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Once Upon a Time… A Storybook Celebration of Izannah Walker’s 204th Birthday

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there were nine little painted cloth girls who lived in an excessively old, and very tall wooden house that seemed to reach all the way up into the sky, or at the very least up to the rafters. All of the girls were sisters, who had been made quite a long time ago by a talented woman who cleverly invented her own way of creating dolls. Naturally they all thought it was the very BEST way, and they secretly pitied any dolls that were made differently, though they were much too well behaved to say so out loud.

Years, and years, and even more years had gone by since the doll sisters had first been new playmates for sweet young girls and boys. It had been so very long ago that they remembered those days best when they were dreaming…  Now in their waking life they lived with another dollmaker, of whom they were quite fond, because she loved them and took good care to make sure that they were safe and happy. 

… and the sisters were very happy indeed! For they loved living together in their very tall house, with it’s kitchen on the bottom, it’s very gaily painted parlor, it’s warm and cozy pink bedroom, and it’s pointy little attic way, way up on the very tip top!

Even though the cloth sisters were actually quite old, if you are the sort of person who cares about such things as years and arithmetic, they still thought of themselves as young girls. For that is what they truly were in their heart of hearts!

So the girls spent their days playing with each other, and with their current dollmaker and her granddaughter. They enjoyed laughing and talking to one another, taking walks in the flower garden and playing hide and seek among the vegetables. They took turns doing the chores that needed to be done all around their very tall house, and every year without fail they had a special birthday party for their original dollmaker, for she was truly their mother, and all good children remember their mother on her birthday!

Happy 204th Birthday Izannah Walker!

As you may suspect, all of the little Izannahs and I are excessively fond of bedtime stories! They positively insist on at least one story every night before they will quiet down and go to sleep. You are invited to come join us for a selection of nightly bedtime stories in celebration of Izannah Walker’s 204th birthday! Our celebration will begin this evening Saturday, September 25th, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, and it will continue at 8:00 p.m. every evening through the end of the month, culminating in the unveiling and sale of my latest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls on Thursday, September 30th. We do so hope you will be able to join us each evening for a story that is sure to bring you sweet dreams! 

2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time… A Storybook Celebration of Izannah Walker’s 204th Birthday

  1. Oh, I can see the their little eyes getting droopy, relaxed and very pleased.
    For me, I am wide awake thinking about them in that beautiful, cozy house and looking forward to tonights story !
    Thank you sweet Paula

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