th Century Home Journal and my Spun Cotton Ornament Journal.



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Welcome The Doll’s Halloween Party!

Welcome!  We are so glad you could come!!! Come in and let us show you around. 🙂

Welcome! As with everything else in my life, my new painting studio is a work in progress. Hopefully next year there will be a colonial flower garden in front of the studio.

Make yourself at home.  Feel free to look around!  The dolls have been busy decorating all day. 🙂

Isabeau, Eliza Jane, Ismay and Memory are in the kitchen finishing up all the last minute party preparations…

Little Izzybelle is watching out of the window to see who is coming next!


Here, let me take your coat.  The party will start in just a few minutes. 🙂

*Hallowen Party – part 1

**Halloween Party – part 3


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Pamela’s Doll

A sweet little Izannah for Pamela, made from my mold of Anna.

I’ve just finished a very special reproduction Izannah Walker doll for Pamela. I was fortunate enough to get to  meet Pamela at the 2014 UFDC convention, where we had a great time chatting and planning all of the details for this doll.  She is  made from my mold of Anna, an adorable little antique Izannah Walker doll that belongs to my friend Mary.

Pamela’s doll in progress. I love her tiny smile 🙂
Pamela asked for blue painted boots to match the prussian blue in her doll’s dress.





Blue embroidery edges the hem of her petticoat…


Details… Cording piping and cartridge pleating at the waistline of her dress… individually hand stitched fingers and applied thumb…
The original antique Anna just happens to be visiting here at the moment and was happy to pose with her newest little sister ❤ (Pamela’s doll on the left and the antique Anna on the right).
Old & New ❤
Sharing secrets… the original Anna (right) and her newly made companion (left).